Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Known throughout the world as the amusement park with the most active roller coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a fun-filled destination for all ages. Whether it’s rubbing elbows with some of your favorite Warner Bros. stars or rushing to ride all 17 of the park’s coasters in one day, a trip to Six Flags is a must for any L.A.-area vacation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain History

Opening its doors on 29 May 1971, Six Flags Magic Mountain was originally designed and developed by the Arrow Development Corp., the same company who had developed many of the rides at nearby Disneyland. Located in Valencia, CA, which is just outside of Santa Clarita, CA, northwest of L.A. Six Flags Magic Mountain was designed as a direct competitor of the popular Disney park, located to the south of L.A., in Anaheim.

Upon its opening in 1971, Magic Mountain, as it was then called, obtained the rights to use Warner Bros. popular Looney Toons characters as the mascots of their park. The location of the park near Warner Bros. Burbank Studios made the partnership a natural one. However, originally the park opted to use trolls as their mascots instead. As a result, King Blop the troll became the iconic face of Magic Mountain for much of its first decade of operation.

This all changed when the park was acquired by the Six Flags franchise in 1979. Officially changing its name the following year to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the so-called “Six Flags Era” ushered in a bevy of new construction and the long-anticipated integration of the Warner Bros. characters to the park.

By far the most advances that the park has experienced, though, came in the 1990s when Time Warner, Inc. and later Premier Parks took over operations at Magic Mountain. This began the era of adding thrill rides and revolutionized Magic Mountain into the world-renown park it is today. In the time since the 1990s take over, 13 of the park’s record-setting 17 roller coasters have been built. In addition, a revamping of the thematic elements of Magic Mountain, with a focus on the Looney Toons characters which parody’s Disney’s take on Mickey Mouse, has also been put into place.

Today, Six Flags Magic Mountain welcomes an average of 2.5 million visitors per year. With a total of 260 acres and nine themed areas dedicated to the Looney Toons as well as DC Comics superheroes, there is literally several days’ worth of entertainment in this one location. In addition, an adjacent waterpark called Six Flags Hurricane Harbor with a dozen different water-themed entertainment options is located just next door.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: The Main Attraction

A visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain can be a vacation unto itself. With nine different attraction areas featuring everything from thrill rides to midway games and toddler-focused play, there is literally something for every member of the family at Magic Mountain.

This is a park that is decidedly ride-focused. In fact, a May 2012 article in Theme Park Insider called it the Best Roller Coaster Park in the World. Therefore, unlike several of the other theme park franchises in the Los Angeles area and beyond, Six Flags Magic Mountain is not a center for entertainment and shows. However, it does feature a daily showcase with the Looney Toons characters that mimics Disney’s Main Street, USA right at its main gate.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Open daily throughout the year, Six Flags Magic Mountain also offers a full palette of seasonally-themed events as well such as Christmastime and Halloween-themed events at the park. They also offer birthday parties and group rates for those interested.

Why Six Flags Magic Mountain is a Must Do

Anyone who loves a good roller coaster ride or Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck is sure to have a blast at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Unlike so many other theme parks in southern California, this park’s emphasis on rides sets it apart as a place for thrills and excitement like no offering in the greater Los Angeles area, making it a truly special stop on anyone’s LA list.

Where to Buy Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from Six Flags Magic Mountain either online or in person.

Purchase a Tourist pass. Magic Mountain is available on the Go Los Angeles Card.