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Choosing the right Amsterdam tourist pass can feel like navigating a maze, given the plethora of options available each boasting unique benefits. Whether it’s free admission to over 70 museums and attractions that the I Amsterdam City Card offers or the comprehensive city sightseeing experience provided by the Amsterdam All-inclusive Pass or the more relaxed pace of the Explorer Pass, making an informed decision requires a comparative analysis. We will help to compare Amsterdam tourist passes, dissecting the value they offer to help travelers make a choice that maximizes their experience in this vibrant city.

If you want to see the included attractions at a glance scroll to the bottom of the page for out interactive chart.

Who should buy the I Amsterdam City Pass

The I Amsterdam City Pass is a treasure trove for those enchanted by the rich tapestry of Amsterdam’s culture and history, making it the go-to choice for museum aficionados and with a good selection of fun. Tailored for the curious traveler, this pass is a beacon for those who wish to dive deep into the city’s heart, offering:

  • Unlimited Access to Public Transport: Navigate the city with ease using unlimited rides on GVB buses, trams, and metros, ensuring a seamless journey through Amsterdam’s iconic canals and cobblestone streets.
  • A Gateway to Over 70 Museums: From the hallowed halls of the Rijksmuseum to the vibrant strokes of the Moco Museum, the pass grants entry to Amsterdam’s most revered cultural institutions, including hidden gems like the Nemo Science Museum.
  • Exclusive Perks: Beyond museum doors, the pass unfolds a world of experiences with free canal boat tours, bicycle rentals, and some well known Amsterdam tourist attractions. It’s an invitation to explore Amsterdam’s multifaceted allure, from the 4D experience of THIS IS HOLLAND, to the spectacular from the A’Dam Lookout. Dont forget the Royal Zoo.

Why Choose the Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass

In the vibrant city of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass emerges as a stellar choice for those eager to explore a wide array of attractions without the hassle of purchasing individual tickets. Here’s why this pass might just be the best option for your Amsterdam adventure:

  • Diverse Attractions: The Pass covers a wider variety of things to do. It includes many of the more popular museums as well as the Heineken Experience, A’DAM Lookout, Canal Cruise, Bus Tours, Madame Tussauds, Comedy Shows and more.
  • Cost-Effective and Convenient:
    • With options ranging from 1 to 5 days, the All-Inclusive Pass is priced from €89 for adults, offering significant savings, especially with the 5-day pass which presents the best value per day. The five day pass costs about 30 Euro more but the attractions included are usually much more expensive.
    • The pass simplifies your visit, functioning as your ticket to fast-track entry at many attractions, and is immediately downloadable to your phone, ensuring you can start exploring right away.

This comprehensive offering makes the Go City Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass an attractive option for those looking to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and beauty of Amsterdam and beyond, all while enjoying the convenience and savings it provides.

Why the Amsterdam Explorer Pass is the Best

The Go City Explorer Pass distinguishes itself as a flexible and cost-efficient option for those wishing to tailor their Amsterdam experience precisely to their interests and pace. Here’s how:

  • A Different Kind Flexibility:
    • The product lineup is very similar to the All-Inlcusive pass but instead of days, you buy a specific number of choices. The cost of each attraction tends to be around 18-21 euro depending on how many attractions you want on the pass.
    • Valid for 60 days upon activation, this pass caters to those who prefer leisurely exploration or may have extended stays in Amsterdam. The pass’s validity of one year from purchase until activation further adds to its flexibility, accommodating even the most tentative travel plans.
  • Convenience and Savings:
    • Fully digital and easily accessible via smartphone, the pass simplifies entry to attractions with no additional fees, making it a hassle-free companion.
    • With savings of up to 35% compared to standard ticket prices and a refundable option within 90 days of purchase if not activated, it offers both economic advantage and peace of mind.
    • It makes sense to only visit attractions that are above the average pass price of 18-21 euro. Otherwise you are better off just paying out of pocket.
    • You dont have to choose which attractions to visit ahead of time unless the place requires reservations.
    • You get the biggest saving if you take one of the bus excursions to Rotterdam, Volendam or Keukenhof.

This combination of flexibility, convenience, and value positions the Go City Explorer Pass as an excellent choice for those seeking a tailored exploration of Amsterdam’s rich cultural and historical landscape.

Use the chart below to easily compare the three major attraction passes in Amsterdam. Narrow down by pass. Hint. If you are thinking about the Explorer Pass, narrow down the chart by that pass. Then sort the table by price.

Attraction NameI Amsterdam CardAll-Inclusive PassAmsterdam Explorer PassPrice in euros
Heineken Experienceyyxx€21.00
H'ART Museumzzyyxx€22.00
THIS IS HOLLANDzzyyxx€26.00
Moco Museum - Banksy & Morezzyyxx€23.00
A'DAM LOOKOUTzzyyxx€17.00
Boom Chicago – Improv Comedy Showyyxx€25.00
Madame Tussauds Amsterdamyyxx€26.00
Holland Welcome Canal Cruiseyyxx€22.50
Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague Touryyxx€60.00
Tour de BonTonyyxx€21.00
Royal Coster Diamondszzyyxx€14.00
Keukenhof Bus Excursionyyxx€30.00
Keukenhof skip the line, Transferszz€55.00
Museum Het Rembrandthuiszzyyxx€18.00
Rembrandts Amsterdam Experienceyyxx€15.00
Our House Experienceyyxx€25.00
The Amsterdam Dungeonyyxx€26.00
Volendam, Edam & Windmills Bus Touryyxx€45.00
House of Bolsyyxx€16.00
Zaans Museum & Verkade Experiencezz€14.50
Zaans Kuiperij Tiemstra (Coopery)zz€3.00
Tsar Peter House, Zaandamzz€6.00
Yellow Bike Rental Central Stationzz€19.00
Amsterbike Bike Rentalzz€15.50
A-Bike Rental Vondelparkzz€17.00
Macbike Bike Rental Various Locationszzyy€17.00
Woonbootmuseum - Houseboat Museumzzyyxx€11.00
Amsterdam Castle Muiderslotzzyyxx€17.00
Amsterdam Fortress Island Pampuszz€18.00
Amsterdam Uncovered - Guided Walking Tourzzyyxx€25.00
Diamond Museumzzyyxx€13.00
Jewish Cultural Quarter Combo Ticketzzyyxx€30.00
Jewish Museum - Jewish Cultural Quarterzzyyxx€20.00
Amsterdam Pipe Museumzzyy€12.00
Zaanse Schans Bus Excursionyyxx€30.00
Amsterdam Tulip Museumzzyy€5.00
Free public transportzz
Blue Boat Companyzz€23.00
Stromma Canal Cruisezz€20.00
Lovers Canal Cruiseszz€19.00
Amsterdam Circle Line B.V.zz€19.00
Amsterdam Boat Cruiseszz€27.00
AMAZE Amsterdamyyxx€27.00
The Life of Anne Frank & Walking Touryyxx€33.00
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdamzzyyxx€23.00
The Murder by Dam Squareyy€39.00
Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdamzz€16.00
Arcam, Architectural Centrezz€4.00
ARTIS Royal Zoozz€27.50
ARTIS Micropiazz€17.50
ARTIS Groote Museumzz€17.50
Amsterdam Museum on the Amstelzz€18.00
Cobra Museum Amstelveenzz€20.00
Self-Guided Foodie Tour De Jordaanzzyyxx€12.50
Embassy of the Free Mindzz€15.00
EYE Filmmuseumzz€11.50
Fashion for Goodzz€10.00
Foam - Fotografiemuseum Amsterdamzz€15.00
Fun Forestzz€29.00
Gassan Diamondszz€0.00
Geelvinck Pianola Museumzz€4.00
Het Grachtenhuis - Museum of the Canalszz€16.00
Museum of the Mind | Outsider Artzz€17.50
Hortus Botanicus - Botanical Gardenzz€13.00
Huis Marseille - Museum for Photographyzz€12.00
Luther Museumzz€7.00
Molen van Sloten & Kuiperijmuseumzz€8.00
Museum de Dageraadzz€16.00
Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solderzz€12.00
Museum Het Schip - School of Artszz€16.00
Museum Tot Zover - Funeral Museumzz€11.00
Museum Van Loonzz€15.00
Museum Willet-Holthuysenzz€12.00
De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdamzz€22.00
Oude Kerkzz€13.00
The National Maritime Museumzzyy€18.00
Science Center NEMOzz€17.00
The Studio NEMOzz€7.00
Verzetsmuseum - Dutch Resistance Museumzz€16.00
Frans Hals Museumzz€17.00
Teylers Museumzz€16.00
Verwey Museumzz€10.00
Smidtje Canal Cruises - Haarlemzz€20.00
Rederij Volendam-Marken Express (ferry)zz€16.00
Zuiderzee Museumzz€19.00
Amsterdam Fortress Museum Naarden-Vestingzz€6.00
Singer Larenzz€18.00
Wereldmuseum Amsterdamzz€17.00
Anne Frank House€16.00
Luxury Cruise on the Gouwzee Lakeyyxx€18.00
Dutch Craft Beer Tastingyyxx€25.00
The Bulldog Boat (Smoke Friendly Cruise)yyxx€25.00
Museum van de Geest | Dolhuyszz