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A trip to Sydney is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many. Known for endless sandy beaches, crashing waves, bustling city streets, and some of the world’s most famous cultural attractions, it’s a city more than worth visiting. Of course, this priceless visit isn’t literally going to be priceless. You’ve got travel costs (which can be a lot from the U.S.), lodging costs, and the cost of enjoying all those iconic attractions you came to see.

Fortunately, iVenture Sydney offers several ways for travelers to save money on attraction visits. Their products give you access to dozens of the top attractions in the city, and promise to save you up to 40% on combined gate admission prices. Choose from tours, cruises, museums, and so much more. Go on a tour of the Sydney Opera House or the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. Ride a bike, hop aboard a cruise, or stroll on the beach. Meet the koalas at the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, or get your shopping on in the Queen Victoria Building. The possibilities in Sydney are almost endless.

The iVenture products in Sydney help tourists visit these great attractions for less. There are two types of products currently available in this market: the Sydney Flexi Attractions Pass and the Sydney Unlimited Attractions pass. Both passes are plastic Smart Cards (like credit cards), which you present to the attraction in lieu of paper tickets. You pay nothing at the attraction, but do occasionally need to make reservations. The type of pass you purchase will determine the number of attractions you can visit, and which ones (there is some difference in the attraction selection between the two products). Both products are popular with travelers, and each have their strengths. See below for details on both cards.

Sydney Flexi Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Sydney Flexi Attractions Pass

This pass is purchased in increments of three, five, or seven tickets. You’ll get admission to the number of attractions purchased, and have three months from the date of card issuance to use the pass. You can choose from 30 top attractions and don’t need to decide at the time of purchase what you want to see. This product includes more attraction choices (usually more cruises) and offers extra discounts on shopping and dining. It’s ideal for travelers to Sydney who only want to do a few things, or who aren’t in town very long.

Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass

This product follows a different model. You purchase the pass in increments of three or seven days, and can use the pass to visit as many attractions as you can fit into those days. The days must be use consecutively. You have a full year from the date of issuance to use the card, so it might make for a nice holiday present. You have 27 attractions to choose from (although the ones that are excluded aren’t any of the big-name things from the Flexi Attractions Pass) and there are no extra discounts. This pass is ideal for travelers who want to see and do a lot, or even for locals.