5 Must See Family Attractions in Houston

Houston is a great city to visit with the whole family. Part of planning a great vacation in Houston is knowing which attractions you should visit. Here is a list of five of the most popular attractions in Houston that are well-worth your time to visit and enjoy.

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Space Center Houston

What better way to get the kids’ imaginations going than with a visit to Space Center Houston? You’ll get to see the Space Center’s amazing collection of artifacts and spacecraft models, the Astronaut Gallery with real astronaut suits, and the Living in Space module where you’ll learn what it’s like to live on a space shuttle. This is one experience that no kid (or adult) will forget.

Downtown Aquarium

Houston’s Downtown Aquarium is more than an aquarium, it’s a full underwater adventure! Not only do they have all sorts of aquatic life, but they also have exhibits that include alligators, turtles, rainforest frogs, and the white tigers of the Maharaja’s Temple. As you can see, this is one aquarium that stands out from the rest.

The Children’s Museum of Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston was recently named the #1 best children’s museum by Parents magazine – and it’s no wonder! If you have kids this is one museum you have to take them to. Some of the fun exhibits include the math adventure Cyberchase, FlowWorks where you work to fill an 18-foot cauldron until it tips over, Invention Convention, and many more.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

This museum has it all: dinosaur skeletons and other amazing fossilized remains, seashells like you’ve never seen before, and a the fascinating Hall of Gems and Minerals. Another interesting exhibit is the Wiess Energy Hall. Here you can explore how oil and natural gas are used in the different kinds of energy we use today. You won’t be disappointed in what you see at this museum.

Houston Zoo

Do you or your kids like elephants, primates, snakes and frogs? Then you’ll definitely enjoy a visit to the Houston Zoo. One of the great things about this zoo is that they have several areas that are geared towards children. For example the John P. McGovern Children’s Zoo and the Kipp Aquarium.

As you can see, Houston has plenty to offer for any family. And honestly, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all the different attractions that you can visit. Even if you just visit the different Houston museums and aquariums, you’ll have plenty to talk about when you get back home. To see the best that Houston has to offer, make sure to pick up a Houston CityPASS.