Wet n Wild Hawaii – Oahu

A newer waterpark and the only attraction of its kind in all of Hawaii, Wet ‘n’ Wild is located on 29 acres in Kapolei on Oahu. It’s filled with over 20 rides, slides, and other attractions, and is a top destination for families. In fact, it was voted among Honolulu Magazine’s Best Family Attractions for 2016! Operating as part of the Australian-based Wet ‘n’ Wild chain of waterparks, it’s still uniquely Hawaiian in flair and style.

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They also frequently host special events – particularly in the summer – like their “Dive ‘n’ Movie” series, so be sure to check their website before your visit to see what’s on.

What’s at Wet n Wild Hawaii

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii may be smaller in size compared to some mainland waterparks, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting for visiting families to enjoy. There are over 20 different rides and attractions to choose from, but here is a selection of the most popular to give you a sense of what kind of activities you’ll be able to enjoy during your visit.

Their rides are divided loosely into “Chill,” “Moderate,” and “Extreme” attractions, so you can choose what you want to do and what your kids can do from a more informed position. Keep in mind that there are height requirements for most rides and attractions.

Water Worlds Kids Playground (Chill)

Explore five zones of fun with several slides, a water cannon, lily pads to walk on, and more. It’s a watery, highly interactive playground with over 20,000 square feet of aquatic adventure to explore.

Kapolei Kooler (Chill)

This lazy river is set in the midst of a tropical garden, so sit back and relax in paradise. Embark on a slow-moving, 800-foot lap that includes mostly peaceful water, but a few quicker places and some small waterfalls to add interest.

Waimea Whirl (Moderate)

An exciting water raft ride that’s perfect for one person or two, the Waimea Whirl finds passengers “stuck” to the sides of the funnel-shaped bowl before they’re released down an exciting tunnel.

Waianae Coasters (Moderate)

Choose from any one of four different slides to ride down in a tube. You’ll be whooshed down the equivalent of four and a half stories at an exhilarating pace. With open or enclosed slide options, this is one for the thrill-seekers.

Tornado (Extreme)

A totally unbelievable experience awaits on the Tornado water ride. Get whirled 50 feet into the air through a 130-foot tunnel, then descend into the “eye of the storm” below you. Spin around the funnel of the Tornado at high speeds for a while before being released into the shallows below.

Da’ Flowrider (Extreme)

This attraction, while priced per individual ride, is worth the cost to try at least once. It’s a massive wave pool where guests can try to surf without the risk of the massive North Shore currents. Choose body boarding or traditional upright surfing. You can also purchase unlimited rides if you’re interested in an extensive run!

Dining & Shopping Options at Wet n Wild Hawaii

There are a couple of different dining options throughout the park. In addition to sporadic food and beverage carts serving classic theme park fare, you’ll also find the sit-down Windjammer Café and the adults-only Flow Bar. The Windjammer Café is perfect for families, as it serves American favorites like pizza and burgers alongside casual local cuisine. The Flow Bar provides excellent views of Da’ Flowrider attraction and serves beer and cocktails in a sports bar-like atmosphere.

For those interested in shopping, there are two venues at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii; Surf Shack and Davy Jones Lockers. The Surf Shack features the latest and greatest in surf gear from all the top brands as well as summertime basics like sandals, towels, and sunblock. Davy Jones Lockers, in addition to providing that all-important place to store your valuables, also sells essentials like sunscreen, towels, and even drinks. Keep in mind that you won’t really find much in the way of Hawaiian souvenirs unless you’re interested in surf gear.

Tips for Visiting Wet n Wild Oahu

  • There are height requirements for many of the rides; be sure to read the signage carefully before getting in line to avoid disappointment.
  • Like many amusement parks, some rides at Wet ‘n’ Wild Hawaii will not operate during inclement weather for safety reasons. It’s best to visit during a sunny day to ensure that as many rides as possible will be up and running.
  • Although no outside food and beverage is allowed inside the park, there are plenty of places to buy water or snacks. Please don’t try to sneak any in the park.
  • If you’re looking for a special experience, consider renting a cabana to provide some privacy during your time at the Water World Terrace.