Las Vegas Tourist Pass

Traveling and sightseeing can be expensive so why not find a way to save some money and still have fun at the same time? The best way to explore Las Vegas is with one of the many Las Vegas passes available. Whether you buy it online or in person, these passes offer guests to Las Vegas the chance to explore more while saving money. Prepay for the pass and simply show up at each of the attractions and enjoy!

Choosing from the many Las Vegas Tourist passes might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. First, decide what Las Vegas attractions and tours are of interest to you. Make a list and then compare it to the list of attractions and tours available with each of the passes. Not all passes are the same and not all attractions and tours will be included on each of the passes. Next, decide how many attractions and tours you’d like to see or go on during your visit. If you’re having a hard time deciding or narrowing down your list or you just want to see everything, choose one of the more flexible or all-inclusive passes that provide you with more options.

At the end of the day, your Las Vegas Tourist Pass will add to your over Las Vegas experience while also saving you more of your hard earned money. The money you save you can use to use on an upgrade on your room, a phenomenal dining experience, or shopping in Las Vegas. It’s a win-win situation and that means a big win for you.

Top Las Vegas Tourist Passes

Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass

If you’re looking for more flexibility and options from your Las Vegas Tourist Pass, then perhaps the Go Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass is the perfect pass for you. Pick the pass based on the number of days you’ll need and your budget and then get ready to explore all things Las Vegas. Your pass includes admission to 30+ attractions as well as one premium activity of your choice (Grand Canyon and Route 66 day tour, SkyJump at the STRAT, Zion National Park day tour, or a helicopter ride over Las Vegas). All passes are mobile passes so you’ll only need to present the mobile pass upon entry. Passes are good for two years from the date of first use and can also be used on subsequent trips to Las Vegas.

Go Las Vegas Explorer Pass

Depending on which of the Go Las Vegas Explorer passes you choose, you can pick from two to seven different tourist attractions on the list of Las Vegas attractions. Choose from shows, museums, activities, tours, and even the Las Vegas Monorail. Using the Go Las Vegas Explorer Pass can save you up to 75% off the price you’d pay at the door.

Passes are mobile so all you need to do is show the pass on your phone for admittance. Passes are good for 60 days from the date the pass is first used. As the participant list is ever changing, it’s best to check the list before purchase to make sure everything you want to see is on the list.

Las Vegas FLEX Sightseeing Pass

Another flexible pass option is the Las Vegas FLEX Pass. This pass admits the user to three, four, five, or seven Las tourist attractions, depending on the pass purchased. Choose from a variety of attractions including day tours, museums, and activities. Plus your pass also gives you added special offers that includes discounts on rental cars, restaurants, shopping, and more.

Simply download the pass to your phone and present it upon entry to any of the attractions you’ve chosen. You’ll have 24 months to activate your Las Vegas FLEX pass once purchased. When you go to your first Las Vegas attraction, the FLEX Pass is valid for 60 days from use.

Las Vegas FLEX Premium Sightseeing Pass

If you like what the Las Vegas FLEX Pass has to offer, but want just a little more flexibility and attractions on your pass, then the Las Vegas FLEX Premium Pass is the right sightseeing pass for you. Select the number of attractions you’d like to visit, from three to seven. The attractions list for the FLEX Premium Pass has more options and variety, including higher priced attractions, than the regular FLEX Pass.

Just like the Las Vegas FLEX Pass, you can download your FLEX Premium Pass to your phone and present it when you enter any of the chosen attractions. Once you purchase the Las Vegas FLEX Premium Pass, you’ll have 24 months to activate it. Then upon arrival in Las Vegas, after you use it at your first attraction, it will be valid for 60 days from that date.

Las Vegas Bite Card

If you’d like to sample some of the attractions, tours, and activities in Las Vegas, try the Las Vegas Bite Card. Order the tourist pass and present it for discounts at various Las Vegas attractions as well as shopping, dining, and even transportation while in Las Vegas. Your Las Vegas Bite Card is your pass to half price shows and food at over ten hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Bite Card is valid for one year. You have the option to purchase online and a physical card will be shipped or you can pick it up on The Strip during your visit.

STRAT Unlimited Rides Pass

Adventure seekers to Las Vegas will love the STRAT Unlimited Rides Pass. With this pass you won’t only get views like no other from the observation deck on the 1,149 foot tall STRAT tower. This pass allows you to ride all of the rides located at the SkyPod including Big Shot, Insanity, and X-Scream. Not only that, but you can ride them all as many times as you like, either during the day or at night. You can also add on the SkyJump experience to your STRAT Unlimited Rides Tourist Pass for an additional fee.

Print your tourist pass out online, pick up your pass when you arrive at the SkyPod, or have the pass delivered to your mobile phone for ease of use.

Las Vegas Pass

Pay for your Las Vegas Pass and get free admission to over 30 attractions in Las Vegas. You can purchase a two, three, four, or five day Las Vegas Tourist Pass to help you see everything that Las Vegas has to offer, both during the day and at night. Once you have your pass in hand, Sin City is yours to explore.

Pass is valid for the length of time the pass was purchased for, i.e., a five day pass expires at the end of five days. Timing on the pass commences with entry to the first Las Vegas tourist attraction.