12 Health Tips for Your Next Vacation

Even though going on vacation is a chance to escape and get away from our day-to-day routines, you still want to look after yourself and be as healthy as you can when traveling. And while it’s true traveling has many health benefits, there are also a number of ways you can successfully go about making your next vacation an even healthier adventure. The following helpful health tips will help you better know how to stay healthy while traveling.

How to Exercise While Traveling

If you’re interested in exercising while traveling, know that it’s not necessary to stay at an expensive hotel that features a fancy gym to get your next workout in. Finding creative and interesting ways to stay active during your vacation will not only help you feel healthy, it’ll help you manage any travel anxiety you might be experiencing while away from home.

–Incorporate Activity into Your Trip

No matter what you have planned during your vacation, make sure to include occasional activities throughout your trip that make you get up and out and moving. These activities can take a variety of forms—the only thing that really matters is that they keep you active!


Walking is one of the simplest ways of fitting in some exercise while on vacation. If you’re visiting a city that is new to you, exploring the city on foot can be one of the best methods for really getting to know the place. And even though it’s true that some cities are much more walkable than others, where possible walking can actually be the best, most affordable mode of transportation. Consider walking for short trips in Manhattan and other similar destinations.

–Get a Tourism City Pass

No matter where your travels take you, this much is true: the more you see and do, the more active you’re going to be! A significant number of sightseeing attractions like guided tours and art museums involve walking, standing, and moving around. Consider purchasing a tourism pass to help motivate you to go explore a bunch of different attractions.

–Stretch It Out

Staying loose, limber, and stretched out is a simple, easy method for ensuring you stay relaxed and healthy during your vacation. Better yet, it’s something you can do anywhere and anytime. Many stretches and yoga poses can be complete with ease in your hotel room, so consider starting your morning with a few stretches and ending your day with some breathing exercises that’ll help you decompress before going to sleep.

How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

Even if you find yourself surrounded by tempting treats or unable to cook your own meals, being on vacation doesn’t have to spell disaster for your diet. The following health tips include some great suggestions for how to eat healthy while traveling.

–Drink Water

Few things are as crucial when it comes to how to stay healthy while traveling as drinking enough water. Staying hydrated contains many health benefits that will help you be your best self while on vacation.

–Bring Snacks

One excellent method for how to eat healthy on vacation is to pack some healthy snacks to bring with you as you’re out and about each day. This way, when you find yourself getting hungry, you don’t have to just eat whatever you find nearby—random food that might not be healthy. Instead, you can rely on your own prepared snack to get you over your hunger.

–Prioritize Fruits and Vegetables

If you really want to eat healthy on vacation, try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can throughout your trip. Not only will you feel fresher and more energized than you would if you eat nothing but local fast food, but relying on fruits and vegetables while traveling can be a fun way to see a city. For instance, Pike’s Place Market in Seattle is one of many Seattle tourist attractions where you can find wonderful local produce and artisan food products for sale.

–Don’t Deprive Yourself

Even as you’re doing your very best to eat healthy while on vacation, don’t forget: you’re on vacation! Make sure to try some local favorites and explore the cuisine of the place you’re visiting. You can treat yourself at least once each day without threatening to throw your diet out of whack.

How to Sleep Well on Vacation

It can be a challenge to sleep well on vacation. Different time zones, busy travel schedules, unfamiliar beds and pillows—all these things and more make maintaining healthy sleep habits difficult when traveling. Still, sleeping well while traveling can make all the difference.

–Be Consistent

Even as you spend your days exploring new things and having new adventures, don’t be daring when it comes to your bedtime: make sure to try and go to bed around the same time each night. This consistency will improve the quality of your sleep. While you’re at it, go ahead and try to simulate the same sorts of sleep circumstances you have at home as much as possible while you’re on the road.

–Avoid Naps

If you absolutely feel as though you need to rest, then take a nap. Otherwise, really try and avoid taking naps while traveling. Napping makes it more difficult to fall asleep at night, and frequently makes it harder to adjust to new time zones. If you must nap, make sure to do it in the afternoon, well in advance of your scheduled bedtime.

–Don’t Eat Late

The later at night you eat, the more difficult it can be to fall asleep in a timely manner. Even as your eating schedule may change or fluctuate while you’re traveling, try and make sure you don’t eat large meals late at night. Our bodies tend not to rest well when we’re digesting a lot of food.

–Pack Sleep Aids

When packing for your big vacation, don’t forget to bring along whatever sleep aids you want or need. If you’re going to be staying in unfamiliar settings—or perhaps your hotel is going to be located in a lively part of a busy city—you’ll definitely want to have ear plugs, eye masks, and any other items that you know will help you rest easy.