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The Amsterdam Explorer Pass is a flexible attraction pass granting you admission to your choice of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions. With an Amsterdam Explorer Pass, you’ll be able to choose which attractions you want to visit from a list of approximately 30 of the city’s best destinations. Included among your Amsterdam Explorer Pass options are an assortment of museums, tours, boat rides, immersive experiences, and more. No matter what you’re most interested in doing during your visit, the Amsterdam Explorer Pass can help make your sightseeing fun happen. Use it to marvel at the artistic masterpieces on display in the Rijksmuseum, or to provide you access to the world-famous tulips of Keukenhof Gardens. Let it serve as your ticket to the scenery of the A’DAM LOOKOUT observation deck and allow it to take you behind-the-scenes of a brewing powerhouse at the Heineken Experience. With an Amsterdam Explorer Pass you’ll be able to enjoy these attractions and more, all while paying nothing out of pocket at the door.

Top Included Amsterdam Attractions

How the Amsterdam Explorer Pass Works

The Amsterdam Explorer Pass is a digital travel pass that gets you in the door at a number of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions. You’ll be able to skip the on-site line to buy tickets and walk right up to the entrance gate to get your Explorer Pass scanned straightaway.

Depending on which version of the pass you purchase, the Amsterdam Explorer Pass lets you select 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 unique attractions from a list of roughly 30 popular attractions. You’ll choose how many attractions you want to visit in advance of your trip, and you’ll be unable to edit your pass at a later date.

Once you’ve bought your Amsterdam Explorer Pass, you have 2 full years to start using it. After you’ve scanned your pass at the first attraction you visit, it’s considered “activated,” and you have 60 more days to use it up.

What’s Good

The Amsterdam Explorer Pass is designed to work as part of the Go City app. Once you’ve downloaded the Go City app and plugged in your order confirmation number, your Amsterdam Explorer Pass will be ready to use directly from your phone.

This means no more worrying about losing your tickets or misplacing your travel pass. As long as you have your smartphone, you’re good to go! This also means you’ll never need to wait around for your attraction pass to arrive in the mail. As soon as you purchase your Amsterdam Explorer Pass, it’ll be available and ready for use. All you’ll need to do is get it scanned at whatever attractions you want to visit.

If you’re tired of downloading app after app onto your smartphone—especially apps that you might only use once or twice here and there—you can simply print out your Amsterdam Explorer Pass from home and get your paper copy of the pass scanned at any attraction you want. This flexibility is great for those travelers who prefer to keep things a bit more “old school.”

Last but not least, you can split the difference: if you don’t want to download the app, but you also don’t want to carry around a paper copy of your ticket, you may simply display and scan the version of the Amsterdam Explorer Pass that you’ve accessed via the link in your order confirmation e-mail right off your smartphone.

What Could Get Better?

Some travelers express disappointment that the Amsterdam Explorer Pass cannot be upgraded after the time of initial purchase. If you purchase a 3-attraction pass, but after arriving in Amsterdam realize your interests would be better suited to, say, a 6-attraction pass, you will be unable to change the nature of your pass. You’d need to buy another pass or make other plans.

Many of the top museums in Amsterdam—like the acclaimed Rijksmuseum—routinely feature remarkable special exhibitions within their galleries, the types of shows any art lover won’t want to miss. These special exhibits, though, frequently cost extra (in addition to the standard admission fee). In some cases, your Amsterdam Explorer Pass will entitle you to a discount on these additional admission fees. However, more often than not, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket for these supplemental charges, and that can be frustrating.

Get Your Money’s Worth with an Amsterdam Explorer Pass

The golden rule of attraction passes applies to the Amsterdam Explorer Pass, too: when using an attraction pass, always make certain to utilize it first and foremost at those attractions with the most expensive admission fees. That way, if you ever end up wanting to visit an attraction and you need to pay out of pocket, you’re only covering the cost of tickets at an attraction with cheaper entry rates.

Take some time to look over the official Amsterdam Explorer Pass by Go City website. There you’ll find a sample itinerary that demonstrates how best to design an excursion that’ll maximize your savings. It’s remarkable the effect a bit of planning can have on your budget.

For example, a 5-attraction Amsterdam Explorer Pass costs about 70 euros. Now let’s say you want to use that 5-attraction pass to visit the Rijksmuseum, Heineken Experience, the 100 Highlights Cruise, A’DAM LOOKOUT, and the Zaanse Schans Bus Excursion. If you paid separately, out of pocket, for tickets to each one of these attractions, you’d be spending almost 120 euros. That difference of nearly 50 euros represents a savings of some 43% overall.

Amsterdam Explorer Pass Insider Tips

If you decide to make use of the Go City app, be advised that it’s more than just a means for presenting your tickets at an attraction. The Go City app also contains sample itineraries, city maps, attraction information, and more. It’s a terrific resource for any on-the-go traveler—and best of all, it’s free!

Some of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions require you to make advance reservations, even if you possess an Amsterdam Explorer Pass. You won’t need to pay anything extra, but you will have to book your entry spot ahead of time, and some attractions do request a credit-card number to guarantee the booking. Popular Amsterdam attractions requiring advance reservations include Keukenhof Gardens, the Volendam, Edam & Windmills Bus Excursion, and the Zaanse Schans Bus Excursion, just to name a few. Be sure to check if the attraction you want to visit requires booking before you make your plans.

Certain Amsterdam attractions have particular requirements or restrictions worth knowing about before you set your itinerary in stone. For instance, the This is Holland 5D flight simulator has age and height requirements, and doesn’t permit those who are pregnant or have pre-existing heart conditions to participate. When in doubt, visit the official website of the attraction you intend to experience ahead of your trip. That way you’ll be up to speed on all the very latest information.

Where to Buy an Amsterdam Explorer Pass

The Amsterdam Explorer Pass is available online or over the phone directly from Go City.