Paris Tourist Passes

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Paris is a dream destination for many travelers, but no matter whether it’s your first time visiting the City of Light or you’re lucky enough to have returned here time and time again, the national capital of France is going to keep you busy. That’s because Paris is home to world-renowned museums, monumental landmarks, historic churches, royal palaces, beautiful parks, and some of Europe’s best shopping and dining. Take a guided walk, savor a river cruise, go wine tasting, sample cheese, climb the Eiffel Tower, get lost in the Louvre, marvel at Sainte-Chapelle: regardless how you choose to spend your days and nights here, you’re liable to have the time of your life.

There are so many unforgettable experiences awaiting you in Paris that attempting to see and do as much as humanly possible can get quite costly. That’s why many Paris visitors opt to use a tourist pass when exploring the city’s plentiful attractions. There are a number of Paris tourist passes on the market today, so you’ll need to do some window shopping (figuratively speaking) to determine which option is right for you and your sightseeing needs.

The primary features of each Paris tourist pass overlap in a number of ways. Every Paris tourist pass available for sale today permits you to use it as your entrance ticket at participating attractions. You pay one flat price to buy the tourist pass online or over the phone in advance of your visit; this then entitles you to pay nothing out of pocket at the attraction itself. What’s more, the cost of your single Paris tourist pass is going to be less than what you’d spend if you purchased each of your many Paris attraction tickets one at a time.

All that said, there are a variety of important characteristics unique to each individual kind of Paris tourist pass. Keep reading for a brief summary of available Paris tourist passes. Click on the links provided below for more information about the pass in question.

Paris Pass 

The Paris Pass is a two-day, three-day, four-day, or six-day tourist pass accepted at over 80 of the city’s most popular attractions. Customers who purchase a four-day or six-day Paris Pass also receive a Paris Museum Pass.

Paris Explorer Pass

The Paris Explorer Pass enables you to visit either three, four, five, six, or seven attractions with a single admission ticket purchased for a fixed cost. You have 60 days to use the Explorer Pass, which lets you pick from roughly 50 Paris destinations without committing in advance.

Paris Go City All-Inclusive Pass

This all-inclusive Paris tourist pass grants you entry into nearly 40 different attractions at one flat price. Depending on which version of the pass you purchase, you’ll have either four or six days to see as many Parisian landmarks as possible without needing to buy another ticket.

Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass is available in three different formats: as a two-day, four-day, or six-day pass. For the duration of your pass, you’ll be able to visit over 50 of the metro Paris area’s most beloved museums and monuments at one flat rate.

Paris City Pass by Turbopass

The Paris City Pass by Turbopass is available as a two-day, three-day, four-day, five-day, or six-day pass. No matter which version of the pass you select, the Paris Turbopass covers your admission to over 60 attractions while also being accepted on the city’s Metro.

Paris Passlib’

Paris Passlib’ is the official attractions pass of the Paris Tourist Office. It’s available in your choice of four different formats, each one coming fully loaded with a wide range of possible attractions covered at one fixed price.