The London Sightseeing Pass

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London is both the capital of England and its largest city. The historic metropolis has a lot to see, and there’s more to London than just Kensington Palace and Big Ben (though they are of course must sees). Sightseeing Pass offers an easy way to navigate the city’s top attractions at a massive discount. Make the most of your trip with this unique pass. Here’s how it works.

What You Get With The London Sightseeing Pass

Unlike other Sightseeing Pass cities, London has one targeted option for tourists. The Sightseeing Pass offers free entry to eight attractions in the city. Also included as 48 hour use of of the city’s many double-decker, hop-on, hop-off busses. Plus, you’ll receive a voucher for a $55-value West End Theatre Ticket.

For a small additional fee, you can purchase a pass that also includes a Shard Ticket. There, you’ll enjoy a view from the Shard, the tallest building in the UK.

Once you activate your pass, it’s active for 14 days, so you can enjoy the city’s top attractions throughout your stay. Note that your pass is good for one admission to each location, so you can’t repeat.

Top 8 London Attractions

The London Sightseeing pass includes access to eight popular attractions and tours. Here is what is included on the pass:

  1. 24 Hour Hop-on, Hop-off Bus
  2. Tower of London
  3. Changing of the Guard Walking Tour
  4. Encore Theatre Passport
  5. Kensington Palace
  6. River Thames Sightseeing Cruise
  7. Harry Potter or James Bond London Bus Tour
  8. London Bicycle Tour

Make The Most Of The London Sightseeing Pass

You’ll want to invest in a little planning to ensure you’re making the most of the London Sightseeing Pass. If you were to visit all of the eight attractions (including the Shard and the double-decker bus) without Sightseeing Pass, the cost would be 216 Euro. With the pass, it’s only 138 Euro. That’s a savings of 80 Euro.

But, take care to visit as many attractions you can, if not all eight! To make the most of you’re pass, be sure to visit the big-ticket attractions. This includes the hop-on/hop-off bus, West End theatre ticket, Thames River Cruise, The Shard, and Tower of London.

Seeing only those five attractions saves 39 Euro, so any additional sights is more in your pocket. But, take care not to skip some of the more-expensive options. You could end up spending more on Sightseeing Pass than the individual entries.

Sightseeing Pass Pros And Cons

London is a huge city, so it’s no surprise that there’s some competition when it comes to tourist passes. Sightseeing Pass has a few big benefits. First, it is the only pass to include the West End Theatre ticket, a London staple. Additionally, the bus entry is for 48 hours, when most only offer 24 hours.

What’s tricky about the Sightseeing Pass is that there is only one package option, and you’re limited to eight attractions. iVenture Card’s Flexi Attraction Pass and London Explorer Pass offer more flexible options, with packages to choose from three, five, or seven attractions. (iVenture Card also offers an option for 10 attractions.) This is beneficial if you have a shorter trip and don’t think you can visit eight attractions.

The London Pass and Turbo Pass both offer unlimited “day” passes between one and seven days. (London Pass also has an option for 10 Days). Prices are comparable, both running about $160 Euro for a week. These options have many more attractions to choose from than Sightseeing Pass.

Sightseeing Pass Insider Tips

Remember that your Sightseeing Pass comes with 48-hour access to the double-decker bus. This is a great way to rest and enjoy far-flung sights of the city. After taking in the tour to get your bearings, you can use it as an easy mode of transportation to get around the city.

For your West End Theatre tickets, there’s no reservation required. Just show up at the Encore Ticket Booth on the day you’d like to catch a show, and select one of the available performances.