iVenture San Francisco Cards

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We don’t know how long iVenture will stay in business as they have not been responsive for several months. We recommend the Go San Francisco Pass by GoCity. It has a similar set of included attractions and you can save an extra 10% using the link and coupon code below.

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San Francisco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire United States. It’s a cosmopolitan city with that ideal mix of culture and nature, offering attractions to appeal to every style of travel and type of interest. Visitors enjoy classic theme parks, zoos and aquariums, bike tours, and more. Don’t forget about the prestigious art museums, world-class science museums, and iconic landmarks. And of course, there’s the natural world, too. From the expansive Yosemite National Park to the gorgeous Muir Woods to lovely California wine country, there are plenty of opportunities to be outside, too.

iVenture’s San Francisco attraction passes are a useful way to save on admission to the top attractions in the city and beyond. You can choose from over 20 of the most popular tours, museums, bike rentals, day trips, kid’s activities, and much more. The pass is currently available only in their Flexi Attractions Pass model, but they may look to expand to their Unlimited Attractions Pass in the future. The iVenture cards are plastic Smart Cards with a computer chip that the attractions scans to grant you admission. You pay for the pass in advance through iVenture and pay nothing to the attraction. You’ve got the potential to save up to 50% on combined gate admission prices, making this product an excellent value. It’s a savvy option for travelers who know what they want to see in the city. And because of the duration, it could also be useful for locals who want to save on hometown activities, too. Here are the details on the current iVenture product offerings in San Francisco.

San Francisco Flexi Attractions Pass

Iventure Card San Francisco Flexi Attractions Pass

This pass features 20 different available attractions like tours, cruise, museums, and more. You purchase the pass in either three or five ticket increments, and can visit the number of attractions purchased during the life of the card. No need to choose which attractions to see in advance. Travelers get an entire month to use the included attractions from the date of issuance, so there’s a lot of flexibility for changes in travel plans. Save up to 50% on combined admission prices. Your purchase also comes with a free full-color guide to help plan your itinerary.