Go Cancun All-Inclusive Pass

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The Go Cancun Pass is an all-inclusive attraction pass that covers the cost of admission to your choice of the included activities, tours, and cruises for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days. You pay one low price up front for admission, and pay nothing at the gate. Choose from nearly 30 top attractions. The attraction options cover just about anything you’d want to do in Cancun, from romantic dinner cruises to exhilarating parasailing adventures. Explore a reef park, go snorkeling, embark on a sailing adventure, and much more. You can also enjoy cultural attractions like a tour of the iconic pre-Colombian city Chichén Itzá and the Frieda Kahlo Museum. Save up to 45% on admission to these and other amazing Cancun attractions.

Top Included Cancun Attractions  

Xcaret Park Admission
Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Eco-Adventure Tour
Royal Garrafon Natural Reef Park Adventure
Catamaran Sail to Isla Mujeres
Extreme Adventure Puerto Morelos Snorkel
Interactive Cancun Aquarium
Jungle Tour Speedboat Adventure
Cancun Wax Museum
Frieda Kahlo Museum

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar, divided by type of activity.

How the Go Cancun All-Inclusive Pass Works

The Go Cancun All-Inclusive Pass is a convenient digital pass that covers admission to any of the attractions you want to visit.  You show your pass at the attraction and they’ll let you in – no additional costs for included admission.

The Go Card allows you to purchase the product based on how many days you want to sightsee. In Cancun, you have the choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days – a very flexible pass program that gives you a lot of options.  During those days, you can visit as many attractions as you can fit into each day.

The product is intended to be used via the free Go City Card App. However, you can also print out the pass if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to download the app.

The Go Cancun Card allows you to use your card days over a two-week period, meaning that you can use the card for the number of purchased days across two weeks.

The Go Cancun Card also comes with six premium attraction options. For customers with 3, 4, 5 or 7 cards, you can visit one of the following premium attraction options: Sea Life Royal Swim Plus at Isla Mujeres; Explor Fuego All-Inclusive Admission; Xcaret Park Admission; Extreme Adventure Park All-Day Combo Tour; Tulum-Tankah Cenotes Eco-Adventure Tour; and Xel Há All-Inclusive PLUS “Interax” Dolphin Adventure.

What’s Good?

The Go Cancun Card is entirely digital. This makes it easy to avoid keeping track of separate receipts and tickets – just one pass, all on your smartphone.

Because the pass is digital, it also means that you get instant delivery. So, no waiting for shipping (or paying for shipping) and no need to plan ahead when deciding on this product.

This also makes it easy to wait for a sale to pounce on the pass. Go City Card often has sales around holidays.

Because Cancun is a dynamic market, with many different companies offering similar tours and cruises, some of the attraction offerings may change over time. They’re also often adding new things to see and do.

The Go Cancun Card also comes with a free guidebook (digital, like the pass) that includes important information such as maps, contact data, hours of operation, and more. This means all you need to know about your attractions is in one convenient place.

What Could Get Better?

Unlike the Go Cards in some other markets, the Go Cancun Card doesn’t include extra discounts on things like shopping and dining. This slightly decreases the overall value of the card, and means that you’ll need to pay out of pocket for most meals on your own.

The pass also offers a number of special experiences – but many of them are premium attractions. You can only visit one premium attraction for the life of your card, and only if you have a pass duration of 3 days or longer. This can limit what you can do with the pass, and again could mean more out of pocket for you.

If you want to take advantage of the digital benefits, you need to use the app. This might be frustrating for the app averse, or those who don’t have a smartphone. However, as mentioned above, you can opt to print it out if you don’t want to or can’t take advantage of the digital part.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Go Cancun Card

The Go Cancun Card currently advertises that it can save you up to 45% on combined admission prices. They calculate this by comparing the amount you’d pay for the pass with the amount you would pay for all of your chosen attractions combined.

The best way to see how you might realistically save with the Go Cancun Card is to check out the “Savings Examples” tab on their website – it shows real customer itineraries and how much they saved.

That said, there are a few basic rules for Go Cards when it comes to maximizing your money. First, use the pass for the more expensive things (like nature parks, cruises, and tours) and save the more inexpensive things (usually found in the Hotel Cancun Zone) for out of pocket. This is, of course, assuming you run out of time to do everything during your card days.

Second, be sure to absolutely take advantage of your premium attraction option. They’re worth well over $100 and are an easy way to maximize the value of the pass.

Third, be sure to start each day early. The card days are calendar days, not 24-hour periods, so it’s better to start first thing in the morning and go until the attractions close in the evening.

Go Cancun Card Coupon Codes

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Go Cancun Card Insider Tips

A few of the attractions available with the Go Cancun Card are all-day or half-day excursions. Keep that in mind when planning, as it will limit the number of other things you can do in a day.

The open bars may seem like a good idea, but they aren’t the best value with this product. Use the card for cultural and outdoorsy attractions and then pay for what you want to drink later at your chosen bar.

Most attractions are clustered in Cancun or near Isla Mujeres. There are, however, a few things further away in Playa del Carmen (and one really far away at Chichén Itzá). If you want to do any of those attractions, be aware of transit time and how it will affect the rest of your day.

Where to Buy the Go Cancun Card

The Go Cancun Card is available online directly from Go City Card.