Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass by iVenture Card

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Oahu is America’s very own paradise island. Filled with everything from peaceful cruises and water activities even to historical attractions and fascinating museums, there is something for every visitor to love about Hawaii’s most popular vacation destination.

Of course, depending upon what you want to do while you’re on this magical island, budgets have a way of hindering plans. That’s where the Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass by iVenture Card comes in. Save on admission to top Honolulu area attractions like tours, historical buildings, water parks, museums, cruises, and more.

iVenture has stopped selling their Honolulu pass. We recommend the Go Oahu Card by Go City Card. It has many more attractions and tours than the iVenture Offering.

Top Included Honolulu Attractions

Bishop Museum
Kealoha Tours
Kualoa Ranch Experience Tours
Maita’i Catamaran
Sea Life Park Hawaii
Pearl Harbor Attractions
Wet n’ Wild Hawaii

How the Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass Works

One of the Oahu products offered by the iVenture Card company, the Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly option for exploring the broader Honolulu area and the island’s most popular attractions. You save 30% on admission to the attractions you visit, and don’t have to buy individual tickets to everything you want to see.

Purchase the product in increments of three or five tickets, which allow you admission to your choice of three or five attractions, respectively, from all the included attractions listed above. The tickets are good for one month from the date of issuance, so you can use them anytime within a four-week period.

Your admission is actually facilitated by the use of a plastic card (like a credit card), that tells the attraction you’ve paid for tickets in advance. Simply swipe the card at each attraction you want to visit at their designated gate or admission counter, and you’re set to enter!

What’s Good?

The best thing about this product is the clear value you get. You save 30% (or more, according to their site) on general admission to the included attractions of your choice. You’re obviously paying less than you would at the gate, which is always good.

It’s also a flexible product. You can visit any three or five attractions you want to see without needing to confirm your selections in advance. This is especially handy on vacations where your plans may need to change.

The Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass is also easy to use – simply swipe and go! The card is also easier to remember than a bunch of different tickets, and is a nice souvenir, too.

Another useful feature is the duration of the pass. You actually get an entire month to visit your chosen attractions, which is a great for those vacations where you just want the flexibility to lounge on the beach here and there.

The product also comes with a handy full-color guide and map, that includes important information about each attraction like contact numbers, hours of operation, and where they’re located.

What Could Get Better with the Pass?

While this product does offer admission to a lot of attractions, you only get to choose a couple of options. So, if you wanted to visit six of their attractions, for example, you would need to pay out of pocket for anything extra.

There are also some attractions that this pass doesn’t include which may be of interest, like the Honolulu Museum of Art or the incredibly popular Polynesian Cultural Center. While part of this is because the pass primarily centers on attractions in Honolulu, it can still be disappointing for those who want to explore the island further.

Some competitors’ products also come with extra discounts on shopping or dining in the area – it would be nice if the Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass did as well to help save you more. This could also have the added benefit of directing you to good local places to eat or souvenir shop.

It’s also worth noting that this product only includes general admission to the listed attractions. Anything extra you may want to do, like special exhibits at a museum or a dolphin encounter at Sea Life Park, comes out of your pocket. While this is fairly common for this type of product, it’s still a little disappointing and changes your budgeting.

Get Your Money’s Worth

It’s important to think about overall value when deciding which attractions to use your pass for. The more expensive the attraction you choose, the better value you’ll get from the product. So, for example, those who visit attractions in the price range of Sea Life Park will get a better deal than those who visit attractions priced like Iolani Palace.

You may also want to be smart when deciding whether or not to use the pass for the Pearl Harbor attractions. The Pearl Harbor Historic Sites are fairly inexpensive (and in the case of the USS Arizona Memorial, free). It may make more sense to just go to the Pearl Harbor sites for cheap (and forgo the extras), and then use the Honolulu Flexi Attractions Pass for other attractions.

Honolulu Flexi Pass Insider Tips

The Honolulu Flexi Attractions pass is good for one month after you get it, so it doesn’t really make sense to buy it too far in advance. Purchase the pass right before you travel so you know it won’t expire on your trip.

While the pass doesn’t require you to select the attractions you want to visit in advance, it is to your benefit to have some idea of what you want to see to aid in trip planning, especially as some of the attractions are grouped together. This will also hope you to see a rough estimate of how much you’re saving.

Occasionally, this pass will allow you to skip some lines. Check in advance to see if the attractions you want to visit offer this benefit to pass holders.

They also change the included attractions on occasion, so be sure to check their website for the most up-to-date information about which attractions you have to choose from. When in doubt, contact their customer service agents.

Where to Buy It

The Honolulu Flexi Attractions pass is available online directly through the iVenture website, and also through select resale sites like Expedia and Viator. You’re likely to get the best price directly from the company, however, so that’s probably the best place to purchase the product.