Fenway Park Tour

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As the oldest operating Major League ballpark in the nation, the history of Fenway Park precedes many visitors’ trips. However, even Yankee fans will find something to treasure when visiting this storied home of legends as diverse as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Pedro Martinez.

Fenway Park Tour History

The Boston Red Sox are one of the oldest professional baseball teams in the country with a history that dates back to before ground broke on Fenway Park in September 1911. That is why team owner John I. Taylor purchased land in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood in the heart of the city of Boston to build this somewhat funky and decidedly small (by modern standards) ballpark just for them. Completing its construction in time for Opening Day on 20 April 1912, Fenway Park has been the constant home of “Red Sox Nation” ever since, serving as a beacon for the city, its ball team, and the heart of Major League Baseball ever since.

Unlike many historical buildings in Boston and around the country, Fenway has changed little since its initial construction, with minor changes meant to “modernize” the structure taking place several times throughout its 100+ years of history. This includes changes to the scoreboard and lighting throughout the middle of the 20th century as that technology developed, as well as small expansions to seating capacity and the addition of a club area and luxury boxes throughout the 2000s. This reigning authenticity and commitment to its “old world” style in an era when most large market teams (i.e. the Yankees and Mets) are spending millions of dollars on brand-new modern stadiums, helps Fenway and the Red Sox to stand above the crowd and makes the chance to see this stadium in an up-close-and-personal, behind-the-scenes manner all the more special. It’s not called “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” for nothing.

In this vein, when taking a tour of the park, or seeing a game, there are several important features that are worth noting. This includes the relative size of Fenway which, at last count, could only hold just over 37,000 people, the third lowest in the MLB. This leads to an intense, intimate feeling when attending a game that is far different than many out of town baseball fans have ever experienced. There’s also the shape and construction of the field itself. Made in an era which championed asymmetrical block construction, the field itself is asymmetrical. This makes for a much more interesting course of play which is only enhanced when one considers the variable of the infamous Green Monster in left field. This 37-foot wall is located between 310 and 315 feet from home plate, a much shorter distance than many other outfield walls. However its massive size changes the course of play dramatically as balls are played “off the Monster.” Other famous attractions within the park include the center field “Triangle,” the Lone Red Seat in the right field bleachers, and “Pesky’s Pole” marking the right field foul line.

About the Fenway Park Tour

Because of its small size relative to most other major league fields, getting tickets to a game at Fenway is not easy no matter how poorly the Red Sox play. Therefore, visitors who are interested in Park itself are better off getting a behind-the-scenes look through a tour of the park instead. Whether the Sox are home or away, these tours are conducted daily, stepping off every hour throughout the day on non-game days. Lasting approximately 60 minutes, Fenway Tours will hit all the highlights of the park including a chance to get a look behind the Green Monster where baseball legends since 1912 have signed their name.

The tour is docent-led and includes a historical overview of the park itself as well as the legendary baseball team that calls it home. Subject to team schedule and availability, the tour can often feature a tour of the warning track as well. In addition to typical tours, the staff at Fenway also offers special tours, events, and tour packages that include a birthday/tour package, Sunday Family special to coincide with Red Sox Games, the Fenway Park Winter Light Show, and batting practice tours on game days throughout the week. Prices for tours are generally divided among adults and children, but many, such as batting practice, are the same price for all, regardless of age.

Why the Fenway Park Tour is a Must-See

For baseball fans of all persuasions, the appeal of Fenway Park is hard to deny. Coming from a time when the sport was simpler, teams smaller, and the season shorter, this park has stood the test of time, being able to evolve along with the team inside it to represent the best of America’s Pastime.

Where to Buy Fenway Park Tickets

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from Fenway Park Tour either online or in person.

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Purchase a Tourist pass. The Fenway Park tour is available on the Go Boston Card.