High Roller Observation Wheel

For anyone looking to take in the view of Las Vegas from above, a quick spin on the High Roller Observation Wheel is just that. What’s the difference between an observation wheel and a ferris wheel? Observation wheels are generally larger in size and the cabins or pods are usually self enclosed, allowing the observation wheel to operate year round. Centrally located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the High Roller Observation Wheel offers guests spectacular views of the Strip and beyond both during the day and at night.

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High Roller Observation Wheel History

First announced in 2011, The High Roller opened to the public on March 31, 2014. This 550-foot tall observation wheel stands high above the Las Vegas Strip. Currently the tallest observation wheel in the world, Caesars Entertainment Group invested $300 million on the construction of the world’s largest observation wheel. Prior to its construction, the Singapore Flyer, which measures 541-feet tall, was the largest and bigger than the London Eye at 443-feet tall.

High Roller Observation Wheel: The Main Attraction

Located in the LINQ Promenade, a shopping, dining and entertainment district, it’s definitely hard to not notice the High Roller from anywhere on the Strip. Situated on Las Vegas Boulevard across from Caesars Palace, the centrally located High Roller Observation Wheel has become one of the newer icons of the Las Vegas Strip.

The High Roller Observation Wheel has 28 air-conditioned cabins or pods that each carry about 40 people with a maximum capacity of 1,120 passengers. The entire experience, from entering into the pod to departure, lasts about 30 minutes. Each pod measures approximately 225 square feet, weighs 44,000 pounds, and moves at approximately one foot per second. What that means is that your experience on the High Roller will provide you and your guests some of the most amazing 360 degree views of Las Vegas. Those 360 degree views are unencumbered by the glass enclosed pod which provides guests with the most striking and memorable views.

Whether you go for the daytime or nighttime ride, that’s up to you. Looking for something extra? Guests 21 and over can enjoy the special Happy Half Hour onboard inside one of the special bar cabins. Drinking not your thing? Try Yoga in the Sky or maybe even the Chocolate Experience instead. For the ultimate experience, you can even get married on the High Roller Observation Wheel. Couples with up to 40 of their closest friends and family can watch the wedding nuptials for a one of a kind, unique wedding day. Why It’s a Must-See

Go for the views of Las Vegas, either during the day or at night, both of which are always breathtaking. The High Roller moves quietly and is perfect for everyone, even those afraid of heights. As the weather in Las Vegas is usually nice, guests can expect to see up to 25 miles out from your observation pod. The 30-minute ride offers guests one complete rotation around on the High Roller Observation Wheel. Once the sun goes down, you can spot the High Roller from afar since it’s lit up with over 2,000 LED lights that go on at dusk and stay on until morning. During special events, these lights offer quite the display no one ever wants to miss. As the High Roller’s pods are air conditioned, it’s a perfect attraction to visit even on hot summer days as you definitely won’t feel the heat.

What To See When You’re on the High Roller Observation Wheel

Make sure to grab a good spot upon entering the pod to take lots of pictures of the Strip, including the fountains at the Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas, the Luxor pyramid, and the mountains beyond the Strip. The pod moves slowly enough so motion sickness won’t be an issue. As the pod moves effortlessly around, you might even forget you’re moving, which is great for anyone with a fear of heights. If you don’t want to stand or look out the glass, grab a seat and check out one of the eight onboard flat-screen televisions providing information throughout your visit.

Why You Should Go on the High Roller Observation Wheel

Whether you’re looking for that perfect Instagram shot, looking for great views of the Strip, or looking for something out of the ordinary on your next trip to Las Vegas, the High Roller can tick off all of those boxes. This is a must see activity for anyone going to Las Vegas, especially if it’s your first visit.

After your visit, guests are directed through the Sky Shop, the gift shop at the High Roller, to exit. If you want to remember the experience, this is the place to buy any number of souvenirs. Then enjoy shopping, a drink, or a meal at any one of the many establishments in the LINQ shopping and entertainment area. This will keep you occupied long enough that you can easily spend a few hours in this area and not even realize how much time has passed. Without a doubt, you can make a day or night of your visit to the High Roller Observation Wheel.