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The Philadelphia CityPASS is a flexible attraction pass that lets you visit your choice of three, four, or five different attractions from a list of 10 popular Philadelphia-area attractions. The Philadelphia CityPASS not only saves you anywhere from 47% to 50% off the price of standard admission at local attractions, depending on which of the three available formats you select, it also grants you tremendous flexibility. No cookie-cutter travel experiences here: the Philadelphia CityPASS lets you design a trip that suits your needs and interests, all at a great price.

The ten attractions offered as part of the Philadelphia CityPASS package include Adventure Aquarium, the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Zoo, Big Bus Company and Philadelphia Trolley Works, Eastern State Penitentiary, Museum of the American Revolution, Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, National Constitution Center, and the Barnes Foundation. No matter whether you want to visit three, four, or five of these fabulous attractions, you can pick out a Philadelphia CityPASS that suits your sightseeing desires.

Included Philadelphia Attractions

  • The Franklin Institute
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Museum of the American Revolution
  • Adventure Aquarium
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial
  • Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
  • National Constitution Center
  • The Barnes Foundation
  • Big Bus Company and Philadelphia Trolley Works

What’s Good about the Philadelphia CityPASS?

The Philadelphia CityPASS is a tremendously flexible product. Unlike some other travel passes on the market today, it permits you to select exactly how many different attractions you want to visit, all without attaching any sort of restrictions on or requirements about which attractions you must see. Instead, you simply decide whether you want to visit three, four, or five attractions, and you’re on your way in no time at all.

Regardless of which Philadelphia CityPASS you choose, you’ll be paying one flat, discounted rate in advance of your visit. This means you won’t need to pay out of pocket for admission at a single attraction, which saves you time and money. There’ll be no waiting in line to buy a ticket to enter an attraction, just as there’ll be no juggling multiple tickets throughout your trip. Your Philadelphia CityPASS is the only ticket you’ll need the entire time.

Your Philadelphia CityPASS even covers the cost of a 1-Day Hop-on Hop-Off Double Decker Sightseeing Tour from the folks at Big Bus Company and Philadelphia Trolley Works. Many other CityPASS options out there today don’t come with a guided tour fully included, making the Philadelphia version of the CityPASS a particularly compelling product.

What Could Get Better?

There’s a lot to see and do in Philadelphia, and as outstanding as the attractions available to you as a CityPASS holder are, they’re far from comprehensive. Some potential customers might be disappointed to find legendary Philadelphia attractions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Morris Arboretum missing from the Philadelphia CityPASS offerings.

Many of the most popular attractions available with a Philadelphia CityPASS routinely host special exhibitions, but sometimes admission to these special exhibitions isn’t covered by your CityPASS. It can be frustrating to visit a terrific attraction like the Franklin Institute and then have to pay out of pocket to enter a special exhibit you’ve got your heart set on seeing.

Get Your Money’s Worth with Philadelphia CityPASS

Your Philadelphia CityPASS will save you anywhere from 47% to 50% off the price of standard admission at popular local attractions. Take, for instance, the three-attraction Philadelphia CityPASS. An adult version of that pass costs $52. Now if you were to visit Adventure Aquarium, go on a Big Bus Company and Philadelphia Trolley Works guided tour, and visit the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, paying out of pocket at each one of these fantastic attractions, you’d pay upwards of $105. That means your Philadelphia CityPASS is saving you 50% off the price of standard admission.

No matter which Philadelphia CityPASS you purchase, make sure to apply it toward admission at those attractions featuring the most expensive admission prices. You’ll save the maximum amount of money this way, and if you really want to visit more attractions than are covered by your Philadelphia CityPASS, you can then go back and pay out of pocket to experience only those attractions with cheaper entry fees. Though no matter which three attractions you visit, you will save a substantial sum.

Several attractions, including the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and the Barnes Foundation, let you utilize your Philadelphia CityPASS to enter special exhibits at no extra charge, too. If you use your CityPASS to visit these particular attractions, you’ll be getting that much extra bang for your buck. 

Philadelphia CityPASS Insider Tips

Not only is the 1-Day Hop-on Hop-Off Double Decker Sightseeing Tour offered by Big Bus Company and Philadelphia Trolley Works one of the most valuable attractions available on a Philadelphia CityPASS, but it’s a really nice way to move about the city from site to site. If you’re completely new to Philly, consider going on this guided tour first, as a means of getting your bearings here. It’ll serve as a quality introduction.

While one of the perks of the flexible Philadelphia CityPASS is that you don’t need to commit to visiting any attractions ahead of time, this doesn’t mean you won’t want to conduct some research in advance of your trip. Many of the museums on the Philadelphia CityPASS feature idiosyncratic hours of operations, while others require you reserve your admission spot before your visit. This wouldn’t entail you paying anything extra, it just creates an additional step in the touring process. When in doubt, check out each attraction’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

Try to spread out your Philadelphia adventures as much as your schedule permits. Philadelphia has a tremendous amount to offer guests, so while it’s natural to want to see and do as much as possible here, attempt to move about town at a reasonable rate. Don’t cram too much sightseeing into any one single day. Your Philadelphia CityPASS is good for nine consecutive days from the time you activate it at your first attraction, which permits you a lot of flexibility.

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Where to Buy a Philadelphia CityPASS

The card is available at many outlets. You can buy it at Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity or you can buy it once you get to Philadelphia but these are not great options as you may pay more. The best place the buy the card is at the CityPASS website. Buy with confidence from the official site.