Chicago CityPass Value Calculator

What are the top reasons for buying a Chicago CityPass? For many of you there are two reasons. Skipping the line is a big time saver but it’s probably secondary to saving money.

Is it worth buying?

Use the calculator below to see if a Chicago CityPass will save you money.  You’ll get a comparison of the price you would pay if you visited each attraction individually vs the price of a City Pass. It’s fairly straight forward but there is one piece of complicated math (which we do for you). CityPass has a few attractions where you can pick one or the other for free entry. However, if you decide to go to both, CityPass provides a coupon for discounted entry to the one where you have to purchase a ticket at the box office. For instance, if you check off that you want to go to both the MSI and the John Hancock, we add the price you pay if you use CityPass to get into the MSI and the discounted box office price for the John Hancock with the coupon City Pass provides.

You’ll see that if you go to 3 attractions you will save money. Go to all of them and you will save close to $100. City pass also gives you discounts to most of the gift shops.