London Zoo

Located at the northern edge of The Regent’s Park, not too far from such other notable London attractions as the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and the Postal Museum, London Zoo is a popular contemporary attraction with a long, storied history. Covering approximately 40 scenic acres near the heart of London, the London Zoo is home to hundreds of unique animals ranging across roughly two-dozen themed habitats. Favorite stops throughout London Zoo are Land of the Lions, Gorilla Kingdom, Tiger Territory, Monkey Valley, Penguin Beach, and a Komodo Dragon House, just to name a few.

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History of London Zoo

With a rich history dating back some 200 years, the London Zoo is considered the world’s oldest scientific zoo. In 1826, the Zoological Society of London was founded as a charity organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and their habitats throughout the world, and as part of the new society’s mandate officials immediately set to constructing a facility for the study of various animals within bustling London.

The zoo’s first permanent structure was erected in 1828 to house llamas, and it survives to the present day as the site’s Clock Tower. A Giraffe House followed in 1837, and in 1853 the zoo opened the world’s first public aquarium to some fanfare. The female black bear named Winnie that inspired A.A. Milne to create the character “Winnie-the-Pooh” even called London Zoo home for a time starting in 1914. Today the London Zoo remains a vibrant place, drawing visitors to its lively grounds from all over the world.

London Zoo Highlights

The London Zoo is home to over 15,000 animals drawn from hundreds of unique species, making it an oasis for wildlife located squarely in the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. London Zoo is organized into several themed areas, including Penguin Beach, Monkey Valley, the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House, and the Farmyard, where your little ones can get up close and personal with barnyard friends like pigs, goats, and alpacas.

Other animal exhibits numbering among London Zoo’s most popular attractions are areas such as Land of the Lions, a nearly 30,000 square foot area headlined by Asiatic lions and designed to resemble India’s Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary; Gorilla Kingdom, where you’ll find western lowland gorillas; and Tiger Territory, which houses the zoo’s Sumatran tigers in a habitat evocative of the rare and endangered creatures’ native Indonesia.

If that weren’t enough, the London Zoo also features Bird Safari, an African aviary that’s home to remarkable feathered friends like the white-faced tree duck, Abdim’s stork, Waldrapp ibis, and the hamerkop; Blackburn Pavilion, which specializes in habitats designed for tropical birds like toucans, kookaburras, and starlings; and Giants of the Galápagos, an exhibit that presents giant Galápagos tortoises in an approximation of their native island environment.

More to See and Do at the London Zoo

If you have more time to spend at London Zoo, it’s worth noting the following amenities, too.

•In addition to standard admission, the London Zoo offers guests a selection of special “Zoo Experiences.” These packages include everything from behind-the-scenes tours to VIP animal feedings to meet-and-greets with zookeepers.

•There are plenty of places to eat and drink within the London Zoo grounds. Guests in the market for on-the-go options will want to keep an eye out for the Peckish Parrot Café and the Aquarium Kiosk, while those searching for a sit-down meal should head straight to the Terrace Restaurant.

•The Animal Adventure Zone is a great spot for families visiting London Zoo with small children. There your little ones can interact with llamas, goats, alpacas, porcupines, and more. There’s also a pleasant playground situated nearby.

•The London Zoo hosts special events daily, so be sure and check out the attraction’s “What’s On” board as soon as you arrive at the site. You never know what sort of pop-up talk might be occurring on the day you’re visiting.

Why London Zoo Should Be on Your Must-See List

Having long been at the forefront of numerous wildlife conservation efforts, the London Zoo is one of the world’s most important zoos, and it still stands today as a fascinating place to visit. If you’re looking for a London attraction where the kids can get some fresh air and stretch their legs while getting to experience a wide variety of lovable animals (rare, exotic, and otherwise), then the London Zoo will be perfect for you and your family. Educational, fun, and refreshing: it’s a combination that’s tough to beat!