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The Paris Passlib’ is the official attractions pass of the Paris Tourist Office. It’s available in your choice of four different flexible attractions-pass formats, where you can select three attractions out of a possible 32 attractions, five attractions out of 54, six attractions out of 74, or seven attractions out of 74. You pick which pass works for you, pay one flat price for the pass, and then the Paris Passlib’ serves as your one-and-only ticket to every single Paris attraction you visit. Depending on which version of the Paris Passlib’ you purchase, it’s accepted at such major Paris landmarks as the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Sainte-Chapelle, just to name a few. The Paris Passlib’ is also good throughout the city for a variety of bike rentals, shopping discounts, river cruises, guided tours, and more.

Top Included Paris Attractions

Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
Louvre Museum
Galeries Lafayette
Multiple Guided Tour Options

The complete list of available attractions and tours will vary according to which version of the Paris Passlib’ you purchase.

How the Paris Passlib’ Works

There are four versions of the Paris Passlib’ available today. The Paris Passlib’ Mini lets you pick three attractions out of a possible 32. The Paris Passlib’ City offers you five attractions from a possible 54, including three Category A attractions and two Category B attractions. The Paris Passlib’ Explore provides you six attractions off a list of 74, including three Category A attractions, two Category B attractions, and one Category C attraction. The Paris Passlib’ Explore+ offers that same list of 74, but you get to pick three Category A attractions, two Category B attractions, and two Category C attractions for a total of seven attractions.

Once you’ve decided which Paris Passlib’ is right for you and your sightseeing needs, you’re set: you won’t need to pay anything out of pocket at whatever attractions you visit. Instead, just walk up to the entrance gate, present your digital Paris Passlib’, and let the fun begin!

The Paris Passlib’ is a fully digital product that’s tremendously easy to use. Simply download the Paris Passlib’ app on your smartphone and enter your pass confirmation number or scan the provided QR code. Once you’ve completed this simple process, your pass is ready to use.

What’s Good on the Paris Passlib’

Because the Paris Passlib’ is a fully digital product, you can access (or even activate and use) your Paris Passlib’ mere moments after purchasing it. There’s no waiting to receive your pass in the mail, or carrying around paper tickets, or worrying about buying the pass months in advance. As long as you have your smartphone in hand, you’re ready to enter whatever participating Paris attraction or experience you so desire.

It’s almost impossible to top the schedule flexibility provided by the Paris Passlib’. That’s because your Paris Passlib’ is valid for an entire year from the time you first activate it. Not everyone is going to have or need that degree of logistical maneuverability, but it’s a great bonus to have in your back pocket as you consider how best to design your Paris excursions.

In addition to the impressive list of attractions covered, all four versions of the Paris Passlib’ include a bike rental. For those visitors wanting to experience Paris in a whole new light—or who just love to ride bikes in beautiful settings—this is quite the perk.

What Could Get Better?

Because of the way the Paris Passlib’ is designed, your menu of possible attractions or experiences increases the more you spend. That can result in a pretty good value, of course, but it also means it’s possible you could want to pay for a five-experience pass only to discover one, two, or three of the things you want to see are available solely as part of the six- or seven-experience pass.

Conversely, if your budget works best with a three-experience pass but you’ve got heart your set on seeing, say, the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, you’re out of luck: neither of those major landmarks are available to holders of a three-experience Paris Passlib’.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Paris Passlib’

As you contemplate which Paris Passlib’ works best for you, take some time to think long and hard about just how many attractions you’ll actually see with the pass in hand. Even at a fixed cost, the price of a Paris Passlib’ goes up the more attractions it includes. For instance, the difference between a five-experience pass and a seven-experience pass is 150 euros. If you’re going to drop that extra 150 euros, you’ll want to be quite certain to use the pass all seven times.

No matter which pass you purchase, be sure and use it first and foremost at those attractions with the most expensive entrance rates. This tactic will maximize your savings, and it will also ensure that, if you want to go back and visit an attraction you didn’t tour with the pass in hand, you’ll only pay out of pocket at a cheaper destination.

Paris Passlib’ Insider Tips

As you plan your Paris itinerary with Paris Passlib’ in tow, it’s important to remember that you’ll still need to make reservations in order to visit a number of the city’s most significant destinations. You won’t need to pay anything extra to procure these reservations—your Paris Passlib’ has you covered on that front—but you will need to book your timeslot well in advance for attractions like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and any number of the city’s most popular guided tours. For more information on which attractions recommend or require advance reservations, visit the Paris Passlib’ official website—as well as the official website of the attraction(s) in question.

To that end, if you go ahead and make a reservation at an attraction with your Paris Passlib’, but something comes up and you need to change that booking, be certain to try and do so at least 48 hours ahead of time. That way you can guarantee there won’t be any penalties imposed and you’ll be able to retain the appropriate number of attractions remaining on your Paris Passlib’.

While the Paris Passlib’ can prove a very handy resource to have as you explore the many charms of the City of Lights, its various categories and whatnot can also be intimidating if you don’t do your homework. As you finalize that dream trip, double-check which attractions belong to which categories so to be as confident as possible that your itinerary will fit within the parameters of the Paris Passlib’ rules.

Where to Buy the Paris Passlib’

Paris Passlib’ is available online from the official website of the Paris Tourist Office.