Zion National Park Day Tour from Las Vegas

Lovers of the outdoors and nature will definitely enjoy a day tour to Zion National Park from Las Vegas. Whether you’re a hiker, bird watcher, or just love nature, Zion National Park is the type of day trip that everyone can enjoy. Only 163 miles from Las Vegas, a day tour isn’t only manageable, but a must-see for your next trip. Best known for its white, pink, and red rock formations, a day tour to Zion National Park allows visitors to sample all that the park has to offer. It beckons visitors to visit once and then return time and time again to take in all of its natural glory.

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Zion National Park History

Long before any of us were born, Mother Nature, in coordination with the Virgin River, created the now famous 229-square-mile Zion National Park. 240 million years ago through a multilevel process of sedimentation, lithification, uplift, and erosion, the Zion National Park of today was created. But this is a never-ending process that continues today and will continue over time to forever change this national park. The Mormon settlers to this region named it in the mid-1800s using the word for “place of peace,” “refuge,” or “sanctuary” as a fitting description for what they saw then and what we still can see now. These settlers found and lived in the area that was one wilderness after being persecuted in the eastern part of the United States. Through the assistance of Southern Paiute Indians, the Mormon settlers made this their home despite the rough terrain, which wasn’t particularly suitable for farming. Even though Mormon isolation ended by the 1870’s, the Mormon settlers remained in Zion Canyon and continued to farm the land until the federal government made it protected land in 1909.

Zion National Park: The Main Attraction

The majestic beauty of all of Zion National Park is the main reason to go on a day tour from Las Vegas. But most people will go to the south end of the park to see Zion Canyon, the park’s 15-mile long and half-mile deep canyon. Once you arrive at Zion National Park, you can take the official National Park System shuttle from the Visitor’s Center into Zion Canyon.

Other attractions of note include Checkerboard Mesa, which is located near the entrance at Zion National Park. With an elevation of 6,520 feet, the cross bedded sandstone on the face of the cliff is how Checkerboard Mesa got its name. A hike up at a moderate pace could take you between 2-4 hours to complete. Whether you hike it or go to take pictures, Checkerboard Mesa should definitely be a stop on your Zion National Park day tour from Las Vegas. If you’re curious about the elevation within Zion National Park, it ranges from 3,800 feet up to 8,800 feet. Why It’s a Must-See

A trip to the most visited park in Utah will reveal why Zion National Park is everyone’s must see national park. For hikers, there are over a dozen major hiking trails at Zion National Park. Whether you want to hike for an hour or two or all day, you can get your hike on during a Zion National Park day tour. The best part is that there are trails for all types of hikers, from beginners to experienced hikers.

What To See When on a Zion National Park Day Tour

But it’s not just about hiking at Zion National Park. You’ll have the opportunity to take in the geography, wildlife, and views like no other. The multicolored sandstone cliffs will captivate you and draw you in deeper into the beauty that is Zion National Park. Then there are the small waterfalls, pools, and the beauty of the valley floor. At higher elevations, you’ll take in incomparable views that might seem like they’re not even real. Plus the biodiversity of the park’s ecosystem makes for a wide range of the most unusual animals and plants. Within the park, you’ll find nearly 300 bird species, 80 mammal species, and over 1,000 plant species.

Why You Should Go on a Zion National Park Tour from Las Vegas

A Zion National Park day tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with all that this amazing national park has to offer. Consider it a sampler as to really see everything, you’ll need at least two to three days for full exploration. But a day tour can help you if you’re on the fence about going with only a small commitment of your time during your trip to Las Vegas.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Las Vegas, a Zion National Park day tour can be in your trip plans as it’s open year-round, 24 hours a day. There are fewer crowds in the late spring or fall as well as cooler temperatures, but any time is still a good time to visit.

If you’re spending several days in Las Vegas, a Zion National Park day tour is a great way to break up the lights and sounds of Sin City. Take a break and enjoy all that nature has to offer with fresh air and great views of the most amazing landscape possible.