Hong Kong Attractions Pass by iVenture

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The glittering city of Hong Kong has been a financial capital of the world for a long time now. It’s also becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination for western travelers with the development of many internationally-acclaimed attractions, as well as the presence of natural beauty and inspiring cultural heritage. Visit Magical World for a great day with the kids. Head to the top of Victoria Peak for unbeatable photographs. Tour Macau for a sense of the history and culture of the region. Relax aboard a luxury cruise. Enjoy some classic city excursions, too!

Planning to visit Hong Kong and Macau and want to save money on admission? The Hong Kong Attractions Pass from iVenture is a smart option for savvy travelers. You’ll get up to 50% off combined gate prices with this product, and don’t have to pay anything to the individual attractions. It couldn’t be easier to use, and is immensely popular with visitors to HK.

Top Included Hong Kong & Macau Attractions

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre
Ngong Ping 360
Ocean Park Tour
Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus
sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck
Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong
Watertours Victoria Harbour Cruise

See the full list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the Hong Kong Attractions Pass Works

The iVenture Hong Kong Attractions Pass can save travelers up to 50% on combined gate admission prices. You can choose from 14 top attractions, with an option to upgrade to include Disneyland for an additional fee.

The product is purchased by the day, with options for three- or five-day increments. You can visit as many attractions as you can fit in three or five consecutive days.

The pass is a plastic Smart Card with a computer chip that tells the attraction you’ve paid in advance for tickets. Present it to any attraction included above (again with the exception of Disneyland), and you’ll be granted admission.

What’s Good?

The best thing about the iVenture Hong Kong Attractions Pass is the great value. You’ll save up to 50% on gate admission prices by purchasing this pass in advance, and you’d never be able to find that deal on individual tickets.

The real flexibility in how you use the pass is also useful for many travelers. You don’t need to decide what you want to see when you purchase the product. Just pick as you go! This is also nice for groups who want to split up.

Another popular aspect of this product is how simple it is to use. You just present the pass at your chosen attraction, and you’re in. Straightforward and easy.

Travelers particularly love the unlimited access to attractions. You can visit anything you want for three or five days, including Disneyland Hong Kong if you’ve paid for the upgrade.

One additional plus is the full color guidebook and map that comes with your purchase. This is immensely helpful when planning, especially for those who aren’t from the area.

How Could the Pass Get Better?

The Hong Kong Attractions Pass offers access to wonderful attractions, but doesn’t help you see some of the more local attractions like Buddhist temples or several museums. There is more of a focus on the big-name stuff and western-inspired attractions, although it also currently does not include the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

A major thing to keep in mind is that the pass typically also only includes general admission. If you want to upgrade to a special experience or exhibit, then you’re paying out of pocket.

If you want to visit Disneyland with the kids, you’ll need to either upgrade your pass at the airport for a fee or purchase the iVenture Hong Kong Disneyland Combo Pass instead. It makes more sense to just purchase the Disneyland Combo Pass in advance fi this is something you’re interested in.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The best way to maximize the value of your Hong Kong Attractions Pass is to see as much as you can fit in your eligible days. It’s that easy. The more you see, the more you save.

The pass also comes with extra discounts on shopping and dining. If any of the offers interest you, be sure to use them to help save even more money.

The extra “show and save” discount on the 5-Day Sim Card can be a huge benefit to travelers looking to keep in touch with family without upgrading to an international phone plan.

Insider Tips

The pass is good for three or five consecutive days. Some advance planning can be helpful to make sure you can see everything you’re interested in during that time.

iVenture Hong Kong occasionally changes the participating attractions that you can visit with the pass. Confirm on their website or with customer service what’s currently included on the pass.

The interactive map on the iVenture website can be handy when planning your itinerary, so don’t forget to check it out before your trip.

Where to Buy the Hong Kong Attractions Pass

The Hong Kong Attractions Pass can be purchased from iVenture over the phone or online. You can pick up your pass in market if you don’t have time or don’t want it shipped.

You may also purchase the pass in town once you arrive at a number of specified purchase locations. However, you will likely pay more for the pass than you would if you purchase in advance, online.