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The Go Barcelona Pass is an all-inclusive multi-attraction pass that grants you admission into as many of Barcelona’s 30 most popular attractions as you can fit into your schedule during 2, 3, or 5 days. You just pay one low price up front and you’ll be on your way to the best that Barcelona has to offer in no time whatsoever, all while not having to worry about juggling multiple tickets and out of pocket costs at the gate. Sports fans won’t want to miss out on a behind-the-scenes tour of FC Barcelona’s iconic stadium, Camp Nou, and the backstory of the 1992 Summer Olympics at the Olympic and Sports Museum. Lovers of art and architecture will delight in the many wonders of the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, CaixaForum Barcelona, and the MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern). You can even experience a one-of-a-kind virtual reality tour of the legendary Sagrada Familia. No matter what you want to see and do in Barcelona, the Go Barcelona Pass has you covered.

Top Included Barcelona Attractions

•FC Barcelona Camp Nou Tour
•Sagrada Familia Virtual Tour 360
•Olympic and Sports Museum
•MEAM (Museu Europeu d’Art Modern)
CaixaForum Barcelona
La Pedrera
L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar, divided by type of activity.

How the Go Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass Works

Your Go Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is a digital product designed to work best with the Go City mobile app. Just download this free app to your smartphone, present your smartphone for a scan at the attraction’s entrance, and you’re on your way. No need to wait in line or carry around a paper ticket.

You purchase a Go Barcelona Pass for a set period of time—2, 3, or 5 days. You activate your pass at the first attraction you visit. Once you’ve activated your pass, you must use it for consecutive days corresponding to the length of pass you purchased.

No matter what you see and do during your time in Barcelona—and you can visit as many attractions as you can fit in during the length of your Go Barcelona Pass—you won’t need to pay anything at the gate.

Strong Points of the Go Barcelona Pass

The Go Barcelona Pass is a convenient product. Instead of paying out of pocket for multiple tickets at several different attractions, it allows you to pay ahead of time for a single pass that grants you admission to hot spots throughout the city.

The Go Barcelona Pass also allows you a great deal of flexibility as you plan your outing. As a digital pass, you won’t need to wait for your tickets to be delivered. And you can even activate your Go Barcelona Pass any time for up to 2 years after you buy it.

Your purchase of a Go Barcelona Pass comes with a free digital guidebook. This complimentary resource is a useful tool for planning your trip. It contains attraction information such as hours of operation, location, and suggested itineraries. What’s more, you can download it straight to your phone, saving you the effort of hauling along a paper guidebook.

What Could the Go Barcelona Pass Do Better?

Once you purchase your Go Barcelona Pass, you can’t upgrade it. That means if you buy a 2-day pass only to find yourself needing a third day to cross everything off your list, you can’t add an additional day.

Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most acclaimed attractions. While the VR tour offered as part of your Go Barcelona Pass package is a unique experience, it doesn’t actually take you into Sagrada Familia itself. This might be very disappointing to some potential customers.

Unfortunately, the Go Barcelona Pass features a limit on how much you can use it for depending on the length of your pass. Called a purse value, it is unlikely most visitors will reach this ceiling. Still, it is a factor some people might want to consider.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Go Barcelona Pass

The Go Barcelona Pass is a tremendous value—just how great a value, though, depends on how you design your visit. One general rule is to prioritize those attractions with the most expensive list price, that way if you run out of time on your pass you can always backtrack and pay out of pocket for attractions that aren’t as costly.

Make a point to sign up for Go City e-mail updates before you buy your Go Barcelona Pass. This will entitle you to a discount on your next order.

As a Go Barcelona Pass passholder, you’ll be entitled to numerous additional perks throughout your time in Barcelona. To name just one such bonus, all passholders who go on the VR tour of Sagrada Familia will receive a 10% discount on food and drink at a select spot outside the attraction. As you set about planning your adventure, make certain to look into what other perks are available to you as the holder of a Go Barcelona Pass.

Go Barcelona Pass: Insider Tips

Activate your Go Barcelona Pass as early as you can in the day. This way you maximize the amount of time you have available to use it. It’s not valid for full 24-hour periods, but the length of an attraction’s business hours.

Barcelona is famous for its many museums full of marvelous artworks and inspirational exhibits. Check the calendar of events before heading to the museum of your choice. That way you’ll be aware of any special happenings taking place during your visit. They might not be covered by your Go Barcelona Pass, but regardless you’ll be aware of their existence.

If your plans change, Go Barcelona Pass has a 90-day cancellation policy. So long as you haven’t yet activated your pass, just contact customer service within 90 days of your purchase for a full refund.

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