A’DAM Lookout

Perched at the very top of the A’DAM Tower, nearly 350 feet above ground level, A’DAM LOOKOUT is Amsterdam’s most famous attraction in the sky. Located on the northern bank of the IJ, just steps away from Eye Filmmuseum, A’DAM LOOKOUT is known for its panoramic 360º Sky Deck, which enables guests to see Amsterdam as they’ve never seen it before. Other highlights of a visit to A’DAM LOOKOUT include Over the Edge swing, Amsterdam VR Ride, and multiple dining options that offer patrons unforgettable views.

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History of A’DAM LOOKOUT

A’DAM LOOKOUT is located at the very top of the building known today as A’DAM Tower. One of the taller buildings anchoring the modern Amsterdam skyline, A’DAM Tower cuts a distinctive figure with its rooftop-crowning observation deck. A’DAM Tower was completed in 1971, at which time it was a headquarters of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company. Some 45 years later, having undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation, this skyscraper was rebranded as A’DAM Tower. Anchored by the A’DAM LOOKOUT attraction, the building is also home to a hotel, nightclub, multiple restaurants, and several corporate offices, including those of a renowned record label and respected music agency.

A’DAM LOOKOUT Highlights

The signature feature of the A’DAM LOOKOUT attraction is its 360º Sky Deck. This state-of-the-art observation deck provides visitors with remarkable views of beautiful Amsterdam in every possible direction. From a height of nearly 350 feet in the air, guests will be able to pick out major local landmarks, observe boats moving along the city’s famous canals, and glimpse the lovely Dutch countryside.

Visitors to A’DAM LOOKOUT with a taste for thrills won’t want to miss out on Over The Edge, an adventurous harness swing that lets participants experience the sensation of soaring out “over the edge” of this stylish skyscraper. Billed as the highest swing in all of Europe, Over The Edge is perfect for those individuals who’ve dreamed of actually feeling as though they’re flying above the streets and canals of Amsterdam.

Regardless of whether you need to catch your breath after riding Over The Edge or you’ve chosen to enjoy the glorious vistas on display at A’DAM LOOKOUT in a more casual fashion, it’s worth taking the time to enjoy a drink or share a meal while here. A’DAM LOOKOUT’s Rooftop Bar sells an assortment of cocktails, snacks, and desserts, while its Panorama Restaurant serves up classic fare like burgers, salads, and fish and chips in a comfortable setting—that of course comes complete with spectacular views.

More to See and Do at A’DAM LOOKOUT

Any visit to A’DAM LOOKOUT can be enhanced when you’re aware of a few more key details. Keep reading for more information.

•The Amsterdam VR Ride takes you on a virtual rollercoaster ride through Amsterdam, allowing you to see many of the city’s most famous attractions and cultural highlights in an otherwise impossible way.

•Throughout A’DAM LOOKOUT you’ll encounter a series of “interactive binoculars.” These recent additions to the attraction enhance visitors’ experiences by permitting users to learn about the city’s history and culture simply by pointing the binoculars in the direction of a major local landmark.

•All visitors to A’DAM LOOKOUT can enjoy a free audio guide when they download the A’DAM LOOKOUT app straight to their smart phone. This 30-minute guided tour shares with users a variety of facts, highlights, and other useful information about the many wonders of Amsterdam.

•Guests with particularly discerning taste may enjoy knowing that there’s an additional dining option just below A’DAM LOOKOUT, on the 19th floor of the A’DAM Tower. The restaurant is called Moon, and not only does its sophisticated menu change weekly, but the restaurant itself revolves! This means, no matter where you’re seated, eventually you’re going to have the chance to see Amsterdam in every single direction.

Why A’DAM LOOKOUT Should Be on Your Must-See List

A’DAM LOOKOUT is Amsterdam’s definitive observation deck, an attraction that offers visitors the opportunity to experience this incredible city from a whole new perspective. What’s more, A’DAM LOOKOUT’s Over The Edge swing and Amsterdam VR Ride are interactive flourishes that the whole family will enjoy. If you’re the sort of traveler who relishes heights and will go to any length to procure that perfect (and unique) selfie, then A’DAM LOOKOUT should be on your must-see list.