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Part of the appeal of vacationing in Oahu is the draw of Pearl Harbor. These historic sites and the poignant stories they have to tell are more important than ever, and they’re ideal attractions for visitors of all ages who want to learn more about American history.

iVenture has stopped selling their Pearl Harbor pass. We recommend the Go Oahu Card by Go City Card. It has many more attractions and tours than the iVenture Offering.

If you’re planning a trip to Oahu and are intending to visit the Pearl Harbor sites, the Pearl Harbor Pass is a great way to save a bit of money on admission to these important attractions. Plus, it has the added benefit of an extra attraction, with some options located elsewhere on the island!

Included Pearl Harbor & Honolulu Attractions

Pearl Harbor Shuttle
USS Arizona Memorial
USS Bowfin Submarine
USS Missouri Battleship

And Your Choice of one of the following:

Pacific Aviation Museum
Maita’i Catamaran
Iolani Palace
Bishop Museum

How the Pearl Harbor Pass Works

The Pearl Harbor Pass from iVenture is a simple money-saving option that helps you to explore the Pearl Harbor sites and some extras at a lower price. With this product, you save 20% on admission costs to the included attractions, and don’t have to purchase individual tickets at each attraction.

You’ll get admission to four listed Pearl Harbor Historic Sites (including the Pearl Harbor Shuttle, which is a handy way to get out to Pearl Harbor from downtown Honolulu), and then one extra attraction chosen from a list of four. No need to choose that extra one in advance – simply decide as you go.

The pass is actually a plastic card (like a credit card) that you use at each attraction for admission. All you have to do is swipe the card at the designated admission counter, and you’re set to enjoy the attraction!

This product is good for one month from the date of issuance, so you have plenty of time to use the pass on your vacation.

What’s Good with the Pass?

The best part about the Pearl Harbor Pass is that it saves you money on general admission. The site claims to offer their pass for 20% less than you’d pay for the individual tickets, and this is probably about right.

It’s also easy to use. The card is simple to keep track of, and is much like so many other products we use these days – just swipe and go!

The fact that you have one month to use the product is also nice – it’s good for longer vacations, repeat trips, and even vacations where planning goes out the window in favor of a few beach days.

It also comes with a handy full-color map and guide to the attractions, which provides the important information about each attraction like contact phone and e-mail, operating hours, and location.

The Pearl Harbor Pass is also really useful for motivated travelers who know exactly what they want to see. You’re not paying extra for things you may not want to do, and know you’re getting value on the most important historical sites in the region.

How Could the Pass Get Better?

Because this pass is targeted on a very specific set of attractions, it doesn’t include much in the way of extras. While it does offer your choice of a single additional attraction, you can only choose from a couple and they are pretty limited in scope. It would be nice if you had more options for that additional attraction.

You would also get more value out of the pass if it offered more options for that fifth attraction – the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites themselves are fairly inexpensive in terms of admission, and you may end up saving the most money on that extra attraction.

It’s also important to note that one of the four guaranteed attractions is the Pearl Harbor Shuttle. If you have other plans that day and prefer to drive yourself, you’re basically wasting an entire attraction and losing the value on that option. The way the pass is currently configured, you basically have to take the shuttle to get your money’s worth.

Get Your Money’s Worth with the Pearl Harbor Pass

Because you’ll definitely be visiting the four Pearl Harbor attractions, your opportunity to maximize value comes with your choice of that fifth attraction. Check out their site, and the sites for the attractions themselves, and consider choosing the one with the highest admission price (assuming it’s something you’d want to see, of course!).

It’s also important to visit all the included attractions on the pass, including that extra fifth one. If you don’t visit each one, you’re missing out on value and possibly paying more for the pass than you would have otherwise for the attractions you did see.

Insider Pearl Harbor Pass Tips

As far as coordinating what you want to do and see in Pearl Harbor, it makes sense to add the Pacific Aviation Museum as your fifth choice because it’s right next to the Battleship Missouri Memorial. For the other three options, you’re going out of your way to a new location.

Because the pass is good for one month from the date of issuance, it’s not a good idea to buy the pass too far in advance. Purchase the pass close to when you’re traveling so that it doesn’t expire while you’re on vacation.

Where to Buy the Pearl Harbor Pass

The Pearl Harbor Pass is available directly through the iVenture website, and occasionally, third-party retailers like Viator and Expedia. It’s usually a smart choice to purchase directly from the company, as they typically offer the best prices.