Las Vegas Meal Ticket

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There’s enough to gamble on in Las Vegas without taking chances on overpriced buffets. You can prepay for three meals a day at 11 of the city’s most popular restaurants with VisiTicket’s Las Vegas MealTicket. Reservations aren’t required, and passes start at less than $55 per day for a one-day pass—longer duration passes are even less per day so your savings will add up fast.

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Top Included Attractions

Planet Hollywood (now serves breakfast)
Pampas Brazilian Grille
Jackson’s Bar and Grill in Las Vegas
San Gennaro Grill in Las VegasS
Cheeseburger Las Vegas
Lombardi’s Romagna Mia
La Salsa Cantina
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What’s Good?

The Las Vegas MealTicket is an excellent way to stick to a vacation budget.

You’ll save time and hassle by not needing to make reservations.

You can upgrade and add a show at V Theater for $25 per ticket.

What Could get better?

With only 6 participating restaurants, you may tire of your options on the 3 or 5-day passes.

Restaurants are entitled to limit the hours during which they’ll honor MealTickets, or offer a limited menu to MealTicket holders. Check your brochure for details, or call ahead to confirm.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Plan your sightseeing itinerary so you’ll be sure to be near a participating restaurant by mealtime. A tired and hungry family isn’t always worth the bargain.

Insider Tips

Tips are not included with the MealTicket—remember to tip your server! According to TripAdvisor, 15–20% is common for good service, more for exceptional service.

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Where to Buy It

The card is available at many outlets. You can buy it at Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity or you can buy it once you get to but these are not great options as you may pay more. The best place the buy the card is at the VisiTicket website. The 2 day passes frequently go on sale. They also have a great return policy and 24/7 customer service. If you are pressed for time, or just want to save on shipping, use the free voucher option.