SEA LIFE London Aquarium

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is home to approximately 5,000 different sea creatures, among which you’ll find about 500 distinct species. Considered by most to be the best aquarium in all of London, this popular attraction features numerous kinds of sharks, turtles, rays, and octopuses, as well penguins, seahorses, and dwarf crocodiles, each living in the midst of an accurate recreation of its natural habitat. SEA LIFE London Aquarium also contains dedicated educational areas where you can touch a stingray egg and learn about various conservation methods.

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History of SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Opened in 1997 as simply the London Aquarium, this popular attraction typically welcomes over a million visitors through its doors each year. London Aquarium was purchased by Merlin Entertainments in 2008, at which point it closed for the better part of a year to undergo an elaborate and expensive renovation. Rebranded as SEA LIFE London Aquarium, it continues to occupy a prominent location in the lively South Bank district, just across the Thames from Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium Highlights

SEA LIFE London Aquarium comprises over a dozen different zones, each highlighting a distinctive species, ocean habitat, or attraction highlight. Open Oceans is where you’ll find the aquarium’s beloved Ocean Tunnel, a glass tunnel that leaves you feeling like you’re right in the midst of green sea turtles, southern stingrays, zebra sharks, and octopuses. Ocean Invaders is England’s largest jellyfish experience, while Coral Kingdom is a delightful exhibit where you can see clownfish, yellow tangs, and sea goldies swim amidst a beautiful coral reef.

Other popular zones found at SEA LIFE London Aquarium include the Ray Lagoon, where you can observe undulate rays, bowmouth guitarfish, and spotted dogfish; Seahorse Kingdom, which is home to all kinds of seahorses, seadragons, pipefish, and razorfish; and Shipwreck, a striking portion of the aquarium known as a particularly good place to see blacktip reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, and more.

For something different, be sure and stop by SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s Polar Adventure exhibit, where you can watch the attraction’s Gentoo penguin colony go about their adorable business. At the other end of the spectrum, Rainforest Adventure does its best to recreate the underwater wonders of the majestic Amazon River right in the heart of London. In this exhibit, you’ll encounter such exotic creatures as the dwarf crocodile, poison dart frog, pacu, and numerous terrapins.

More to See and Do at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Continue reading below for more things to see, do, and keep in mind when planning your upcoming visit to SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

*The Shark Walk is one of SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s most memorable elements. This glass-window walkway lets you stroll above an aquarium full of sea creatures native to the Pacific Ocean, enabling you to observe a number of sharks from mere inches away! It’s a fun time and a great photo opportunity.

*The Rockpool Explorer exhibit is one of the aquarium’s best interactive spaces. Here you can actually touch a stingray’s egg or mermaid’s purse while an expert staff member shares fascinating insights about these remarkable creatures.

*Visitors concerned about the health of the planet in the twenty-first century will want to make time to stop at Conservation Cove. This exhibit provides detailed information about what SEA LIFE London Aquarium is doing to help preserve threatened marine species and habitats. You can even sign a petition or pick up a sustainable seafood guide for free here.

*SEA LIFE London Aquarium contains a gift shop where you can pick up a souvenir of your visit. This themed store has an especially strong selection of stuffed animals depicting your favorite underwater creatures.

*For visitors seeking a truly extraordinary experience, SEA LIFE London Aquarium offers a number of VIP packages. VIP tickets available at SEA LIFE London Aquarium include behind-the-scenes tours, immersive VR experiences, and the opportunity to snorkel inside a transparent cage placed in the midst of the attraction’s shark tank. For more information, visit the SEA LIFE London Aquarium official website.

Why SEA LIFE London Aquarium Should Be on Your Must-See List

If you can’t imagine touring London without visiting a top-notch aquarium, then you’ll want to add SEA LIFE London Aquarium to your itinerary today. It’s an enjoyable attraction in its own right—most visitors have a pleasant time spending 60 to 90 minutes here—but it also sells a number of ticket packages that let you combine admission to SEA LIFE London Aquarium with admission to nearby popular attractions like Madame Tussauds London, the London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure London, and the London Dungeon. For those so interested, this makes visiting SEA LIFE London Aquarium all the more affordable and convenient.