iVenture Mexico City Cards

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Mexico City is an exciting tourist destination for visitors looking to experience more than the famous beaches and cocktails of Mexico. It offers an attractive mix of arts, culture, sports, history, architecture, nature, and cuisine that’s enough to entice even the most urbane of travelers. As the economy of Mexico City continues to improve, it has also become pricier to visit this delightful city.

If you’re planning on visiting Mexico City and want to save on admission to top attractions, the iVenture passes for Mexico City are a smart option. You can choose from 30 popular activities, tours, museums, and more. The selection of included attractions is also particularly appealing. You can choose from traditional vacation-style activities like bus tours, guided bike excursions, and a day at Six Flags Mexico. Then, try something unique like a mezcal tasting, a Frieda Kahlo tour, salsa dancing lessons, and a visit to the famed Estadio Azteca. You can also visit animal attractions, Aztec ruins, contemporary art museums, and natural history museums.

The iVenture passes are plastic Smart Cards with a computer chip that provides access to the included attractions. You don’t need to keep track of individual tickets or paper booklets, and it’s a nice souvenir, too. You pay iVenture up front, and have no additional out of pocket costs for general admission. The type of pass you buy determines how many attractions you can visit and how long the pass is good for. The Mexico City passes include the Mexico City Flexi Attractions Pass (better for shorter, more leisurely vacations) and the Mexico City Unlimited Attractions Pass (better for busier vacations of up to five days). Both passes are popular with travelers to Mexico, and each have unique benefits. Here are the details on both cards.

Mexico City Flexi Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Mexico City Flexi Attractions PassWith this product, you can choose three, five, or seven attractions (depending on the level of pass you select at checkout). You have five days to visit all of your attractions from the date of activation and can choose from all 30 included activities. You’ll also get a 2-Day Turibus Pass which can be a useful way to get around the city. The pass can potentially save you more than 50% on combined general admission, and is a savvy choice for travelers who have a good sense of what they want to do in Mexico City.

Mexico City Unlimited Attractions Pass

Iventure Card Mexico City Unlimited Attractions PassThis pass uses a different model. With the Mexico City Unlimited Attractions Pass, you get five consecutive days to visit as many of the included attractions as you can fit into normal operating hours. You have 30 attractions to choose from (the same attractions as the Flexi Attractions Pass), and you can save up to 50% on combined admission prices on those attraction visits. This is the best choice for those who want to see and do a lot in Mexico City and are committed to visiting many attractions.