Hotel del Coronado

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One of the most luxurious and history-filled elements of the San Diego tourist scene, a visit to the Hotel del Coronado is a must for any southern California trip. Starting with the impressive architecture of the Coronado Bridge, through to the wonderful inhabitants of Coronado Island and the mystery of the Hotel del Coronado itself, anyone in love with history and life’s finer things will find a trip to Coronado Island and its famous hotel truly worthwhile.

Hotel del Coronado History

Located across San Diego Bay on the aptly named Coronado Island, the Hotel del Coronado has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977. The island itself is 32.7 square miles long, though, geographically speaking, it is really a peninsula that is attached to mainland California by a 10-mile isthmus named Silver Strand. To get to Coronado Island, visitors must either cross the bay via Coronado Bridge, a 2.1 mile stretch of State Highway 75, or take a water taxi.

The Spanish translation for Coronado is “the crowned one.” True to that name, the island and its luxury hotel embody that spirit. The city of Coronado located on the island is one of the most expensive places in the U.S. to live. It is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The Hotel del Coronado itself was constructed in 1888 as part of the San Diego land boom. When first built, it held the title as the world’s largest resort hotel. It’s designation as a National Historic Landmark is in appreciation of the period in which it was built; it is an excellent example of Victorian all-wooden buildings.

Since its inception, the “Del,” as locals are feign to call it, has been a seat for celebrities from the world over. In the 1920s the Del was “the place” to say in California. As such, the Del has hosted some of the most famous names in history including Edward, Prince of Wales, Babe Ruth, and Charlie Chaplain. In addition, every U.S. President since FDR has had the pleasure of staying at the Del at some time and may before that time stayed there as well.

Currently, the Hotel del Coronado possesses the prestigious 4-diamond rating from AAA. It also ranks yearly as one of California’s most beautiful and luxurious resorts. It still offers several packages to visitors that include romantic getaways, wedding and business trip packages and even the opportunity to stay beach side in cottages owned by the Hotel.

Hotel del Coronado: The Main Attraction

The Del itself has much to offer visitors, even those who cannot afford its pricey nightly rates. This includes historical tours, fine dining, and the chance to sunbathe on its beautiful beach. However, a trip to Coronado Island does not end with the Del itself. Rather, the Village of Coronado is as much a destination as its famous hotel.

The Coronado Museum of History and Art is located on the island. Maintained by the Coronado Historical Society, it is an excellent place to learn about Coronado’s early history, the role played by the Island with the military and the nearby Navy base, as well as the history of the hotel itself.

The island is full of sights and sounds from the Pacific Ocean as well as a wealth of luxury shopping. Famous former residents include silent film actress Anita Page, and popcorn tycoon Orville Redenbacher. The island is sustained by its high-class beach living we well as its tourism and recreation.

Happy Family in Front of Hotel Del Coronado on a Sunny Afternoon.

Why the Hotel del Coronado is a Must-See

Coronado Island and the famous Hotel del Coronado are must-see California attractions for anyone who loves history, luxury, and beach life. A trip to the Island is one wrapped in some of the best luxury that southern California, an already-admittedly luxurious place, has to offer its visitors. By travelling there, people are treated to a glimpse inside of this world and the amazing benefits it has to offer.