Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass by iVenture

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Hong Kong has much to offer the curious and adventurous traveler. Whether you’re the type that prefers the beauty of the natural world around Victoria Harbour and Victoria Peak or the glitz and glam of urban HK, there’s an attraction for you and your family to enjoy. Spend the day at Disneyland and delight your kids. Hop aboard a harbour cruise and relax as you glide by the stunning Hong Kong skyline. Ascend to the top of the sky100 HK Observation deck. Take a tour of Macau, or of Hong Kong itself. There are so many things to choose from in this delightful destination, you won’t know what to do first!

Arranging a trip to Hong Kong and hoping to save money on attraction visits? If Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the attractions you’ve got your heart set on, this pass is right for you. You’ll save up to 50% on combined admission fees, and get access to 15 top HK attractions including Disneyland.

Top Included Hong Kong & Macau Attractions

Disneyland Hong Kong
Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Ngong Ping 360
Ocean Park Tour
Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus
sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong
Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise

See the full list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass Works

The iVenture Hong Kong Disney Land Combo Pass can potentially save travelers up to 50% on combined admission prices. Choose from 15 popular attractions, including Disneyland, and visit any of them you want.

The pass is purchased by the day, with your choice of three or five consecutive days. Visit as many attractions as you can fit in those three or five days.

The iVenture product is actually a plastic card, like a credit card, which tells the attraction you’re got advance tickets. No need to pay anything at the gate, and all you need to do is show your pass to get in.

What’s Good?

Traveling families love the iVenture Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass for the excellent value. You’re able to save up to 50% on combined admission. It’s worth it for the freedom to visit Disneyland at a discount.

The flexibility in choosing attractions is also a popular aspect of the pass. You don’t need to choose what you want to see in advance, but can decide as you go along. This is great for trips that need to change gears for whatever reason.

Customers also appreciate the simplicity of this product. You just show the pass to the attractions you want to visit, and then you’re set! There’s no need to pay anything to the attraction.

The unlimited access to attractions is another great benefit. You can visit as many things as you can fit in during the duration of your pass and your only limitation is time.

The full color guidebook and map is also a tremendous help when planning your vacation. You don’t need to keep open dozens of browser windows looking for info!

How Could the Pass Get Better?

The Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass offers access to many top name attractions like the Victoria Peak tram, Disneyland, Ngong Ping 360, and more. But it doesn’t help you see smaller attractions like many art and history museums, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, or Buddhist temples.

The pass also only includes general admission. If you’re interested in something more in depth, then you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

Unlike other markets, iVenture currently does not offer a Flexi Attractions Pass in Hong Kong. This type of product is better if you only want to see a couple of things while in HK.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The easiest way to get your money’s worth is to do and see as much as you can. You should also definitely visit Disneyland on this pass. If you’re not interested in Disneyland, the Hong Kong Attractions Pass is a better choice for you.

The product also comes with their “show and save” discounts on dining, shopping, and other attractions. Consider taking advantage of some of these to maximize the value of your pass.

If you’re planning on using the Airport Express to get downtown, don’t forget to show your pass. You’ll get 25% off tickets.

If you are not planning on visiting Disneyland, you should consider the Hong Kong Attractions Pass as it costs a lot less. It includes all the same attractions except for Disneyland.

Insider Tips

Because the pass is good for consecutive days only, it’s important to make at least a general plan for what you want to do on each day. This will help you increase the value of the pass by fitting in as many attractions as you can.

iVenture sometimes changes which attractions are included on the pass. If you want to be certain that something you’re interested in will be part of the program while you’re traveling, consult their website (usually up to date) or call customer service.

Use the interactive map on the iVenture Hong Kong website to help plan your itinerary.

Where to Buy the Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass

The Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass can be purchased online or over the phone from iVenture.

You may also purchase the pass in town once you arrive at a number of specified purchase locations. However, you will likely pay more for the pass than you would if you purchase in advance, online.