Skypod at The Strat

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s not Superman. It’s you, towering high above Las Vegas during your visit to the Skypod at the Strat. To experience Las Vegas from a completely different 360 degree point of view, climb up to the Skypod Observation Deck on the towering 1,149-foot-tall STRAT Tower. The Skypod at the STRAT offers visitors excitement, great views, dining, drinks, and more.

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Skypod Observation Deck at The Strat History

Opened in 1996, the STRAT Hotel and Casino, formerly the Stratosphere, made its indelible mark on Las Vegas. The STRAT is the tallest freestanding observation tower in Las Vegas as well as west of the Mississippi River. While you would think it is also the tallest building in Las Vegas, freestanding observation towers are apparently not considered a building since you can’t live inside of one. Regardless, it’s still an iconic part of the Las Vegas landscape and a destination most visitors will want to visit.

Skypod Observation Deck: The Main Attraction

Visitors to the Skypod at the Strat, located at the northern edge of the Las Vegas Strip, go to experience the amazing view of Las Vegas from up high and all that goes along with it. Whether you decide to test your courage in any one of the amazing rides while at the Skypod at the STRAT or just watch from the Observation Deck, your visit will be one you never forget.

Why Skypod Observation Deck at the Strat is a Must-See

While it might be exciting to say you’ve climbed 1,000 feet to go to the top of the STRAT, that’s not the only thing you’ll get to brag about once you’re back down on solid ground. If your friends are dragging you to the Skypod at the STRAT, but not telling you why you’re going, buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

SkyJump: Who doesn’t want to do an open-air jump from 829-feet high from the Guinness World Record’s highest commercial decelerator descent facility? If you have the courage, you’ll get all geared up for a controlled freefall of over 40mph from Level 108 in the Skypod at the STRAT straight toward the ground. If you weren’t afraid of heights before, you might be now, but there’s absolutely nothing else like it.

Big Shot: What goes up, must come down, and that’s what you’ll do at 45mph at 160 feet above the STRAT’s observation deck. 16 riders are strapped into the Big Shot and then launched to a total height of 1,081 feet before experiencing a free fall downwards. But it’s not over yet! That’s right — you get to experience that thrill all over again.

X-Scream: Do you like roller coasters? If you do, then why not try one that dangles over the edge of the Skypod at the STRAT? Guests are transported in an open roller coaster down a 69-foot ramp at 30mph. Sounds simple, right? Except that it stops 29 feet over the edge and a dazzling 866 feet above the ground below. The X-Scream is not like any other roller coaster you’ve ever experienced.

Insanity: If you like rides that spin you around, then Insanity is just for you. Guests are strapped into what looks like a giant claw that then extends 64 feet out from the Observation Deck. As you spin around, you’ll end up at a 70-degree angle a whopping 900 feet above ground. If that’s not scary enough, the speed at which Insanity rotates is the equivalent of three G’s.

What To See When You’re at the Skypod Observation Deck

You have to check out the amazing views from the indoor and outdoor decks at the Observation Deck at the Skypod at the STRAT. But there’s so much more to do than checking out the fabulous views while you’re there.

107 SKYLOUNGE: For adults only, this is the perfect retreat after watching your life pass before your eyes. Enjoy a signature cocktail or a quick bite while taking in the view overlooking Las Vegas. We’re talking impressive drinks like an Iconic Martini or an Elevated Margarita and delicious social plates like the Lollipop Chicken Wings.

108 EATS: Enjoy some quick bites or an adult beverage. We’re talking panini sandwiches, cookies, ice cream, and of course, cocktails. How about a Big Shot or the 360? Or maybe you’d like a frozen cocktail like a Piňa Colada or a Toasted Coconut Mojito? For the designated driver, they’ve got you covered with a wide assortment of non-alcoholic beverages, too.

TOP OF THE WORLD: Perhaps an evening that includes fine dining is in the cards for you. If so, enjoy a meal at the Top of the World while it revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. Appreciate the meal, drinks, and your company while watching the ever changing view just outside your window.

CHAPEL IN THE CLOUDS: For something super special, why not get married high above Las Vegas in the Chapel in the Clouds? You and your guests can enjoy your nuptials in an indoor or outdoor observation deck wedding or a private balcony wedding. Vow renewals and commitment ceremonies are some of the other options available.

Why You Should Go to the Skypod at the STRAT

If you’re looking for great views of Las Vegas for social media or for making memories, then the Skypod at the STRAT has you covered. But if you’re also looking for thrills and adventures that remind you that you’re alive, then you’ll want to experience all of the rides and activities that the Skypod at the STRAT has to offer guests.