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The Orlando Explorer Pass is a flexible attractions pass that provides admission to 3 or 5 attractions of your choosing from a list of 16 attractions, all at one low price. Attractions available to be enjoyed with your Orlando Explorer Pass include favorite local activities like SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando, Fun Spot America Theme Park, and Congo River Adventure Golf, as well as popular outings such as WonderWorks, Madame Tussauds Orlando, and Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. The Explorer Pass is an outstanding way to go about getting to know all that Orlando has to offer visitors, and it provides you and your group with the ability to not have to pay anything at the door.

Top Included Orlando Attractions                               

SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando
Gatorland: The Alligator Capital of the World
Fun Spot America Theme Park
Madame Tussauds Orlando
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
Congo River Adventure Golf
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Orlando

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar, divided by type of activity.

How the Orlando Explorer Pass Works

The Orlando Explorer Pass is a digital product that provides you access to the attractions you opt to visit. All you need to do is show up in person, get your Explorer Pass scanned at the attraction’s entrance, and you’re all set to go!

The Orlando Explorer Pass lets you choose if you want to visit 3 or 5 attractions out of a possible 16 options. You purchase the denomination of the pass in advance, and can’t add or subtract attractions later.

The Orlando Explorer Pass is optimized to work hand-in-hand with the exclusive Go City Card App. The Go City Card App is available for free download, but you can also make use of your Explorer Pass by simply printing out a copy, too.

The Orlando Explorer Pass is valid for 30 days after you activate it with your first attraction visit. You have one year from the date of purchase to use the pass.

What’s Good?

All Go City Card products are accessible digitally, which is a big bonus, as it means you’ll never need to stress over remembering to print out documentation or worry about losing a card or paperwork. All you need is your smartphone, and you can set off adventuring throughout Orlando.

The Orlando Explorer Pass also provides you with a free digital guidebook. This helpful resource comes fully stocked with handy data like maps, attraction locations, attraction contact information, hours, and more. Never again will you need to spend time researching multiple websites—you’ll already have all that information in one trusty spot.

All Go City Cards are dynamic services, which means that various attractions may be added or dropped over time. You’ll want to make sure to check their website before you use your Explorer Pass to see what cool new attractions may or may not have just been added to your list of options. 

What Could Get Better?

Not all customers report back enjoying the fact that the Explorer Pass’ list of attractions tends to change periodically, as it can create some uncertainty around availability. It can be disappointing to plan to visit an exhibit only to find out in the days ahead of your visit that it is an attraction no longer covered by your pass.

Also, typically the pass does not include admission to special exhibits or activities within museums or theme parks. However, if such special exhibits are covered, you’ll be able to learn that information on the Go City Card website.

At this time, it is not possible to use your Explorer Pass on your phone without first downloading the Go City Card app. If you aren’t feeling the idea of yet another app taking up space on your device, forgo the download and just print out your Explorer Pass. You can also do that with the complimentary guidebook.

The Go Orlando Card seems to have a bigger selection of attractions and tours though you will want to visit several attractions in each day to save money.

Get Your Money’s Worth with an Orlando Explorer Pass

The Orlando Explorer Pass advertises savings of up to 35% on combined admission prices. This figure is derived from comparing the amount you will pay for your Orlando Explorer Pass to the amount you would pay to tour each one of the attractions you could visit with the pass in hand.

No one wants to spend their precious vacation time doing math and/or keeping a running tally of their actual savings in their head. As a general rule, the best tactic for maximizing your savings while using the Explorer Pass is to first use the pass to visit the most expensive attractions, and then go ahead and pay out of pocket at those attractions whose list price is less.

If you’re looking for real-world models of how much money the Explorer Pass can save you throughout the Orlando area, you’ll want to check out the “Savings Examples” webpage on the Go City Card website. This tab collects the results of savings experienced by actual Explorer Pass customers.

Finally, throughout the year the Orlando Explorer Pass tends to go on sale periodically. Check their website frequently if you want to lurk to try and get the possible deal.

Orlando Explorer Pass Coupon Codes

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Orlando Explorer Pass Insider Tips

The Orlando Explorer Pass is good for 30 full days. Therefore, you can make use of your pass across multiple weekends without feeling rush. This means the Orlando Explorer Pass is a terrific option for local residents and/or visitors enjoying an extended trip to the area.

A significant number of the attractions available through the Orlando Explorer Pass are located quite close together in the wildly popular International Drive Resort Area. If you want to organize your trip as efficiently as possible, plan to group together outings to some of these attractions found so close to one another.

To that end, another perk of your Orlando Explorer Pass is that it comes with a free 3-day I-Ride Trolley Pass. The I-Ride Trolley is another option for getting around all the popular attractions found throughout the International Drive area. Your complimentary trolley ticket may be picked up at Congo River Adventure Golf.

Certain attractions available via the Orlando Explorer Pass require you to book an advance reservation. It is possible they might even make you provide a credit card to guarantee the reservation. Keep in mind that when all is said and done you will not be charged anything for this reservation unless you do not show up at the reserved time. To learn more about what Orlando-area attractions might or might not require reservations, call up the Go City Card Orlando attractions website page; you’ll find all the relevant information you need there.

Where to Buy the Orlando Explorer Pass

The Orlando Explorer Pass is sold by many online vendors as well as many concierges in Orlando but will pay full price. You can get a nice discount if you buy it at the official site and wait for a sale online.