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Melbourne is a bustling metropolitan area with hundreds of things to see and do on any given vacation. Of course, you can’t possible get to them all! One thing that travelers often miss out on during their Melbourne vacations is the chance to explore the natural world outside of wildlife sanctuaries and city parks. In fact, there’s a whole glorious world of mountains, beaches, islands, and national parks. Of course, those are tricky things to explore on your own, which is why day trips are a handy solution.

For those of you hoping to really see the area around Melbourne, as well as do a few things in town, then the Melbourne Day Tours Combo pass is a smart buy. You can enjoy the Great Ocean Road Day Tour and the Phillip Island Day Tour plus a one or three additional attractions. You can save up to 45% on admission to these fine activities and enjoy a relaxing vacation in Melbourne!

Top Included Melbourne Attractions

AAT Kings – Melbourne Sightseeing Tour
Eureka Skydeck 88
Great Ocean Road Day Tour (Combo Only)
Melbourne City Sightseeing
Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
Melbourne Zoo
Phillip Island Day Tour (Combo Only)
Puffing Billy Railway
SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium
Werribee Open Range Zoo

See the full list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How it Works

The iVenture Melbourne Day Tours Combo offers a potential savings of up to 45% on two day tours PLUS your choice of 25+ other great attractions in the city.  No need to choose those additional attractions in advance – just pick as you go along.

The pass is available in two varieties: the two day tours plus one additional attraction, or the two day tours plus three additional attractions. You take the tours and visit the number of attractions purchased over the course of three months. Your day tours are the Great Ocean Road Day Tour and the Phillip Island Day Tour.

You’ll be given a plastic Smart Card that you use instead of paper tickets or booklets. Simply present the card to the attraction, they’ll scan it, and you’re set to go.

What’s Good?

People really like the value of the product. You can save up to 45% on admission, which is a nice deal on extended day trips like these two.

You also have access to additional attractions. The fact that the pass isn’t just the day tours makes for some nice variety.

The product is easy to use. Just present the pass at your chosen attractions, and you’ll be granted entry. The day tours offer hotel pickup, so you can show them the pass at the origin point.

The duration of the pass is also nice considering that you’re spending two full days on those tours. With three months from the date of card issuance to go on the tours and your other attractions, this is a nice product for locals and for visitors.

The pass also comes with a full color guidebook and map, which can help you when plotting out what you want to do for those additional attractions.

The included extra discounts are also an additional benefit that may be of interest to travelers.

How Could the Pass Get Better?

Unlike the other iVenture products, you only have your choice of a maximum of three additional attractions. If you’re interested in doing more in Melbourne but still love the day tour idea, you’re a bit out of luck. However, if you want to see other things but don’t need to do the tours, the Melbourne Flexi Attractions Pass or the Unlimited Attractions Pass by iVenture Melbourne could be good options for you.

The pass only covers general admission to most attractions. If you want to see a special exhibit or upgrade to an animal experience, you need to pay out of pocket for that. That said, this pass does offer a discount on upgrading to a few nice things like the Eureka Skydeck 88 – Edge Experience and the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium – Penguin Passport.

Some other markets offer more in the way of skip the line benefits. You don’t have many options to do that here, which could add more time onto your day that you don’t necessarily want to spend waiting in line.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Because most of the value of this pass is found in getting a discount on those two day tours, you’re going to have to be smart when selecting your other attractions. We recommend using the pass to see attractions with higher gate admission prices, because that will get you closer to the 45% estimate.

Insider Tips

If what you’re really interested in is touring the city and the area beyond, then the Melbourne City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus is a smart choice for one of your extra attractions. It will provide a nice overview of the city and is a good way to learn about and snap photos of all the big things even if you don’t visit them directly. It’s probably the best value if you’re only choosing one attraction.

Both of the day tours offer hotel pick-up, but you need to call and arrange this in advance. Be sure to contact the tour company before the day you want to take the tour.

iVenture periodically adds or drops attractions from the pass. Look on their website to see what the most up to date attraction list is, and which ones are included on which pass (there are some difference in Melbourne that can be a little confusing).

Use the map on the iVenture website. It’s an interactive one that allows you to filter by attraction type, and you can get a good sense of where things are in relation to your hotel.

Where to Buy It

The Melbourne Day Tours Combo pass can be purchased online or over the phone directly from iVenture.

You may also purchase the pass in town once you arrive at a number of specified purchase locations. However, you will likely pay more for the pass than you would if you purchase in advance, online.