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From the gleaming streets of Honolulu to the majestic waves of the North Shore, Oahu is one fantastic vacation destination. With its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and diverse selection of attractions, you’ll never have dull moment in Hawaii! While it can get a little expensive to spend a significant amount of time on this little island, the Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass from Go City can keep your vacation on budget and help you save big on attraction visits. Whether you’re all about surfing, kayaking, and tanning, or are really looking forward to exploring amazing local museums and memorials, there is something to please everyone on Oahu!

Top Included Oahu Attractions

Polynesian Cultural Center
Hanauma Bay Snorkeling
Pearl Harbor Historic Sites
Wet n’ Wild Hawaii
All of Oahu Tour
Makani Catamaran Sail
Movie Sites Tour

See the complete list of Go Oahu Card attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass Works

The Go Oahu Pass is an all-inclusive attraction pass, featuring over 30 area attractions to choose from. It’s a digital pass (or physical card, depending on where you buy it) that provides admission to any of the participating attractions you want to visit during the active life of your card from 9 am – 5:30 pm. Purchase the card for a number of days (1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 days are the available options) and activate it when you visit your first attraction. If you a familiar with Go Cards, there is one very important difference. The days can be used over a two-week period, after the first attraction visit. No need to choose attractions in advance, although in the case of certain attractions like cruises and tours, you may want to or be required to make reservations.

The Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass also comes with a number of extra bonus options when you purchase a 3-, 5-, or 7-Day card, a collection of premium attractions from which cardholders can select one to visit during the life of their card. They’re typically attractions with expensive gate prices, making admission a great additional value for the product.

Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass Strengths

The greatest strength of the Go Oahu All-Inclusive Pass is the sheer variety of available attractions. It’s not just the beach stuff (although there’s that, too) – there are also water parks, art museums, war memorials, mountain hikes, city tours, and much more.

The main reason people choose Smart Destinations’ products is because of the substantial savings on admission. For example, families who visited three attractions per day with the 3-Day Go Oahu Card saved over 50%!

The flexibility of this product is another big bonus. You can actually use the cards on non-consecutive days, making it easy to break for a beach day in between busier afternoons on a tour or at a museum. It’s especially nice because most people come to Oahu for a week, but don’t want to spend the whole time being active.

Because each person has his or her own card, families can split up and visit different attractions based on their interests. This provides valuable freedom in the event of bad weather or another change in plans.

The Go Oahu Card also offers extra special discounts at shopping and dining venues, as well as at jewelry stores and other venues that sell handcrafted wares. This allows you to save money on souvenirs and other additional expenses, which can really help you keep the whole vacation on budget.

The passes are also convenient and easy to use because of Smart Destinations’ exclusive digital delivery. Purchase the pass online and display it on a smartphone for admission. Travelers can also opt to print out the passes.

Lastly, the comprehensive guidebook included with the cards is an invaluable resource and can help visitors make the most out of their Go Oahu Card and their vacations. It includes maps, directions, contact information, and even some basic information about local transportation options.

What Could get better?

The Go Oahu Card has great bonus attractions, like authentic luaus, animal encounters, and even dinner shows, but they aren’t available on shorter duration cards, which can be a big bummer. If you’re looking for an authentic island experience and don’t want at least a 3-Day card, however, the Polynesian Cultural Center is a great substitute.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Generally speaking, you’ll get more value out of your Go Oahu Card if you visit more attractions. A good rule of thumb is to visit between 2-3 attractions per day to maximize your savings with the product.

However, for longer duration cards, you can actually get the same value by visiting fewer attractions per day. For example, you’ll only need to visit less than one attraction per day with a 7-Day Go Oahu Card to get your money’s worth.

You also maximize your savings by choosing some more expensive attractions in conjunction with some smaller ones. For example, extended island tours or sails will be more expensive than visits to historical sites or memorials, so combining the two is a great way make the most of your money while still seeing what you want.

Do also make sure to visit your optional bonus attraction – it will add tremendous value to the card, in addition to being a great local activity.

Insider Go Oahu Pass Tips

The Go Oahu Card is good for a number of days after activation, and is activated by the first attraction you visit. To make the most of the life of your card, be sure to visit your first attraction at or around 9 am each day (when the card is eligible for use).

While the card is only usable until 5:30 pm each night you can squeeze in an extra attraction if you have a 3 day card (or longer). Both of the premiums Luaus are in the early evening. You could easily go to two attractions during the day and then attend either Luau without feeling too rushed.

If you choose Hanauma Bay snorkeling as an attraction option, go first thing in the morning, as it does get very crowded.

If you plan well and are aware of the included extras – at restaurants, for example – you can save a lot of money on dining or drinking. However, you should be aware that some places will scan your card in order to process the discount, which will activate the card, so be sure to use the card for discounts on days you will be visiting attractions.

Where to Buy a Go Oahu Pass

The Go Oahu Card is available at many outlets. You can buy it at travel or retail sites like Expedia, Costco, Orbitz or Travelocity. You can also opt to buy it at certain physical retailers once you get to Oahu, but those locations can occasionally be tricky to find and are occasionally out of the way.

The best place to buy the card is on the Smart Destinations website. They offer the most reasonable pricing and frequently have promotions that give you discounts on purchases over a certain amount. They also have a great return policy, allowing you to return unused cards for up to a year after purchase.

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