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The Go Singapore Pass is an all-inclusive multi-attraction pass that grants you entry into Singapore’s most popular attractions, all at one low price. First you select the number of days you want to explore Singapore—2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 days—then you simply visit as many attractions as you like from nearly 40 of Singapore’s favorite attractions. There’s so much to see and do with the Go Singapore Pass. Indulge in a full day of family fun at Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa 4D AdventureLand, and S.E.A. Aquarium. Dig into the history of this special place with guided tours like Big Bus Singapore, Singapore River Cruise, and the Historical Singapore Bicycle Tour offered by Let’s Go Bike. You can even unwind over dinner and drinks at Raffles Courtyard and Long Bar or CÉ LA VI SkyBar. The Go Singapore All-Inclusive Pass is your way to see and do more while saving lots of money.

Top Included Singapore Attractions

•Universal Studios Singapore
•AJ Hackett Sentosa Giant Swing and Skybridge
•S.E.A. Aquarium
•Sentosa 4D AdventureLand
•National Museum of Singapore
•Big Bus Singapore
•Historical Singapore Bicycle Tour by Let’s Go Bike

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar, divided by type of activity.

How the Go Singapore All-Inclusive Pass Works

The Go Singapore Pass is an all-digital attraction pass. You don’t need to carry around any kind of paperwork. Just present your smartphone for a scan and you’re through the door in seconds!

Whether you want to make a weekend of it, or spend the whole week exploring Singapore, the choice is yours. Select a pass that is perfect for your sightseeing needs, whether that be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 days.

The Go Singapore All-Inclusive Pass works best with the Go City mobile app. This free app can be downloaded straight to your phone, with your pass being scanned right off your phone at each attraction. Or, if you prefer a paper copy you can print out your Go Singapore Pass ahead of time.

Upon activation, your Go Singapore Pass is valid for consecutive days corresponding to its denomination. It becomes active as soon as you scan it at your first attraction.

Strong Points of the Go Singapore Pass

As a digital product, the Go Singapore Pass offers you tremendous flexibility. Your purchase allows for instant delivery, meaning you don’t need to sit around and wait for your tickets to arrive in the mail, or worry about planning you trip in advance. You can just click buy and go.

Likewise, with no paper trail the Go Singapore Pass is a clean, efficient, environmentally friendly product. You won’t need to carry anything with you but your smartphone, and one ticket gets you in the door at every unique attraction you visit.

Your Go Singapore Pass includes a free digital guidebook, which comes with attraction hours of operation, suggested itineraries, travel tips, and more. With this guidebook in hand, you won’t need to look up information for each attraction separately—you’ll find what you need to know in one convenient location, right there on your smartphone.

What Could the Go Singapore Pass Do Better?

The Go Singapore Pass is not the most flexible attraction pass when it comes to timelines. Once you activate your pass, it must be used on consecutive days, which doesn’t give you much wiggle room for a last-minute change of plans.

The Go Singapore Pass limits you to your choice of one “premium attraction.” At the current time, these premium attractions include Universal Studios Singapore, the Historical Singapore Bicycle Tour by Let’s Go Bike, and AJ Hackett Sentosa Giant Swing and Skybridge. You’ll only be able to use your Go Singapore Pass to visit one of these popular sites.

Your Go Singapore Pass is also subject to what they call a “purse value.” This means that depending on how many days your pass is good for, there is a maximum amount of admission value that you can get out of it. You’ll still get great value from your pass, but you’ll need to be aware of these limits as you plan your outings.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Go Singapore Pass

Of course, the more attractions you visit with your Go Singapore Pass, the more money you’ll save. However, if you hope to get the absolute most bang for your buck, consider prioritizing the attractions that have the most expensive admission prices. If you visit these attractions first with your Go Singapore Pass, you can always pay out of pocket for cheaper attractions if you run out of time on your pass.

Since you have 2 full years to activate your Go Singapore Pass after purchasing it, you can afford to buy it when you find it at the best possible price and then wait to use it. The Go City website frequently runs promotions offering discounts on the price of passes. Since you have 90 days to cancel your purchase for a full refund, you can feel confident your money won’t go to waste if your plans happen to change.

In addition to granting you admission to Singapore’s hottest attractions at one low price, your Go Singapore Pass gets you discounts at places like the Raffles Courtyard and Long Bar. This historic spot is also home to a boutique and spa, and your Go Singapore Pass entitles you to 10% off those services. Look into similar deals as you plan your next adventures.

Go Singapore Pass Coupon Codes

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Go Singapore Pass: Insider Tips

Many of Singapore’s top attractions require reservations. You’ll want to book your spot at these attractions as far in advance as possible to make certain you get the time slot you prefer. You don’t need to pay anything extra, though. Check out the Go Singapore Pass website for a complete list of attractions that fit these criteria.

The Go Singapore Pass doesn’t include transportation to and from any attractions. However, many of the attractions available to you on your pass can be used to get out and about, too. Plan your day around utilizing a Gogreen bicycle rental, Segway Fun Ride, or Big Bus Singapore tour to get your bearings and move from attraction to attraction with ease.

Because the pass is valid for calendar days, not 24-hour periods, make sure to activate your Go Singapore Pass as early as possible on the first day you use it. That way you maximize the amount of time available.

Where to Buy a Go Singapore Pass

The Go Singapore Pass is available online or over the phone directly from Go City.