Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Located along the Prinsengracht canal just around the corner from the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is a charming destination for those visitors wishing to learn more about the Netherlands’ national flower. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is home to a small but inspiring collection of carefully curated exhibits that share unique insights into the history of the tulip, as well as a gift shop where you can purchase bulbs to grow your own tulips when you return home from your trip.

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History of the Amsterdam Tulip Museum

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is a privately owned museum that first opened its doors to the public in 2004. Established via the collaborative efforts of three third-generation Dutch bulbsmen with connections to some of the most significant mail-order bulb-supplying firms in the world, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum occupies a historic canal house in the city’s much-loved Jordaan neighborhood. Taken all together, the museum and its shop comprise some 2,000 square feet of space full of interactive exhibits, fascinating artifacts, and of course, beautiful flowers.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum Highlights

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum consists of six rooms containing a variety of exhibits that tell the story of the tulip and the history of its relationship to the Dutch people through photographs, videos, artworks, and more. Each of the museum’s primary rooms has a different motif, and many of the installations are interactive displays designed to appeal to children.

As you move through the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, you’ll encounter exhibits that describe the botanical makeup of the tulip, talk about the areas of the world in which the tulip is native, and narrate how the tulip first made its way from the royal court of the Ottoman Empire’s Suleiman the Magnificent to the Netherlands during the sixteenth century. Special attention is paid to the explosion of interest in and passion for the tulip that occurred here in the seventeenth century, culminating in the “Tulip mania.”

The Amsterdam Tulip Museum’s shop is an integral part of the attraction’s appeal. The museum is especially known for selling a line of antique, hand-painted Delft tiles, in addition to a wide range of tulip-themed linens, handbags, totes, jewelry, vases, kitchenware, and much, much more.

More to See and Do at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Here are a few other things to know in order to make the most of your visit to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

•While there is an admission fee for those visitors wishing to tour the museum, there’s no charge if you simply want to stroll through the site’s fabulous shop.

•Speaking of the site’s fabulous shop, you’ll definitely need to leave time to pick up a souvenir or gift. The attraction’s shop sells an assortment of flower-related trinkets, books, home décor items, and most importantly, actual tulip bulbs. There’s no better way to bring back a piece of Amsterdam with you than by heading home with some plants for the garden.

•Those guests visiting the museum as part of a family of three or more will want to be sure to inquire about the attraction’s “Family Ticket” rate. This deal lets an entire family enter the Amsterdam Tulip Museum for only ten euros.

•Unfortunately, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is not accessible to individuals in a wheelchair, as it’s located in a historically important building that has not been permitted to make such accommodations.

Why the Amsterdam Tulip Museum Should Be on Your Must-See List

Whether or not you’ve made time in your schedule to travel to the legendary Keukenhof gardens (which are located a half-hour southwest of Amsterdam), the Amsterdam Tulip Museum is a terrific destination for any visitors with a desire to learn more about the city’s long relationship with its favorite flower. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is also a great option if you’re pressed for time but still want to squeeze one more attraction into your itinerary, as the attraction’s average visit time is a tidy 25 minutes.