The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs

The London Bridge Experience is an interactive walkthrough attraction located in the spooky vaults underneath historic London Bridge. Visitors will follow a tour guide through dark crypts, eerie chambers, and foul-smelling hallways as they learn about some of England’s most chilling historical incidents and bloodcurdling characters. Admission to the London Bridge Experience also includes entry into the London Tombs, an immersive scare maze where you’ll need to fight off zombies, spiders, butchers, and more in your quest to escape the terrors of this horrifying attraction.

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History of the London Bridge Experience

Throughout history, numerous River Thames-spanning structures have been called London Bridge. A medieval-era stone arch bridge bearing this name stood for some 700 years before being replaced during the middle of the nineteenth century; this Victorian-era piece of construction was itself replaced by a modern concrete bridge some 50 years ago. No matter the nature of the bridge, though, from literature to nursery rhymes to contemporary music, the legacy of London Bridge looms large.

The London Bridge Experience pays tribute to the more sordid aspects of this long history. It opened near the current London Bridge in 2008—but not before workers responsible for building the attraction threatened to walk off the job on account of all the ancient skeletons they kept uncovering at the construction site! It’s believed the site occupied by London Bridge Experience today was once a burial ground for plague victims or possibly even the location of a long-lost cemetery with ties to nearby Southwark Cathedral.

London Bridge Experience Highlights

The London Bridge Experience is a cutting-edge modern attraction located within the dark depths of the historic vaults and burial crypts found beneath the iconic London Bridge. Visitors will follow a tour guide through these creepy chambers while learning about notorious British figures like Jack the Ripper. Along the way, various interactive displays, terrifying sensory features, and live actors will test your nerves with spooky stories and fear-inducing encounters.

The second part of the London Bridge Experience is the London Tombs, year in and year out rated one of England’s scariest tourist attractions. The London Tombs consists of an immersive scare maze where a host of professional actors, interactive settings, and creepy special effects team up to scare visitors silly. You’ll be forced to find your way through this horrifying maze while fending off zombies, butchers, spiders, and more!

Families visiting the London Bridge Experience with small children will want to inquire about the attraction’s Guardian Angel Tour upon arrival at the venue. The Guardian Angel Tour is a specially designed experience intended to provide children under the age of 11 years old with a less-scary alternative to the attraction’s primary offerings.

More to See and Do at the London Bridge Experience

Here are several more things worth seeing, doing, and knowing about when you visit the London Bridge Experience.

*The London Bridge Experience is affiliated with three food-and-drink establishments located adjacent to the attraction: Bermondsey Bierkeller, a lively beer hall with German street food, beer, and table games; Creams Café, which specializes in ice cream desserts, crepes, and waffles; and Slammers Bar, a prison-themed cocktail bar.

*Children under the age of five years old are eligible for free admission to the London Bridge Experience; however, the attraction itself does not recommend kids in this age bracket visit. Also, the London Bridge Experience is not suitable for visitors with epilepsy, claustrophobia, or any kind of preexisting heart condition.

*The best way to arrive at the London Bridge Experience is by taking public transportation, as London Bridge station—which visitors to the London Transport Museum will recognize as being one of the oldest railway stations in the world—is located just across the street from the attraction.

*Once you’ve had a blast enjoying the many thrills of the London Bridge Experience, it’s quite easy to keep the good times rolling by visiting one or more of the many popular London attractions found nearby. The London Bridge Experience is located mere steps away from The View from the Shard, Southwark Cathedral, and Borough Market; Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Monument to the Great Fire of London, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London are all within a mile of here, too.

Why the London Bridge Experience Should Be on Your Must-See List

There are numerous ways to go about experiencing the rich past of England’s historic capital city, and it’s hard to go wrong no matter whether you choose to explore a renowned museum, soak in the ambiance of a historic place, or join up with a guided tour. That said, if you’re a fan of horror movies or you love haunted houses, strongly consider building some time into your itinerary to visit the London Bridge Experience. This popular attraction combines history and horror in an action-packed, fun-filled way—and manages to do so in about 45 to 60 minutes.