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Everyone should visit London at some point in their lives. This bustling global capital offers some of the best shopping, arts and culture, sports, and historical attractions in the entire region.  Take in a show in London’s theatrical West End. Meet the Queen (so to speak) at Madame Tussauds. Take a tour of the city by land or by river. Tour the inspiring St. Paul’s Cathedral, or the exhilarating Emirates Stadium (where Arsenal FC play). See the animals at the London Zoo, explore the Tower Bridge Exhibition, and so much more.

Headed to London and hoping to save on the top cruises, tours, museums, and activities like these? The iVenture London Flexi Attractions Pass is a good choice for savvy travelers who want to see a few of the best things while in town. You can save up to 50% on combined admission prices and can choose from over 25 of the city’s best attractions.

Included London Attractions

Arsenal Stadium Tour and Museum
Coca Cola London Eye
Encore Theatre Tickets
London City Tour
London Zoo
Madame Tussauds London
The Royal Walking Tour
See London by Night Bus Tour
St. Paul’s Cathedral
Sundowner and River Lights Cruise
Tower Bridge Exhibition
The View from the Shard

See the full list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the London Flexi Attractions Pass Works

The iVenture London Flexi Attractions Pass offers savings of up to 50% off combined gate admission prices. You have over 25 top attractions, tours, and activities to choose from, and you don’t need to decide what you want to do in advance.

The pass is purchased in increments of three, five, seven, or ten tickets. You have one month from the date of issuance to use all included tickets.

The pass itself is actually a plastic Smart Card that you present to the attraction in lieu of paper tickets or booklets.

What’s Good?

The most popular aspect of the London Flexi Attractions Pass is the great value. A savings of up to 50% on combined admission prices is not a deal you’re going to find on individual tickets.

Customers also really appreciate the flexibility in attraction choice. You can pick want you want to see and do as you go, and unless something needs reservations, you can easily decide on the fly. Plus, different people in your party can do different things!

The product is also easy to use. Simply hold onto that card, show it at each attraction, and you’re set to enter.

The duration of the pass is another big positive. A full month to use the attraction visits means that you can use the product as a traveler on a longer vacation with flexibility to take days off, or you can use it as a local looking to see more of her hometown.

The full color map and guidebook are also handy when planning your trip. You can use it instead of having to do a lot of legwork yourself in terms of looking up addresses, etc.

How Could the Pass Get Better?

The London Flexi Attractions Pass offers access to over 25 of the city’s best attractions, but you can only visit a maximum of ten. If you want to do more, then you’re paying out of pocket. If you are looking to have a really busy trip to London, the London Pass may be a better option for you.

The pass usually covers just general admission. If you want to take a specialty cruise or enjoy an animal experience at the London Zoo, you’re paying out of pocket.

While iVenture London offers additional “Show and Save” discounts in other markets, there aren’t any in London. It would be nice if they offered some extras, because that increases the value of the pass.

Some other products and some other iVenture cities offer skip the line benefits, but none of the attractions in London with the London Flexi Attractions Pass currently do. This could hold you up some during busier visiting hours.

The product also doesn’t currently include many historical homes or other sites. Although many London museums are free, things like artists’ or writers’ homes aren’t always and you’d have to pay for those.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The simplest way to maximize the value of your pass is to see more expensive attractions with the pass. They calculate their savings percentage based upon pricier attractions, so it makes sense follow suit. Of course, don’t do something you’re not interested in! Just keep it in mind if you’re deciding between some attractions.

It’s also crucial to visit the number of attractions you paid for. Some customers purchased a pass, only to find that they can’t make it to all seven attractions. You won’t get a refund, and you won’t be able to make up the difference.

Insider Tips

We don’t recommend using the pass for the Oyster Card option. You only get 10£ worth on the card, which honestly won’t get you very far. Use the pass for other things, and pick up an Oyster Card on your own dime.

If you are looking to take advantage of more high value attractions, the day trips from Evan Evans are a smart choice. You can see so much of the area around London (with options including Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, and more) and it counts as only one attraction.

Periodically, iVenture adds new attractions to their pass program. Check their website to see what’s currently available. Don’t rely upon their downloaded guidebook pdfs, as these are sometimes outdated. When in doubt, call customer service.

Use the interactive map on the main iVenture London page (accessible through the top navigation bar) to help plan your trip. It allows you to see where things are, sort by type of attraction, and more.

Where to Buy the London Flexi Attractions Pass

The London Flexi Attractions Pass can be purchased online or over the phone from iVenture.

You may also purchase the pass in town once you arrive at a number of specified purchase locations. However, you will likely pay more for the pass than you would if you purchase in advance, online.