Oahu Catamaran Cruises

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From the pristine beaches of Oahu, the call of the ocean can be fierce. As an island, Hawaiian life revolves around the ocean which means that the best of Hawaii cannot be seen without travelling by sea. Taking one of the many catamaran tours available on Oahu allow visitors a unique chance to experience the majesty of the Pacific Ocean in the lap of luxury.

Though most people interested in a sea-voyage when stateside will opt for a cruise ship, the boat of choice on the Hawaiian Islands is the catamaran. Much smaller than a traditional cruise ship or touring vessel, the average 40+-foot catamaran found through most Hawaiian tour companies can hold about 40-50 passengers.

Technically speaking, a catamaran is a specific type of multi-hulled ship or boat. It consists of two hulls, also called vakas, which are joined by some structure between them. This central structure can be as simple as a few boards or as complex as a multi-level yacht quarters. Catamarans are more popular among Eastern cultures, which explains their prevalence on Hawaii.

Major Options

There are several major operations on Oahu that specialize in catamaran trips and cruises. Among them, the most popular are North Shore, Outrigger, Makani, Royal Hawaiian and Maita’i Catamarans. There are even special guest-only catamaran trips offered by resorts throughout the islands. Each of these companies has a specific set of options for visitors that includes everything from sunset cruises, meal-based trips (brunch, dinner, etc.), all-day marine mammal sightseeing excursions (including a winter whale watch), sunrise snorkeling, and chartered trips.  Many of the catamarans used for island tourism feature both indoor and outdoor deck space as well as the opportunity to sun bathe, eat and drink, as well as view marine wildlife in their natural habitat.

There are several popular companies offering catamaran trips from Honolulu, North Shore, and Waikiki. Catamaran trips can last anywhere from 90 minutes to the whole day. Boat features may include a yacht-like interior with full service food and bar as well as the opportunity to look directly down at the ocean life through mesh netting and glass floors. Another popular feature is water trampoline jumping which is included as an activity on some catamaran trips. This is an especially nice feature for kids.

Another great option with catamarans is chartering a boat for a formal function, group tour, or simply a leisurely sail with professional staff. Most people count catamaran trips among the highlights of their Hawaiian vacations because of the laid back nature of their travel and the Aloha Spirit embodied by the crews aboard these vessels.

Why It’s a Must-See

For many people, the remote location of Hawaii means that visiting its islands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For that reason, experiencing the best that they have to offer is essential. The multiple options for catamaran tours from Oahu will provide visitors with the perfect marriage between luxury and true Hawaiian fun leading to an unforgettable experience that will create a forever-memory.

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