iVenture Cape Town Cards

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Cape Town is a truly unique destination. A mix of cultures and a thoroughly cosmopolitan vibe make for a fascinating urbane destination for artsy travelers, just as the stark wilderness of Table Mountain and the surrounding forestland are incredibly inviting to those who prefer explorations of the natural world. A visit to this remarkable city invites adventures of all kinds, from cycling or running tours to wineries, art exhibits, and cultural attractions.

The iVenture passes in Cape Town are an ideal way to save on admission to the best and most exciting attractions in the city and beyond, offering entry to over 60 of the most popular activities, tours, cruises, museums, and more. The pass is available in several varieties which are good for different durations (as detailed below). The iVenture cards themselves are plastic Smart Cards, which look like a credit card or gift card and are used in place of tickets or booklets. You pay for the pass up front through iVenture, and don’t pay anything at the attraction. The type of pass you purchase will determine the number and type of attractions you can visit. As explained below, there are three main pass varieties currently offered in Cape Town. The most basic is the Cape Town Flexi Attractions Pass, then the more expansive Cape Town Unlimited Attractions Pass, and finally the priciest but most attractive Cape Town Unlimited Premium Pass. All products are proven customer favorites and offer solid value to Cape Town travelers.

With the exception of the Cape Town Unlimited Premium Pass, the available attractions are the same across all products (the Unlimited Pass offers you the choice of eight additional attractions which are not included with the other two passes). You have dozens of different attractions to choose from with a wide variety of cultural, natural, and social interests. Tour a vineyard, join up with a bike tour, go on safari, have a once-in-a-lifetime animal encounter, tour a local township, or even practice your Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). There are a few limitations, primarily based upon the type of pass you purchase, but overall the passes are an excellent money-saving resource for travelers headed to Cape Town. See below for more details on each different card.

Cape Town Flexi Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Cape Town Flexi Attractions PassThis pass features a wide variety of available attractions, and gives you the flexibility to choose three or five of your favorites. You save up to 50% on combined admission fees, and their website indicates regular admission prices so you can verify this fact. You’ll get to choose from any of the included attractions and don’t need to decide in advance which you want to see. There’s plenty of flexibility should the weather be bad one day, as you can take up to 14 days to visit your chosen attractions after the date of the first attraction visit.

Cape Town Unlimited Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Cape Town Unlimited Attractions PassThis pass uses a different model for admission. You purchase the pass by the day (2, 3, or 5 days) and then have that number of consecutive days to use the pass. You’ll be able to visit any of the included attractions – as many as you can fit in during normal business hours – and don’t need to decide in advance what you want to see. The pass is good for one month after the date of issuance, so be sure not to purchase the product too far in advance of when you want to travel. There’s less flexibility with this product since you have to visit attractions on consecutive days, but you’re likely to get a greater value out of this product because you can visit a larger number of attractions. You also have the potential to save up to 50% on combined admission fees.

Cape Town Unlimited Premium Pass

Iventure Card Cape Town Unlimited Premium PassThis is the most expensive pass offered by iVenture in Cape Town, but it also features the greatest breadth and variety of available attractions. In addition to all of the attractions included on the previous two passes, you can choose one premium option out of eight special excursions, like a shark encounter, a safari, a helicopter ride, a whale watch, and more. The pass is purchased by the day with options for 3 or 5 day passes, which must be used on consecutive days. The pass is good for one month from the date of issuance, so you should not purchase it too far in advance of your trip. You can also visit as many attractions as you can fit in during normal business hours on those days, and will save up to 50% on combined admission prices.