Smartvisit Solutions

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Smartvisit Solutions is a smart card tourist pass company based in Australia. They make several passes, including the See Sydney & Beyond Attractions Pass, the See Melbourne & Beyond Attractions Pass, and the See Tasmania Attractions Pass.

You only have to visit two or three attractions per day to realize the full value of the card, so even the one- and two-day cards can be a good bargain. Many other pre-paid, inclusive cards really only pay off after a few days unless you sightsee at a breakneck pace or choose attractions based on cost alone. All of the cards also come with color-coded guidebooks to help plan your itinerary.

NOTE: Smartvisit Solutions is now owned by iVenture. See all their Australian Tourist Cards

Smartvisit also makes the Sydney Sightseeing Pass, which includes vouchers for several of the top attractions in downtown Sydney with 90 days to see them all. It’s more like a discount coupon book than an all-you-can-see pass, which makes it great for locals who want to play tourist in their own city.

See Sydney Card: This is one of the most popular ways to see Sydney and its major attractions, as well as destinations well outside of the city.

See Melbourne Card: You’ll be able to visit more than 35 attractions for one price with this card, which covers sites in downtown Melbourne and well beyond.

Sydney Sightseeing Pass: A flexible pass that includes vouchers for Sydney’s three most popular attractions plus your choice of three different cruises.

See Tasmania Card: Visit more than 50 attractions all around the Australian island state of Tasmania, with activities that will appeal to all kinds of travelers.