Bodies…The Exhibition at the Luxor

BODIES . . . The Exhibition has been a hit with audiences all over the world, having been enjoyed by millions of visitors since its debut nearly two decades ago. The Las Vegas edition of this global phenomenon can be found at the Luxor, the unforgettable pyramid-shaped casino and hotel located on the southern edge of the Strip. BODIES . . . The Exhibition features an assortment of expertly preserved human remains, including 13 full-body specimens and over 250 organs and partial-body specimens.

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BODIES . . . The Exhibition (at the Luxor)History

The very first iteration of the BODIES . . . The Exhibition show opened to the public during the summer of 2005. Since that debut in Tampa, Florida, BODIES . . . The Exhibition has gone on to be showcased in numerous locations all over the world. In total, it’s estimated that roughly 15 million different people have viewed the exhibition. Owned and operated by Premier Exhibitions—the same company behind the tremendously popular Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition show—BODIES . . . The Exhibition has called the Luxor its Las Vegas home for about 15 years.

The Luxor, of course, is one of the most distinctive properties found anywhere on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Taking its name from the place where the ruins of the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes are located, the Luxor’s unmistakable pyramid design has delighted guests for nearly 30 years now.

BODIES . . . The Exhibition (at the Luxor)The Main Attraction

BODIES . . . The Exhibition features a variety of human remains that have preserved via a cutting-edge method known as plastination. The German anatomist Gunther von Hagens is given credit for inventing this modern technique during the late 1970s. Plastination is an involved process, but in essence it involves removing the liquids and fats from a given specimen, and inserting in their place plastics.

This allows the remains in question to be preserved without incurring any type of decay, thus avoiding all the unwanted side effects that come with decay (such as unpleasant smell). All the different specimens on display at BODIES . . . The Exhibition have gone through this plastination process.

And what specimens there are to be examined at BODIES . . . The Exhibition! The show’s highlights include 13 full-body specimens and 260 organ and partial-body specimens. Each one of these specimens is a real human body preserved, permitting you a view of the human form like you’ve never viewed it before. 

Why You Should Go to BODIES . . . The Exhibition (at the Luxor)

Another amazing element of the BODIES . . . The Exhibition experience is the way in which they place examples of healthy and sick bodies side by side. For example, this allows you to observe what a healthy set of lungs looks like compared directly next to lungs blackened by years of smoking. They do the same thing for livers and hearts. Add it all together and it makes for a truly unique opportunity.

Why BODIES . . . The Exhibition (at the Luxor) is a Must-See

Unless you’re a medical professional, laboratory biologist, or crime scene investigator, it’s unlikely you’re ever going to have the chance to explore the inner workings of the human form quite like you will if you attend BODIES . . . The Exhibition at the Luxor. If you’ve ever had the slightest bit of interest in getting an intimate look into the human skeletal, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems, you absolutely must check out this show first chance you get.