Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch

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San Diego Harbor is an historical and amazing place to see. Catching a harbor tour, dinner cruise or, for those visiting the San Diego area in either winter or spring, a whale watch cruise with San Diego Harbor Excursion (SDHE) will be one of the most memorable times of any California trip. Serving San Diego since 1915, Flagship Cruises and events has nearly a century of experience offering educational, nautical entertainment cruises through the San Diego Harbor.

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About the Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch

San Diego Harbor Excursion (SDHE) is the city’s oldest and most established tour company on land or by sea. With origins dating back to the early twentieth century, SDHE has stood as a bastion of business in the San Diego area for almost one hundred years. Over the years, what began as a water transportation service has grown into an empire of ships and water-services. This includes harbor tours, weekly brunch and dinner cruises, seasonal whale watches, special events and holiday cruises on luxury yachts and ocean liners.

In addition, SDHE also provides water taxi services to the citizens of San Diego as well as a Ferry to Coronado Island and a game day package along with local MLB team, the San Diego Padres. Despite the ups and downs of the San Diego area over the course of the last 100 years, SDHE has been consistently providing services, jobs, and community support to the city and is considered one of its oldest and most loved family-owned companies.

Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch: The Main Attraction

There are many options that visitors to San Diego have when it comes to cruises with SDHE. Among the most popular of the options is the Harbor Tour and Whale Watch cruise. Harbor tours run year round and offer visitors the option of both one and two-hour narrated viewing of San Diego harbor and San Diego Bay. Visitors choose from North Bay, home to North Island Naval Air Station, the Naval Sub Base Harbor and Shelter Islands, and the Cabrillo National Monument, or South Bay, which includes a tour of the U.S. Navy surface fleet, including the Star of India, the Coronado Bay Bridge and busy shipyards around the Bay. The third option is to combine these two tours into the longer two-hour version.

The other popular option, the Whale Watch cruise, only runs during the winter and early spring months, generally December through April, when the wales are in San Diego Bay. Tours depart twice daily and are run in conjunction with nearby Birch Aquarium which provides trained naturalists to narrate the cruise. Each cruise departure guarantees guests of a whale sighting or else you will be able to return for a free cruise at another date.

A note to visitors: remember that weather and temperatures can change suddenly when you’re at sea. Dress in layers. Also, bring a camera to take memorable shots of your San Diego maritime experience. Pack a snack for longer tours, though snacks and beverages are available for sale on the vessel itself.

In addition to these popular tourist options SDHE also hosts a number of party ships and special events throughout the year. This includes a two-hour champagne Brunch cruise each Sunday, a Sunday Prime Rib Dinner Cruise, and daily lunch and dinner cruises during the tourist season. Special events range from romantic Valentines cruises to Halloween Dances and wedding receptions.

Why the Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch is a Must-Do

Taking the time to tour the historic San Diego Harbor or embark on an exciting whale watching adventure is a surefire way to make any trip to southern California memorable. These chances to see the home to the U.S. Navy’s Pacific fleet in San Diego harbor, enjoy the crisp air of the ocean sea, and learn a little bit about the creatures who call the ocean home all offer visitors the chance to enjoy themselves while relishing in the best man and nature has to offer.

Where to Buy Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch Tickets

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from Harbor Cruise & Whale Watch either online or in person.

Purchase a Tourist pass. San Diego Harbor Excursions is available on the Go San Diego Card.