Gray Line Chicago Bus Tours

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Offered by the Gray Line company, the a series of three Inside Chicago Tours offer visitors some of the best ‘insider’ looks at the city’s most famous neighborhoods, attractions, and haunts. With many great options, there is a choice to fit everyone’s need, interests, and wallet.

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Gray Line Chicago Bus Tours History

Gray Line is a multi-national company that offers sightseeing tours in cities as diverse as Buenos Aries, Montreal, Denver, and Hanoi, Vietnam. All told, Gray Line operates in 700 different locations across all six populated continents. In business since 1910, the company also claims to be the world’s original provider of sightseeing tours.

Beginning in the U.S., out of Washington D.C., Gray Line has grown exponentially in the 100+ years since its founding by Louis Bush. The company offers tours that last anywhere from an hour or so to a week or more, and prides itself on its ability to deliver luxury as well as education in the process.

The Chicago arm of the Gray Line brand operates both citywide sightseeing bus tours as well as a popular hop-on, hop-off trolley tour that allows visitors to tour the city at their own pace. In addition to the three popular tour options outlined below, Gray Line Chicago also offers specialized seasonal tours such as the Premium Outlets Shopping Tour and the Blues by Night Tour.

About the Chicago Bus Tours

Though Grey Line Chicago offers several tours throughout the city, there are really only three which qualify as ‘insider’ in terms of the information that they provide. All these tours run year-round and each covers a specific area of the city and strives to give guests a comprehensive view of that part of Chicago.

The Historic Chicago South Shore Tour is 2 hours long. It includes highlights which exemplify this unique area of Chicago’s south side, home to residents, businesses, and the main tourist district. The South Shore Tour includes Grant Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, Soldier Field, and Lake Point Towers, the world’s tallest apartment building.

By contrast, those interested in the dynamics of Chicago’s resident city life may enjoy the Panoramic and Scenic North Side Tour. This tour concentrates on the city’s main business areas including Michigan Avenue, the “Loop,” and State Street. Lasting for 2 hours, the North Side tour provides excellent views of Lake Michigan and includes a 20 minute stop at Lincoln Park Conservatory.

For visitors interested in a more comprehensive view of the city, the 4-hour-long Grand Tour includes all the highlights of the South Shore Tour and North Side Tour into one. A tour which includes all of the city’s parks, the Grand Tour is the best way to gain a complete picture of all the busiest and most famous parts of Chicago.

In addition to basic tour packages provided in the South Shore, North Side, and Grand Tours, there are additional add-ons that guests may choose in order to enhance their experience. This includes a visit to the Hancock Tower and the opportunity to make your own pizza lunch at one of Chicago’s most popular downtown eateries.

Why Gray Line Inside Chicago Bus Tours are a Must-Do

For visitors looking to get a full picture of the best areas of Chicago, the Insider bus tours provided by the Grey Line company are a great choice. Offering three distinct options as well as add-ons and special tours, the choices from Grey Line easily fulfill most people’s to-do lists in one, easy package.

Where to Tickets for Buy Gray Line Bus Tours

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from Gray Line Inside Chicago Tours either online or in person.

Purchase a Tourist pass. Inside Chicago Tours are available on the Go Chicago Card.