12 Health Tips for Your Next Vacation

Even though going on vacation is a chance to escape and get away from our day-to-day routines, you still want to look after yourself and be as healthy as you can when traveling. And while it’s true traveling has many health benefits, there are also a number of ways you can successfully go about making your next vacation an even healthier adventure. The following helpful health tips will help you better know how to stay healthy while traveling.

How to Exercise While Traveling

If you’re interested in exercising while traveling, know that it’s not necessary to stay at an expensive hotel that features a fancy gym to get your next workout in. Finding creative and interesting ways to stay active during your vacation will not only help you feel healthy, it’ll help you manage any travel anxiety you might be experiencing while away from home.

–Incorporate Activity into Your Trip

No matter what you have planned during your vacation, make sure to include occasional activities throughout your trip that make you get up and out and moving. These activities can take a variety of forms—the only thing that really matters is that they keep you active!


Walking is one of the simplest ways of fitting in some exercise while on vacation. If you’re visiting a city that is new to you, exploring the city on foot can be one of the best methods for really getting to know the place. And even though it’s true that some cities are much more walkable than others, where possible walking can actually be the best, most affordable mode of transportation. Consider walking for short trips in Manhattan and other similar destinations.

–Get a Tourism City Pass

No matter where your travels take you, this much is true: the more you see and do, the more active you’re going to be! A significant number of sightseeing attractions like guided tours and art museums involve walking, standing, and moving around. Consider purchasing a tourism pass to help motivate you to go explore a bunch of different attractions.

–Stretch It Out

Staying loose, limber, and stretched out is a simple, easy method for ensuring you stay relaxed and healthy during your vacation. Better yet, it’s something you can do anywhere and anytime. Many stretches and yoga poses can be complete with ease in your hotel room, so consider starting your morning with a few stretches and ending your day with some breathing exercises that’ll help you decompress before going to sleep.

How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

Even if you find yourself surrounded by tempting treats or unable to cook your own meals, being on vacation doesn’t have to spell disaster for your diet. The following health tips include some great suggestions for how to eat healthy while traveling.

–Drink Water

Few things are as crucial when it comes to how to stay healthy while traveling as drinking enough water. Staying hydrated contains many health benefits that will help you be your best self while on vacation.

–Bring Snacks

One excellent method for how to eat healthy on vacation is to pack some healthy snacks to bring with you as you’re out and about each day. This way, when you find yourself getting hungry, you don’t have to just eat whatever you find nearby—random food that might not be healthy. Instead, you can rely on your own prepared snack to get you over your hunger.

–Prioritize Fruits and Vegetables

If you really want to eat healthy on vacation, try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can throughout your trip. Not only will you feel fresher and more energized than you would if you eat nothing but local fast food, but relying on fruits and vegetables while traveling can be a fun way to see a city. For instance, Pike’s Place Market in Seattle is one of many tourist attractions where you can find wonderful local produce and artisan food products for sale.

–Don’t Deprive Yourself

Even as you’re doing your very best to eat healthy while on vacation, don’t forget: you’re on vacation! Make sure to try some local favorites and explore the cuisine of the place you’re visiting. You can treat yourself at least once each day without threatening to throw your diet out of whack.

How to Sleep Well on Vacation

It can be a challenge to sleep well on vacation. Different time zones, busy travel schedules, unfamiliar beds and pillows—all these things and more make maintaining healthy sleep habits difficult when traveling. Still, sleeping well while traveling can make all the difference.

–Be Consistent

Even as you spend your days exploring new things and having new adventures, don’t be daring when it comes to your bedtime: make sure to try and go to bed around the same time each night. This consistency will improve the quality of your sleep. While you’re at it, go ahead and try to simulate the same sorts of sleep circumstances you have at home as much as possible while you’re on the road.

–Avoid Naps

If you absolutely feel as though you need to rest, then take a nap. Otherwise, really try and avoid taking naps while traveling. Napping makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night, and frequently makes it harder to adjust to new time zones. If you must nap, make sure to do it in the afternoon, well in advance of your scheduled bedtime.

–Don’t Eat Late

The later at night you eat, the more difficult it can be to fall asleep in a timely manner. Even as your eating schedule may change or fluctuate while you’re traveling, try and make sure you don’t eat large meals late at night. Our bodies tend not to rest well when we’re digesting a lot of food.

–Pack Sleep Aids

When packing for your big vacation, don’t forget to bring along whatever sleep aids you want or need. If you’re going to be staying in unfamiliar settings—or perhaps your hotel is going to be located in a lively part of a busy city—you’ll definitely want to have ear plugs, eye masks, and any other items that you know will help you rest easy.

Traveling with Dogs: How to Bring Your Pooch on Your Next Vacation

Statistics show that something around 36% of all households in the United States are home to a dog. In many of these homes, the dog is more than just a pet—it’s a member of the family. As a result, traveling with dogs is becoming more and more common; in fact, about half of all pet owners report bringing along their beloved dogs when they go on vacation. While it’s certainly true there are no limits to the number of cities to consider for your next trip, if you want to make sure you’re not only planning a great trip but a great trip that includes your dog, you’ll need to consider a few additional key factors regarding how to travel with a dog. Here are several helpful tips for traveling with a dog.

Consider Your Dog’s Personality

One of the first things you should do about when considering how to travel with a dog is take some time to think about your dog’s personality. You’ll want to ask yourself questions like: What makes your dog nervous? Is it difficult for your dog to adapt to new environments? How well does your dog get along with strangers? Do unfamiliar dogs upset your dog? How much maintenance will your dog require each day while you’re traveling? These thought-exercises should be done with an eye toward determining what sorts of destinations would best suit your dog’s travel needs and helping you understand what types of preparations will be required to make a dog-inclusive trip work for your family.

Pick a Dog-Friendly Destination

Before you and your family go anywhere with your dog, you’ll need to know if your desired destination is suitable for dogs in the first place. Certain communities are very open to accommodating dogs and their owners, and you’ll have no difficulty getting a tourist citypass that’ll provide you with access to plenty of tourist attractions perfect for both you and your dog. Other places, though, may be less accepting of the presence of your dog, no matter how terrific you think he or she is. As a result, while you go about planning your trip, you’ll want to do some specific research into your destination’s local policies regarding dogs. You’ll need to learn about things like local leash laws, where dogs are and aren’t permitted, and the extent of any other pet regulations that might exist in the area.

Research Transport and Accommodations

Different companies tend to have different policies regarding dogs, and some companies are more dog-friendly than others. As you sit down and plan your vacation around traveling with dogs, make certain to check the company policy regarding pets for any airline, hotel, car-rental service, or other business you might be interested in using. If you’re serious about including your dog in your family’s getaway, make sure to take the time to do your homework and learn where your dog will and won’t be welcome ahead of time. The worst thing in the world would be to plan a trip, bring along your dog, and arrive somewhere along the journey only to discover that your pet is not permitted on the premises.

Visit the Vet

Of all the tips for traveling with a dog out there, one of the most overlooked suggestions tends to be have your dog visit the veterinarian before going on a big trip. It never hurts to get your pet checked before traveling—and this is particularly true if you’re planning to take your dog on a long, extended journey or if your dog has a history of health problems. You’ll also want to check your airline’s rules and regulations ahead of time, as certain airlines actually require your dog be in possession of an up-to-date bill of health as certified by a vet before being allowed to fly.

Prepare Your Dog

The experience of travel anxiety isn’t just limited to people; dogs can find traveling very stressful, too. Fortunately, there are several things you can do as a pet owner to prepare your dog to travel—many of which are particularly useful if you’re intending to travel via plane. These tips include such tactics as packing their favorite playthings or toys, making certain they’re familiar with their travel carrier (in advance of the trip), and stocking up on extra snacks and food (to have in hand in the event of unforeseen delays/problems).

Find Dog-Friendly Activities

If you’re committed to traveling with dogs, then throughout your vacation you’ll need to be willing to balance your needs and wants with the needs and wants of your dogs. This will likely mean picking an assortment of outings and events that are suitable for both you and your dog(s), as well as searching for attractions that are dog-friendly. In certain places, it’s possible to purchase a tourism card that lets you customize your experience by selecting only attractions that you can take your dog to. You’ll also want to plan to build into your trip a variety of activities that will not only benefit your dog, but help you stay active and healthy on your trip.

How to Conquer Travel Anxiety and Enjoy Vacations

What is Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety is a complicated issue, one that a tremendous number of travelers from all different backgrounds and experiences deal with routinely. It can afflict anyone faced with the prospect of an upcoming trip or in the midst of an actual journey, and can result in distressing feelings and worrying sensations. As has been pointed out by the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers, “even if you have no prior history of anxiety, the stress of travel or a triggering event may cause you to suddenly develop symptoms related to anxiety.” Some travelers become anxious during the various stages of planning and preparation that go into getting ready for a trip, while others feel stressed during the experience of travel itself. In particular, scientific surveys and research studies have shown that a significant number of travelers become stressed at the prospect of plane take-offs and landings. Many people also experience anxiety when forced to deal with assorted airline problems such as flight delays and mishandled baggage. Even though traveling has the potential be a special time in your life—traveling even has many benefits for your health—the reality is that travel anxiety can prevent you from realizing those wonderful possibilities.

What Are the Symptoms of Travel Anxiety?

Common symptoms of travel or vacation anxiety include nervousness, restlessness, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, nausea, increased sweating, notable trembling, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping or concentrating. You’ll note that the symptoms listed above tend to share similarities with prominent symptoms of generalized anxiety; in these case, these symptoms increase in intensity when one thinks about travel or undertakes the act of travel itself.

Travel Anxiety Tips

As you contemplate how to get rid of anxiety regarding your upcoming travel, keep in mind that “one size doesn’t fit all.” Different anxiety tips work better or some people than others. However, here are a few suggestions for addressing your travel anxiety.

–Identify Your Stressors

A key first step in addressing your travel anxiety is to identify your stressors. What is it specifically about your upcoming trip that has you so worried? Maybe you’re concerned about forgetting important things at home, or you’re bothered by the prospect of having to fly—no matter the source of your stress, though, once you’ve identified it you can begin to devise creative ways to move beyond it. For example, if you’re freaking at the idea of leaving your beloved pet in a kennel, think about taking a vacation with your dog. The possibilities here are endless.

–Know What to Expect

The more knowledgeable you are ahead of time about the different aspects of your upcoming trip, the more you’ll know what to expect every step of the way. This will likely help you feel calmer in advance, as well as give you time to preemptively eliminate potential stressors from your itinerary. For instance, in order to minimize vacation anxiety, it’s crucial to consider different destinations for your trip. Some destinations might seem like fun at first, but upon closer inspection could come with a host of different anxiety triggers. As a result, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of each possible choice. This level of advance preparation will require research, but it’ll be worth it.

–Give Yourself a Break

No matter how excited we are for an upcoming trip, it’s not uncommon once the trip’s underway to feel a lot of pressure—pressure to fill every single minute of every single day with an unforgettable outing, memorable experience, or visit to a so-called “can’t-miss” attraction. Still, it’s really important to carve out some down-time for yourself while traveling. Even on the best of vacations, not every single moment should consist of being “on the go.”

–Make Things Easier

Along those lines, one of the best anxiety tips is really simple but quite important: make sure to remember that your vacation is intended to be an enjoyable getaway—you’re supposed to be having fun! This means you need to do whatever it takes to ensure that the whole trip—from the planning stages to the actual experience itself—is rewarding and relaxing. One great way to achieve this trip bliss is by simplifying things. This can take many forms—maybe you spend a little more money to treat yourself, maybe you get a go card to streamline your attraction visits—but whatever you decide to do, go ahead and make things easier on yourself.

–Enjoy Your Trip

As you go about planning your trip, keep in mind there are many methods for how to get rid of anxiety. So get out there and do some more research—read around to discover what truly works best for you. Just try and remember throughout this whole process that ultimately travel is supposed to be an enriching experience. Sure, parts of it can be stressful and not everything is always going to go as smoothly as you’d like. Always keep in mind, though, that a great trip or vacation is worth it.

Vacation on a Budget: Tips to Save on Your Next Trip

With summer right around the corner, it’s only natural to start thinking about that upcoming family vacation—and how to save money for travel. Everyone loves a great vacation, but nobody loves how expensive travel can be. When you add up the price of airfare, lodging, and food, traveling can get really costly in a hurry. Fortunately, it is possible to take your whole family to popular travel spots without breaking the bank. All you need to do is plan ahead, budget wisely, and follow these helpful tips, and you’ll be on your way to a relaxing trip free from the stress of money concerns.

Before You Leave

One of the keys to planning a successful vacation on a budget is actually to try and save money before going on your vacation. If you’re on top of things right from the start of your trip-planning process, you can successfully cut back on expenses at every stage of the vacation. This way, you’ll be saving money even before departing on your trip!

–Choose Your Destination

When it comes to choosing a place to visit during your vacation, no two destinations are created equal. The fact is, whether you’re interested in taking a short road trip with the family or hoping to tour multiple countries in Europe, some trips are simply going to cost more to visit than others. Once you identify the type of vacation you want to take, then you can begin to research specific ways to save money that are relevant to your unique trip.

–Make a Budget

The foundation of successful travel on a budget is to establish your trip’s budget—and then hold yourself to that number. As soon as you have a firm budget in place, you’ll be able to set yourself a savings goal. Arguably, the very first budget details you should put in place are the costs of your travel and accommodations. If you research how much these components of your trip will cost at the beginning of your planning, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how much total money you’ll ultimately need to put together the trip you want to have.

–Plan Ahead

You might have heard the expression “if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail.” Nowhere is that classic phrase truer than when it comes to travel planning. The farther in advance you can plan your trip, the more likely you’ll be to put together a great vacation on a budget. You’ll also give yourself more time to locate discounted rates and special deals on your trip’s most expensive elements (like hotel reservations and airline tickets). Travel experts widely agree that the best way to save money on airfare is to book your tickets at least three weeks before your trip. By planning ahead and putting these details in place well in advance of your trip, you’ll be able to both save money and reduce any travel anxiety you may be experiencing.

–Get a City Tourism Card

If you know that your family wants to visit several of the most popular tourist attractions in the city you’re vacationing in, then a go card is a smart way to save money during your trip. These city passes are perfect for a vacation on a budget, as they offer savings on admission to various attractions, as well as often provide discounts to other local businesses. Sometimes they even allow you to skip long entry lines.

–Pack Lightly

These days airlines need no excuse to hit you extra fees or hidden charges, particularly when it comes to checked or overweight bags. One way to make sure you avoid these expenses is to pack lightly. There are many great suggestions out there for how to avoid overpacking, so take some to think about what you really need during your trip and prepare to save.

During Your Trip

Once your trip has started, you can still find ways to save. In fact, many travelers today are coming up with creative ways to save money at expensive destinations that help them not only stay within their budgets, but actually extend their trips.

–Avoid Eating Out

Few travel expenses add up like eating every meal out. Sure, it can be hard to avoid dining out while on vacation, but there are still ways to cut down on food expenses. Make sure to enjoy as many complimentary meals at your hotel as you can, and if there’s a grocery store located near where you’re staying, consider buying some small items there and putting together a meal from those supplies—it’ll likely be significantly cheaper than a restaurant.

–Reduce Transportation Costs

Sometimes it’s necessary to rent a car or take a cab while traveling. However, if you can eliminate or at least minimize these expenses, you’ll go a long way to increasing your savings. When possible, try take local public transportation or walk to nearby attractions.

–Wait to Buy Souvenirs

Everybody wants a fun souvenir of their vacation; just don’t just buy the first thing you see and like, though. Take the time to look at multiple stores and shops throughout the town you’re visiting—unless the item you’ve got your on is truly rare and unique, it’s quite likely you’ll find it somewhere else at a better price.

–Get Out of the Tourist Areas

When you first select your destination, you’re undoubtedly picking it for a reason—there’s quite likely to be a handful of really popular attractions there you and your family are dying to visit. By no means avoid these spots—just remember that the more popular an area or attraction is, the more expensive nearby amenities are probably going to be. If you seek out less-popular attractions or less-famous places, you’re likely to enjoy getting off the beaten path while also spending less money on food and lodging.

–Save or Splurge

No matter how thoroughly you plan out your trip, you’re still going to have that moment when things are going great and you’re faced with a choice of whether or not to splurge on that special treat. Trust yourself to understand the situation, and know if it’s the right time and place to go for it, or if it’s best to keep your money in your pocket.


There’s no one magic way to know how to save money for travel. In addition to the numerous tips listed above, there are also always going to be outstanding means for saving money while traveling that are specific to your destination of choice. As a result, if you find yourself planning a trip to a place like, say, San Francisco, make sure to keep in mind that there are specific ways to save money in San Francisco that don’t necessarily apply to other places.

Go New York Card

*This is a hypothetical post that imagines what this product might look like, should Go City Card choose to issue it in the future. This product does not currently exist and none of the information on this page applies to a current product.

If we were to imagine what a Go New York Card could look like, it would probably be pretty similar to the Go Cards in other cities where Go City Card operates. It would be an all-inclusive pass that covers admission to your choice of the city’s best tours, cruises, and museums. It would likely be available in durations of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days, given the popularity of NYC and the fact that many people take vacations of varying length to this top destination.

The included attractions would be very similar to the current product, the New York City Explorer Pass. You could do the big-name observation decks like the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock, explore prestigious museums like the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and enjoy cultural tours of the city and beyond. It might also expand the current New York Explorer Pass product with premium attraction options like helicopter rides and luxury dinner cruises.

Top Included New York Attractions You would want in a Go NY Card.

Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty Ferry
Metropolitan Museum of Art (including the Cloisters and Met Breuer)
Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus Tour
9/11 Memorial and Museum
Museum of Modern Art
Central Park Bike Rentals
Sightseeing Cruises
City Tours (of different neighborhoods, too, like uptown, downtown, Harlem, Brooklyn, etc.)

These are attractions currently included with the New York Explorer Pass, and it would be logical for these to be the same or similar. Go City Card already works with these attractions and could continue to do so.

How a Go New York Card Would Work

As with all of the Go City Card products, the Go New York Pass would be a digital pass. It would cover admission for all of your included attractions and you’d pay nothing additional at the gate.

You would be able to choose how long you wanted to sightsee for, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7-day durations being your options. (6 is typically not included because it’s not a very common vacation duration). They might also opt to offer 10-day cards to be more competitive with products like New York Sightseeing Pass.

The pass would be designed to be used with the free Go City Card App. The app is well-reviewed and easy to use, and this new product could be incorporated with no additional work on their part.

The Go New York Card would be valid for a number of consecutive calendar days. New York is quite compact geographically and it would be easy to enjoy multiple New York attractions in consecutive days. Unlike cities in, say, California, where you might take day trips elsewhere, people visiting NYC tend to stay in NYC for the duration of their trip.

In an ideal world, the Go New York Card would also include a number of premium attraction options. These could include things like helicopter rides over Manhattan, a luxury sunset cruise with dinner or champagne, or even theater tickets.

What Would Be Good?

As mentioned, the pass would be a digital file that you could use via the app. You wouldn’t need to hold onto paper products or remember individual tickets.

The Go New York Card might also include some stuff that the New York City Explorer Pass currently does not (as hard as that might be to imagine given their expansive attraction options). For one, the Bronx Zoo is a popular family-friendly attraction that isn’t currently part of the pass.

As with the other Go City Card products, this one would come with an invaluable guidebook including all of the relevant information about the included attractions, plus maps.

It would also come with the opportunity to skip the line at popular attractions, as the New York City Explorer Pass currently does at the Empire State Building. This would be a massive benefit in a high-traffic destination like NYC. This would make it more comparable to competitor products like the New York Pass, too.

In a perfect world, the product would also come with included extra discounts on dining and shopping, as the New York City Explorer Pass currently does. Go City Card could offer similar discounts, or expand the offerings even further to include things like a percentage off at museum gift stores, etc.

Another thing that the Go New York Card could do to make it stand out would be to incorporate the One World Observation Deck (currently only available with the NYC Sightseeing Pass). This would increase the value of the pass over many of its competitors.

How Would You Get Your Money’s Worth with a Go NY Card?

While this product doesn’t currently exist, we could estimate that it might save visitors between 50% and 55% on combined admission prices. This is roughly what the New York City Explorer Pass currently offers and it would make sense for the Go New York Card to be comparable.

The way to make the most of this product would be to make the most of your time – see and do as much as you can during your valid card days. This would be easy in a city like NYC, where many attractions are very close together and you would have minimal transit distance (transit time might be another issue altogether, though).

Another good tip for making the most of the product would be to use the pass for the higher-priced attractions (here, usually museums and cruises). If you run out of time with the pass, then you would visit the less expensive things by paying out of pocket.

It would also be vital to use your premium attraction option. These attractions are typically around $100 and taking advantage of that could save you big – they’re called “premium” for a reason!

It would also help to use the extra discounts at places like restaurants and shops. They would be at places you might already be planning on spending money (especially when it comes to souvenir shopping and dining).

Where Could You Buy a Go New York City Card?

The Go New York Card would be available online directly from Go City Card.

Why Doesn’t a Go New York Card Currently Exist?

For starters, New York City is a very popular market that is currently saturated with discount attraction pass products. Go City Card may currently feel that they wouldn’t be competitive with other existing products.

Some of the other products in this market that could compete with a Go New York Card include the New York Pass (which is also valid for your chosen number of days and includes access to more than 100 top NYC attractions) and the New York City Sightseeing Pass (also valid for a number of card days and includes a comparable number of attractions).

New York CityPass, on the other hand, is more likely to compete with the New York City Explorer Pass (the current product from Go City Card) because of their similar formats, in which you choose the number of attractions you want to see, not the days you can sightsee for.

One way the Go New York City Card could stand out would be to offer some unique or special things (like One World Observatory or some zoos and aquariums, which are currently only on the NYC Sightseeing Pass) and to offer premium attractions as mentioned above.

It’s also possible that Go City Card wouldn’t feel that the Go New York Card could offer new attractions to be worth making a new product. This would involve cultivating new relationships with new attractions, which can’t be easy work.

The New York City Explorer Pass is already an immensely popular product and has a long history in NYC with a loyal customer following. Go City Card may not want to cut into how well this product is doing by introducing another.


Can You Buy a Go Sydney Card?

*This is a hypothetical post that imagines what this product might look like, should Go City Card choose to issue it in the future. This product does not currently exist and none of the information on this page applies to a current product.

If there were such a thing as a Go Sydney Card, what might it look like? Like the other Go Cards, it would be an all-inclusive, multi-attractions pass that would provide admission to your choice of tours, cruises, museums, and more over a certain number of days. In a big market like Sydney, it would make sense to have a lot of flexibility in the card duration, so picture something like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day products being available.

Like the current product, the Sydney Explorer Pass, the Go Sydney Card would also cover all the major attractions in the region, like the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Tower Eye, and the Taronga Zoo. You’d also be able to tour the city, explore Bondi Beach, and get out into the Blue Mountains on day trips. It might offer more, less expensive things than the Sydney Explorer Pass, too, like some additional smaller museums and historical homes.

Theoretical Top Included Sydney Attractions             

Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus Sydney & Bondi Tour
Taronga Zoo
SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Opera House Tour
Madame Tussauds Sydney
Australian National Maritime Museum
Blue Mountains Explorer Bus
Sydney Tower Eye
Sydney Jet – Thrill Ride

These are attractions currently included with the Sydney Explorer Pass, and it would make sense for these to be the same or similar.

How a Go Sydney Card Might Work

Like all of the Go City Card products, the Go Sydney Card would be a digital product. It would act as a universal ticket to grant admission to any of the included attractions.

You would be able to choose a number of days you wanted to sightsee – in this vision, anywhere from 1 to 7 days (6 being excluded as an irregular duration).

The pass would be used through the free Go City Card App. This already exists and it would seamlessly incorporate the Go Sydney Card.

It would be valid for the number of consecutive calendar days. Sydney is a compact city and it would make sense to use the product for a week straight (or a certain number of days straight, depending upon your chosen pass duration).

Ideally, the Go Sydney Card might also include some premium attraction options, available with the higher duration passes. These could include things like day trips out to the Blue Mountains, luxury cruises, and special experiences at the zoos or aquariums (like an animal encounters, or behind-the-scenes feeding, etc.).

What Would Be Good?

The pass would be a digital product, so it would already be better than some other competitors that rely upon paper products. This would make it easy to plan in advance or last minute, and to wait for sales.

The Go Sydney Card would also include things that the Sydney Explorer Pass currently does not, like an ANZ Stadium Tour, a Queen Victoria Building Tour, an excursion to the Jenolan Caves, and more.

Like all the Go City Card products, it would come with a digital guidebook and maps, with all the important details.

It would also come with selected extra benefits like the ability to skip the line at top attractions like the zoos and aquariums. This would save a lot of time in the busy summer months.

Ideally, the Go Sydney Card would also come with included extra discounts on dining and shopping – a discount at the Queen Victoria Building shops would make sense, for example. They could also include some discounts at dining options in Darling Harbour.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Go Sydney Card?

Since this is purely hypothetical, let’s say the Go Sydney Card would save you between 40% and 45% on combined admission prices. This is about what the iVenture products advertise, and seems realistic.

The way to maximize this would be simple – visit as many things as you can in a day, and start early.

Another tip is to visit the pricier things with the pass and save donation-based or cheaper things for days when your card isn’t valid.

It would also be important to take advantage of the premium attraction options. For other markets, these are attractions that are worth close to or more than $100 so visiting them would definitely increase the value of the product.

It would also be important to utilize the extra discounts. The more you can use the product, the better.

Where Could You Buy a Go Sydney Card

The Go Sydney Card would be available online or over the phone directly from Go City Card.

Why Doesn’t This Product Currently Exist?

For one, Sydney is still a relatively new expansion for Go City Card. They might be developing a product like this soon!

It’s also possible that Go City Card may find it tough to compete with iVenture. They’re based in Australia, and have long been very successful in Sydney with their Unlimited Attractions Pass (which is similar to what we’re imagining here).

The advantage the Go Sydney Card would have over the iVenture product, however, would be that it would come in more card durations and could offer a greater potential discount.

It would also ideally have a comparable cost to the Sydney Explorer Pass and the iVenture Unlimited Attractions Pass (with the basic idea being that the higher duration of the card you purchase, the greater value).


Why buy a Las Vegas Explorer Pass instead of a Las Vegas PowerPass?

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass (a brand new product!) and the Las Vegas PowerPass are two of the leading multi-attraction products in the Vegas market. They both provide admission to top attractions on the Strip, but further consideration reveals some pretty substantial differences between these two products. Taking into consideration ease of use, flexibility, and how you save, it seems clear that the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is a clear winner.

How You Save 

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass advertises a savings of up to 55% on combined admission prices, and comes at a pretty low price point (only $65/adult for a 3-Choice Pass).

One of the most valuable things about this product is the flexibility you have in choosing attractions and visiting them at your own pace. No need to cram things into a limited number of days – you’ve got 30 days to use the pass after your first visit.

There are also multiple ways to save with this product – you can visit a variety of attraction combinations to maximize your savings without worrying about seeing only the most expensive sites. In fact, even the most inexpensive attractions will still have you coming out on top.

The Las Vegas PowerPass doesn’t advertise a specific savings percentage, but they do give you an example of how much you save when visiting 10 attractions (about $100 dollars on admission costs). That sounds great, but the problem? You have to fit all 10 visits into just three days!

While this product does give you the option of choosing a card that’s valid for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days, that’s a bit restrictive when it comes to time management. To make the most of your savings, you have to be visiting attractions all day long – no time to break for a visit to one of Vegas’ famed buffets or some casino play.

That also basically rules out their Grand Canyon West Legacy Tour – a 2.5-hour drive away from downtown Las Vegas (not the mention the $8 impact fee that isn’t covered by your pass). So there are some attractions you realistically won’t be able to visit if you want to make the most of the product.

Because of this product’s pricing scheme (around $85 for a 1 Day Pass), you have to visit at minimum three attractions per day – something that can be tricky to do if you want to take a long tour, for example. It also may make you feel rushed.

How Do I Use Them?

The Las Vegas PowerPass is purchased for the number of card days you want to visit attractions. You purchase the cards online and then pick them up in a specified location once you get to Vegas.

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is purchased by the number of attractions (3 or 5). This pass is delivered instantly to your e-mail, and you can use it on a smartphone or print it out for admission. No need to pick anything up at a separate location, which is a big stress reduction when in town. You have 30 full days to use the product after the first attraction visit, so you can use it all on one vacation or spread it out over multiple visits if you live in the area.

What’s the Real Difference?

The most substantial difference between these two products has to do with your style of travel. If you prefer the flexibility and freedom of seeing what you want on your schedule – no time crunch, no pressure to see it all – then the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is a good option for you.

If you want to spend your entire Vegas visit running around between attractions – without pausing to spend a day at the casino – then the Las Vegas PowerPass may be a good choice. Keep in mind, however, that it requires some serious dedication to touring and exploring in order to get your money’s worth out of the product.

Extra Details

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is available for convenient, eco-friendly instant delivery. No need to pick anything up or wait for the mail.

Both products offer basic information like maps and contact information (although for some reason the Las Vegas PowerPass asks you to download it separately).

The Las Vegas Explorer Pass comes with a free, full-color guidebook that not only includes maps and directions, but also includes important info about each neighborhood, hours of operation, and other valuable attraction details.

Last Thoughts

If you’re trying to decide between a Las Vegas Explorer Pass and a Las Vegas PowerPass, the biggest thing you need to take into consideration is your style of travel.  How much flexibility do you want in your attraction visits, and how much do you realistically want to visit attractions (possibly at the cost of some of Vegas’s other great pleasures)? How much do you want to spend before you see any real savings? In the final deliberation, it seems like the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is the best deal for your money.

Why buy a New York City Explorer Pass instead of a New York CityPass?

The New York City Explorer Pass and the New York CityPASS are two of the biggest multi-attraction passes in New York. Both products offer discounted admission to some of the city’s top attractions, but they’re in fact quite different. Taking into account factors like available attractions, flexibility of use, and savings potential, the New York City Explorer Pass comes out on top.

We’ll begin with a comparison of the two products and then get into specifics about how you save.

Included New York Tourist Attractions 

New York City Explorer Pass 

Because the product includes more than 50 attractions, it’s impractical to list them all here. Instead, check out a selection of their most popular offerings.

New York CityPass

  • Empire State Building
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Top of the Rock OR the Guggenheim Museum
  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises
  • 9/11 Memorial & Museum OR Intrepid Museum

The New York City Explorer Pass includes all of the same attractions (or comparable attractions) as the New York CityPass without any either/or choices. This is especially a big bonus in a market like New York, where some of the biggest attractions are positioned as exclusionary choices with the CityPass, including the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, and the Top of the Rock. It’s also unlikely that visitors will want to see both the Empire State Building and the Top of the Rock (the more popular of the two), but you’d want to choose the Top of the Rock anyway to maximize your savings.

How You Save 

The New York City Explorer Pass can save you up to 45% on combined admission prices, and their website offers real customer savings testimonials that often exceed that percentage. Customers saved hundreds of dollars per family!

One of the most popular aspects of this pass is the flexibility in attraction choice. You can select what you want to see as you go along, with your choice of 3, 5, 7, or 10 attractions, no need for either/or decisions. See what you want over the course of 30 full days!

There are also simply more ways to save with this product. Dozens of attraction combinations will save you the maximum advertised value, or even more!

The New York CityPass advertises that it can save you up to 42% on combined admission prices (so no real difference there), but your savings percentage is heavily dependent upon which attractions you choose.

You’re also more limited in attraction choice, taking into account the exclusions and the much narrower selection to begin with. You only have 9 consecutive days to visit each attraction, which doesn’t end up being a lot of time when you’re interested in making multiple trips to NYC.

In order to make the most of the pass, you have to choose certain attractions. If you want to maximize your savings, you have to see both the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building, something that most visitors to NYC don’t choose to do. You also need to opt for the sightseeing cruise over the Statue of Liberty – and who wants to do that?

How Do I Use Them?

Both products serve as your admission ticket to the included attractions, but they otherwise work in different ways with different benefits.

The New York CityPass is a booklet of paper tickets that you order online or buy in person. You bring the booklet to each attraction, they tear off the appropriate ticket, and then you dispose of the book when you’re done.

The New York City Explorer Pass offers more delivery and usage options. If you choose a physical card (it looks like a credit card), it can be shipped or picked up in person in New York. Many customers choose to keep the card as a souvenir after their trip!

Or, if you prefer to be a little more high tech (or are a last-minute planner), the instant delivery option is a big win. Get the pass e-mailed directly to you immediately after purchase, and display it on a smartphone for admission. If you don’t have or don’t want to use a smartphone, you could also just print it out. This is a really popular option with customers.

What’s the Real Difference? 

The major difference between these two passes has to do with your preferred style of travel. If you like more flexibility and freedom in planning your itinerary, you’ll likely prefer the wider range of attraction choices and greater duration of the New York City Explorer Pass. You also don’t have to deal with exclusionary choices or a more restrictive path to greater savings.

If you only have a few specific attractions in mind, then New York CityPass may be a decent option. However, this also limits you in terms of choosing between those few attractions, in which attractions you need to choose to max out your savings, and flexibility in purchasing.

Extra Details

The New York City Explorer Pass features a number of diverse walking tours and bus tours, providing better opportunities to really get to know NYC culture. From food tours to T.V. and movie tours and beyond, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

Both products come with additional discounts on things like dining, shopping, and entertainment. They also both come with a free area map.

The New York City Explorer Pass also includes a free, full-color guidebook that’s packed with useful info about each attraction, various neighborhoods you may encounter, and even free attractions.

Both products offer skip-the-line benefits at selected attractions.

The New York City Explorer Pass even includes a number of attractions in Brooklyn and the Bronx, allowing you to more fully explore all that NYC has to offer.

Last Thoughts

Deciding between a New York City Explorer Pass and a New York CityPass? Taking into account factors like flexibility, convenience, and ways to save, the answer seems clear. The New York City Explorer Pass is truly the best way to maximize your fun and your savings on your next vacation.

Why Buy a Go Chicago Card Instead of a Chicago CityPass?

The Go Chicago Card and the Chicago CityPASS are the top contenders in the attractions pass game in Chicago.  Both products have some pros and cons, and both are popular with visitors from around the world. Nonetheless, these products are quite different from one another, and in many cases, offer distinctly different benefits. When you take into account attributes like flexibility, availability of attractions, and maximum savings potential, the Go Chicago Card emerges as the clear winner.

We’ll begin with a few basic points of comparison and then switch to discussing concrete savings available with each product.

Included Attractions

Go Chicago Card

There are far too many to list them all here, but here’s a few selected attractions offered through the Go Chicago Card program:

Chicago CityPass

  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Skydeck Chicago
  • The Field Museum
  • Museum of Science and Industry OR 360 CHICAGO
  • Adler Planetarium OR The Art Institute of Chicago 

As you can see, the Go Chicago Card includes all of the same attractions as the Chicago CityPass, without the need for any exclusionary choices. This is an especially tricky situation with regards to the Adler Planetarium and The Art Institute of Chicago, which are both tremendously popular attractions.

How You Save

The Go Chicago Card can save you up to 55% on combined admission prices, and their website offers several examples of real customer itineraries and how much they saved on their trips. If you want to maximize your savings, there are multiple combinations of Chicago tourist attractions that will save you far more than you paid for the pass.

It’s clear that one of the best things about this pass is the flexibility and freedom – you can create personalized itineraries and still get your money’s worth out of this pass. According to real travelers, you can save over $300 per couple!

Chicago CityPass advertises that it can save you up to 52% on combined admission prices.  Given that there are only six options, they don’t offer any real customer savings examples on their site, just vague reviews. Plus, in order to maximize your savings, you have to visit all of the included attractions (which can be really hard to do in a weekend) and you have to choose the more expensive one for both of your either/or choices.

The most significant downside to this product is how limited you are in choosing the attractions you want to see. You only have a few possible itinerary combinations, and you’re forced to choose between attractions that you might want to see. The most you can possibly save is $206.90 per couple. While that’s still a significant amount, it doesn’t match up to what you save with the Go Chicago Card.

How Do I Use Them?

Both products serve as your admission tickets to each of the included attractions without the need for additional purchases.

The Chicago CityPass is a collection of paper tickets that can be shipped or picked up in person in Chicago. Attractions tear off the paper ticket when you visit, and you hold onto the booklet for future admission to the other attractions. The booklet is disposable once you’ve used all your tickets.

The Go Chicago Card has a wider variety of delivery and usage options. You can choose a physical card (the size and shape of a credit card – much more durable than a booklet, and it can be kept a souvenir later!) that can either be shipped or picked up in person in Chicago.

Or you can opt for instant delivery of their digital pass. It’s the exact same pass with all the same benefits, but it allows you to use your smartphone as your pass the same way you can with airline tickets. If you like the instant delivery option, but prefer not to use the pass digitally, just print out the pass and present the paper copy to attractions. A majority of customers prefer the digital option because of its speed and convenience.

What’s the Real Difference?

The most significant difference between the two products lies in your style of travel.

If you want the flexibility to see what you want and as much as you want without the pressure of either/or choices and pre-selected attractions, the Go Chicago Card is the best choice. You’ll get a wider selection of attractions to choose from, a greater variety in attraction combinations that can save you significant money, and more freedom in how you use the pass.

If you only want to see a very specific, restricted set of attractions, then the Chicago CityPass might be a good choice. However, you have a lot fewer options, which don’t even include some of the most significant historical sites in the city, any tours, or architecture related sites (something Chicago is famous for!). You also don’t have the option to see both the Adler Planetarium and the Art Institute of Chicago, both of which are incredibly popular attractions. Ultimately, this product just doesn’t offer the same flexibility, variety, and convenience that the Go Chicago Card does.

Extra Details

The Go Chicago Card also includes smaller attractions that really give you a feel for Chicago’s history and heritage, like the Chicago History Museum, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.

Both products come with additional coupons for savings on dining, shopping, and/or other attractions.  Both products also come with area maps and essential details like directions and contact information.

The Go Chicago Card includes a free, full-color guidebook with your purchase. This includes need-to-know info on the local mass transit system (the CTA), interesting and useful details about local neighborhoods, and some relevant info on free points of interest and historical sites.

Both products offer additional benefits like “skip-the-line” privileges at certain attractions.

The Go Chicago Card also includes a number of sightseeing tours and cruises that simply aren’t available through CityPass, an option that gives you a real advantage when exploring Chicago and learning all about its diverse neighborhoods and cultures.

Last Thoughts

Trying to decide between a Go Chicago Card and Chicago CityPass? Sit down and make a list of what you want out of your vacation, what your budget is, what you want to see, and what your style of travel is. If you’re the kind of traveler that wants to make the most of your trip and maximize your savings, it seems evident that the Go Chicago Card is simply the better option.

Why buy a Go San Diego card over a San Diego 3 for 1 Pass?

The Go San Diego Card and the San Diego 3-for-1 Pass are two popular attraction passes with San Diego travelers. They both offer admission to three of the most popular San Diego attractions in the area for a discounted price, but they also have significant differences. When you take into consideration product attributes like flexibility, attraction choice, and maximum savings, the Go San Diego Card seems like a better value.

Let’s start with a comparison of what each product offers, then get into details about savings.

Included San Diego Attractions

Go San Diego Card

There are simply too many attractions available through the Go San Diego Card to list them here, but this is a selection of the most popular.

San Diego 3-for-1 Pass

  • San Diego Zoo
  • San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • SeaWorld San Diego

There’s clearly a big difference between these two products. You get admission to over 40 area attractions – including the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and SeaWorld – with the Go San Diego Card, with the option for multiple visits on separate card days. The San Diego 3-for-1 Pass only includes those attractions, but offers the same option for multiple visits on separate days..

How You Save

The Go San Diego Card advertises that it can save you up to 55% on combined admission prices, and some of their real customer savings even exceeded that number! Customers literally saved hundreds on admission with this product.

The real value of this product is the freedom of attraction choice. You can see the same big three attractions as the San Diego 3-for-1 Pass, plus tons of other attractions, tours, museums, and more.

Another important aspect is the flexibility in how you save. You can visit a wide variety of attraction combinations and still maximize the value you get out of the product – no need to visit only the most expensive attractions.

The San Diego 3-for-1 Pass saves you between 10-18% on combined admission. That’s a significant difference in your savings percentage! Unless you visit all three attractions multiple times, your savings are minimal.

You also have to visit all three attractions in order to actually get your money’s worth, leaving you no flexibility to change your mind if the kids have had their fill of animals at one of the attractions.

How Do I Use Them?

These products actually function in similar ways, with a few exceptions.

The San Diego 3-for-1 Pass is available for purchase online from a number of different travel product sites, but they don’t have their own website. You can have the pass shipped to you or print it out at home.

The Go San Diego Card is available through multiple options. Purchase the card online or over the phone and have it shipped to you, or purchase it in market. You can also opt for instant delivery, and receive a digital pass directly to your e-mail. You can then display the pass on your smartphone for admission – ecofriendly and convenient! – or print it out.

What’s the Real Difference?

The Go San Diego Card is ideal for those of you who want a little bit more freedom in your attraction visits. You can still see the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and SeaWorld, but you also have the option to see other top attractions like LEGOLAND®, the USS Midway, the many museums of Balboa Park, and much more. You still have the option for repeat visits to those three attractions on the number of card days you purchased.

If all you want to see is these big three attractions, then the San Diego 3-for-1 Pass might be a good idea for you. That said, you have no flexibility to shift gears if the kids get bored or tired of animals, and no option for indoor attractions if the weather’s bad. So if you’re unlucky enough to hit a week of bad weather in San Diego, you’ve got no option but to trudge through the rain or skip the attraction visits altogether.

Extra Details

The Go San Diego Card also features several other major theme parks that the kids will love, including LEGOLAND®, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Belmont Park.

Both products offer admission to SeaWorld, Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo.

The Go San Diego Card also includes a free, full-color guidebook with maps, directions, important contact information, info about transit options, and much more.

The Go San Diego Card also offers extra benefits like skip-the-line options at several top attractions.

The Go San Diego Card even includes attractions in La Jolla, Coronado, Mission Beach, Chula Vista, and beyond, giving you the flexibility explore the greater San Diego metropolitan area, the beaches, and even Los Angeles area attractions.

Last Thoughts

Trying to decide between a Go San Diego Card and a San Diego 3-for-1 Pass? Assuming you definitely want to see those big three attractions, you need to then expand your consideration to the way the passes work. If you want to see more than just those attractions, if you want to save more on admission, and if you want the flexibility to change your mind, then the Go San Diego Card is best for you.