Fremont Street Walking Tours

While there are many places to visit in Las Vegas, two names are iconic with Sin City: The Strip and Fremont Street, where Las Vegas was born. But maybe you don’t know that much about Fremont Street. The easiest way to become familiar with Fremont Street is to take a Fremont Street Walking Tour. In less than two hours on your guided walking tour, you’ll see and learn about Las Vegas of the past as well as the present.

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Fremont Street History

Fremont Street was named after the 19th century explorer John Charles Fremont. In 1844, Fremont ventured out to Las Vegas Springs and it was only the beginning of the Fremont Street and Las Vegas we know today. Participants of a Fremont Street walking tour stand in the same spot where the first settlers stood at the corner of Fremont and Main Streets. This is where in 1905 Las Vegas was officially established. Las Vegas transitioned from dusty desert to the Entertainment Capital of the World. But how exactly did that happen?

After the Hoover Dam began construction in 1931, the area had a huge influx of young men who were there to work on Hoover Dam. How do you keep 20,000 hard working men busy at night? You offer them a variety of entertainment that includes gambling houses which popped up at a steady rate. Even more were built after World War II and that was only the beginning of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has gone through many reimaginations and the latest was the creation of family friendly resorts. Now everyone wants to visit Las Vegas, from couples to families to groups of friends. One of the most popular spots for everyone to visit is Fremont Street.

Fremont Street Walking Tour: The Main Attraction

Most of us have seen Las Vegas and Fremont Street on television and in the movies like “Honey I Blew Up the Kid” or “Fools Rush In” with Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek. Now’s your chance to take in the sights and sounds of a 24-hour neon experience that makes Fremont Street unlike any other street in the United States. Visitors to Las Vegas can choose walking tours from two of Las Vegas’ most reputable companies: Las Vegas Walking Tours and Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours.

Las Vegas Walking Tours: This small group tour company regularly receives high praise and accolades from customers. Visitors to Las Vegas can venture out on a 2-hour tour to see and hear things that can only be seen and heard while on foot on Fremont Street. Don’t worry about missing anything as guests wear a wireless earpiece to hear their tour guide. But you won’t simply follow along on their walking tours. Instead, you’ll be immersed into all of what makes Fremont Street unique including the neon lights, music, casinos, famous sites, and so much more. Great for couples, families, and solo travelers as well.

Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours: In small group walking tours, visitors to Las Vegas will get the chance to stroll through iconic Fremont Street to uncover historical sites as well as modern day ones. Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours not only shows you the best of Fremont Street, but they also know where to take you for the best photos, shopping, dining, and of course, cocktails.

Why a Fremont Street Walking Tour is a Must See

If you’ve only visited the Strip while in Las Vegas, you definitely haven’t seen it all. A Fremont Street walking tour will take you to all of the famous attractions like Union Station, the Fremont Street Experience, and the $1 million cash display at Binion’s. Beyond Fremont Street there’s Downtown Container Park and Fremont East, the “Greenwich Village” of Las Vegas. These are all the places that visitors to the Strip miss so don’t be one of those people. Wouldn’t you like to learn the secrets of Las Vegas? Like where you can find a piece of the Berlin Wall inbe a men’s room on Fremont Street?

What To See When You’re on Fremont Street

No visit to Fremont Street would be complete without checking out the World’s Largest Golden Nugget or the Slotzilla zipline that soars 100-feet above passersby below. The Slotzilla zipline is also part of Slotzilla, the world’s largest slot machine. Of course, Fremont Street turns into the Glitter Gulch once the sun sets when all of those amazing neon lights are turned on. The most notable of all the neon lights on Fremont Street would be Vegas Vic, the 40-foot tall cowboy who stands over the Pioneer Gift Shop. Vegas Vic is actually the World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign although his mechanical parts, his arm and cigarette, no longer move.

Don’t forget to check out the World’s Largest Video Screen during your Fremont Street Walking Tour. The Viva vision screen measures 1,375-feet long by 90-feet wide. The screen has an astounding 16.4 million brilliant pixels, too. Viva Vision shows run nightly at the top of each hour.

Why You Should Go on a Fremont Street Walking Tour

Your Fremont Street Walking Tour won’t be a tour where someone is talking nonstop and you follow along in boredom. With interesting places to visit and fascinating facts, you’ll be thoroughly engrossed into all things Las Vegas and Fremont Street. So what are you waiting for? Put on those walking shoes and get ready to join the next Fremont Street Walking Tour on your next visit to Las Vegas.