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The Vienna Explorer Pass is a flexible, multi-attraction pass that serves as your ticket to the many splendors of this beautiful city. It provides you admission to your choice of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 attractions from over 40 of Vienna’s most popular attractions. Food, drink, nature, culture, history, and more—it’s all available to you with the Go Vienna Pass. Say hello to the giant pandas at Schönbrunn Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indulge your sweet tooth with a visit to Vienna’s Chocolate Museum, or savor an adult beverage while getting off the beaten path on the Vienna Undercover & Wine Walking Tour. Take dancing lessons with a waltz class, cruise down the Danube River, or enjoy a guided tour of Schönbrunn Palace. Do all these things and more as you save with the Go Vienna Pass.

Top Included Vienna Attractions

•Schönbrunn Zoo
•MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
•Vienna Undercover & Wine Walking Tour
•Chocolate Museum
•1-Hour Waltz Dance Class
•Guided Tour of Schönbrunn Palace
•Danube Cruise
•Big Bus Tour Vienna 1-Day Classic Tour

See the complete list of available attractions and tours in the sidebar, divided by type of activity.

How the Vienna Explorer Pass Works

The Vienna Explorer Pass is a digital product that grants you admission into Vienna’s most popular attractions at one low price. With the Go Vienna Pass, there’s no need to buy a ticket at each attraction. Just present your Vienna Explorer Pass for scanning at the gate and start sightseeing.

The Vienna Explorer Pass is available for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 attractions. You purchase the pass ahead of your visit, and you can’t change the number of attractions after you buy it. You can put your pass toward approximately 40 different attractions found throughout Vienna.

If you prefer a paper copy, you can print out your Vienna Explorer Pass straight from your order confirmation e-mail. However, the Vienna Explorer Pass is designed to be used via the Go City app, free for download straight to your smartphone.

Your Vienna Explorer Pass becomes active as soon as it is scanned at your first attraction. From that point you have 60 days to use it.

Strong Points of the Vienna Explorer Pass

There’s no baggage with the Go Vienna Pass, nothing paper-based to keep track of as you travel. All you need is your smartphone—your ticket to every attraction you want to visit is right there in the Go City app.

This makes the Vienna Explorer Pass perfect for those visitors who value flexibility. You can buy a Vienna Explorer Pass and start using it on your smartphone in seconds, or wait and use it for up to 2 years after the time of purchase.

You don’t need to commit to any attractions before purchasing your Go Vienna Pass. You can decide what places or tours you want to experience after you buy it. And once you’ve started using your Go Vienna Pass, you’ve got 60 days to get your money’s worth.

The Vienna Explorer Pass even comes with a 90-day cancellation policy. So long as you haven’t activated your pass, if at any time up to 90 days after purchase your plans change, you can return it for a full refund.

What Could the Vienna Explorer Pass Do Better?

Some passholders express disappointment that you can’t upgrade your Go Vienna Pass. This means that if you purchase a 4-attraction pass, but later decide that you’d like to visit 5 attractions, you can’t simply add an attraction to your existing pass.

The Vienna Explorer Pass is good for general admission only. While that makes for a great deal, it’s possible, given Vienna’s many fantastic museums, you’ll encounter a special exhibit or event you just have to experience. You’ll have to cover those expenses out of pocket.

As impressive as the Vienna Explorer Pass attraction list is, it’s subject to change. Often this can be a good thing, with new attractions popping up on occasion. Unfortunately, from time to time attractions do get cut. While this is unlikely to happen for the most popular attractions, it is something to keep in mind as you plan your trip.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a Vienna Explorer Pass

Vienna Explorer Pass proudly boasts that users can save as much as 41% on admission costs. This claim is based on comparing how much you pay for just the Vienna Explorer Pass to how much you’d pay if you bought individual tickets at each attraction’s gate price.

Visit the Vienna Explorer Pass website for a sample itinerary that demonstrates how to put together an attraction pass that maximizes your savings.

There are many ways to plan your Vienna Explorer Pass outings, but the most important thing to remember is always use your pass first on the attractions with the highest admission cost. This ensures your money goes as far as it possibly can.

Vienna Explorer Pass Coupon Codes

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Vienna Explorer Pass: Insider Tips

At certain Vienna attractions, your Vienna Explorer Pass will entitle you to more than just admission—it might come with an unexpected bonus or two. For example, not only will your Vienna Explorer Pass get you in the door at the Museum of Applied Arts, it lets you claim a free souvenir poster. Keep an eye out for these types of perks as you use your pass.

Reservations are required at many of Vienna’s most beloved sites. These include attractions like the guided tour of Schönbrunn Palace, the 1-hour Waltz Dance Class, the Chocolate Museum, and more. In order to guarantee your spot on these tours, arrange your visit as far in advance as you can. But don’t worry, making a reservation for one of these attractions does NOT activate your pass. That activation only occurs when you actually scan your Vienna Explorer Pass at the attraction itself.

Group discounts are available for the Go Vienna Pass. Typically, this applies to groups of 10 or more people.

The Vienna Explorer Pass does not cover local transportation, but think about using the hop-on, hop-off feature of a Big Bus tour as a means for learning more about the city and getting where you need to go.

Where to Buy a Vienna Explorer Pass

The Vienna Explorer Pass is available online or over the phone directly from Go City.