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iVenture is an immensely popular travel company with its corporate headquarters in Australia. They sell what are known as attractions passes, or products that provide tourists access to top things to do in their selected city without having to purchase individual tickets. iVenture offers passes for travelers who want to jet around the world to many top cultural destinations, from America and Mexico to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Although the offerings vary depending upon the destination in question, they offer a few basic types of products that function similarly.

Their first product is the Flexi Attractions Pass. The most affordable iVenture product in all of their destinations, this product offers admission to a predetermined number of attractions out of a list of participating tours, cruises, museums, and activities in the selected city or region. You choose in advance the number of attractions you want to buy (options typically include three, five, seven, or sometimes 10 tickets) and then can visit that number of attractions. The duration of the pass varies pretty significantly between destinations (ranging from seven days in Madrid to a year in Sydney), but iVenture typically takes into consideration the length of a usual vacation in that destination to calculate the pass duration.

The second product they offer in many markets is the Unlimited Attractions Pass. It’s pricier than the Flexi Attractions Pass but has the potential to generate greater savings for the customer. With this pass, you can visit as many attractions as you can fit in during the valid duration of the card. You also choose from a list of participating attractions like museums, tours, cruises, historical homes, and more. The duration of the pass is usually by the day and those days are consecutive. The more you see with this product, the more you’ll save.

iVenture also offers other varieties of pass in select markets. Combo Passes or Premium Passes provide access to their standard selection of attractions in addition to one or a couple more expensive attractions, such as theme parks or extended day tours. These products are not available in all markets.

All iVenture products come with a full color guidebook that helps travelers in trip planning. Their website includes an interactive map that allows you to filter the attractions by type, and plot the distance from your hotel, etc. The guidebook provides contact info and other essential data. Many (although not all) iVenture products also include extra “Show and Save” discounts on things like shopping, dining, and extra activities. These vary substantially between city and are perhaps one of the weaker points of the products. (For example, in some cities the discounts are excellent, and in others they’re nonexistent or not practical.)

Here is an overview of the cities currently serviced by iVenture and the products you’ll find available in each market.


Here, you can choose from the Athens Unlimited Attractions Pass and the Athens Museum Pass. The museum pass offers a subset of all unlimited passes and is a more affordable option that still includes the Acropolis a couple of tours. Other inclusions are the Athens Get On Get Off Bus Tour, Panathenaic Stadium, Old Town Guided Walking Tour and more.


Iventure Card Barcelona

You can choose from the Unlimited Attractions Pass and the Flexi Attractions Pass. Attractions include tours, cruises, museums, sports arenas, restaurants, theme parks, and even a Game of Thrones Tour.

Cape Town

Iventure Card Cape Town

Here you have the option of the Flexi Attractions Pass, the Unlimited Attractions Pass, and an Unlimited Premium Attractions Pass. Included activities are things like cruises, museums, tours, aquariums, zoos & animal parks, running excursions, a winery, and Stand Up Paddleboarding.


Iventure Card Dubai

Pick the Flexi Attractions Pass or the Unlimited Attractions Pass in Dubai. You can choose from historic attractions or modern ones, from cruises and safaris to tours, aquariums, zoos, water activities, and the Burj Khalifa.

Gold Coast*

Iventure Card Australia Gold Coast

This market offers only the Flexi Attractions Pass. Attractions include kayaking, cruises, wildlife sanctuaries, historic homes and buildings, water sports, tours, mini-golf, and a whale-watching cruise.

Hong Kong & Macau

Iventure Card Hong Kong and Macau

Here you can choose from two products: the Attractions Pass (essentially the Unlimited Attractions Pass) and the Disneyland Combo Pass. The main difference is the inclusion of Disneyland. Other attractions include theme parks and children’s attractions, sightseeing tours, museums, observation decks, and theatrical performances.


Iventure Card Honolulu

There are two passes to choose from in Honolulu, the Flexi Attractions Pass and the Pearl Harbor Pass. The Pearl Harbor Pass includes access only to a few attractions in and around Pearl Harbor, while the Flexi Attractions Pass includes museums, historic homes, cruises, tours, watersports, and more.


Iventure Card London

In this market, you only have the option of the Flexi Attractions Pass. Popular attractions include cruises, tours, the London Zoo, St. Paul’s Cathedral, observation decks, Madame Tussauds, and a day trip to Stonehenge.


Iventure Card Madrid

Here you can choose the Flexi Attractions Pass or the Unlimited Attractions Pass. Pick from things like sports arena tours, city tours, cruises, museums, restaurants, a sherry tasting, and a wax works.


Iventure Card Melbourne

You have the option of the Flexi Attractions Pass, the Unlimited Attractions Pass, and the Day Tours Combo. Attractions are things like tours, breweries, observation decks, museums, cruises, animal sanctuaries and zoos, historic homes, and a tour of Rod Laver Arena.

Mexico City

Iventure Card Mexico City

In Mexico City, you can purchase the Flexi Attractions Pass or the Unlimited Attractions Pass. There are a wide variety of themed tours to choose from here, as well as museums, palaces, a luchador match, and Six Flags New Mexico.

San Francisco

Iventure Card San Francisco

The only product in this market is the SF Flexi Attractions Pass. Choose from top activities and attractions like art museums, bike rentals, the zoo, California’s Great America, and tours of places like Yosemite, Monterrey, Muir Woods, California Wine Country and more.


Iventure Card Singapore

Singapore offers only the Flexi Attractions Pass. With this product, you can choose from botanical gardens, many children’s attractions and theme parks, a zoo, an aquarium, tours, museums, and Universal Studios Singapore.


Iventure Card Sydney

Pick the Flexi Attractions Pass or the Unlimited Attractions Pass. Attractions you can visit with either product include museums, aquariums, zoos, sightseeing tours, animal sanctuaries, cruises, bike tours, the Sydney Tower Eye and the Sydney Opera House.


Iventure Card Tasmania

Here you can purchase the Flexi Attractions Pass. Pick from activities like many historic homes and heritage sites, tours, hang gliding excursions, cruises, museums, animal attractions, and the National Rose Garden.


Iventure Card Australia

* In Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, and Tasmania you also have the option of purchasing the Australia Multi City Flexi Attractions Pass, which allows you to choose five, seven, or 10 attractions across those four markets to visit.