The Puerto Rico Sightseeing Pass

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Puerto Rico is a beautiful, historic island. There’s a lot for tourists to see here, but the island is bigger than you think. Focus your trip and maximize attractions in your area with Sightseeing Pass. Plus, you can save a lot of money on excursions while you’re at it! There are two unique pass options for your specific trip and travel type. Here’s how they work.

What’s Included On Your Puerto Rico Sightseeing Pass

Sightseeing Pass offers flexible options to see the amount and type of attractions you’d like. Choose from two packages to get the most bang for your buck. Read on.

Flex Pass

The Sightseeing Flex Pass lets you choose how many attractions you’d like to see. Choose between two, three, or five excursions. Then, you can choose as you go from 20 stop spots on the island. You’ll save up to 40% on entry fee.

Flex Premium Pass

Flex Premium Pass works just like Flex Pass, but you also gain access to “premium” attractions. These big-ticket excursions include the Cueva Ventana Tour, El Yunque Rain Forest & Luquillo Beach Tour, and Snorkeling in Culebra. Snorkeling and the Cave tour is each about $100, so you’ll save big with the two-attraction Premium Pass, which is less than $150.

Top 4 Puerto Rico Attractions

There is lots to see and do on this gorgeous island, full of history and natural wonders. These fun-filled adventures are the top four highest rated by Sightseeing Pass tourists.

  1. Bacardi Rum Distillery and Old San Juan Tour, Castillo Tours
  2. Barefoot IV Catamaran, Castillo Tours
  3. Historical Old San Juan Tour, Casito Tours
  4. San Juan Snorkeling, Aqua Adventure

Make The Most Of Your Puerto Rico Sightseeing Pass

The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to decide which excursions you’d like to go on. You don’t need to lock into any of these specifically, but having an idea which are important to you will help choose the best package for your budget.

If you want to go on some exciting day trips, like the Cueva Ventana Tour (which offers a stunning view of Puerto Rico) or El Yunque Rain Forest tour, you’re best off starting with Premium Flex. This package will save a ton compared to buying direct from your resort.

For more affordable tours, Flex Pass is your best bet. If you’re only interested in things like Kayak and Skateboard rentals (about $20), call your resort to see what they offer first. It may be more affordable to book directly than through Sightseeing Pass.

Puerto Rico Sightseeing Pass Pros And Cons

Sightseeing Pass acts as your personal tourist agent, saving you lots of money along the way. You can purchase a package ahead of time and decide as you go for Puerto Rico’s most popular attractions. There is no other tourist pass option like this in the area.

Sightseeing Pass also helps you avoid the high-pressure techniques resorts use to sell excursions. However, the island is vast, and you’ll want to check first that there are attractions you are interested in within a close distance to your hotel.

Sightseeing Pass Insider Tips

There’s a lot of peace of mind with Sightseeing Pass. The company offers a full refund on non-activated passes, no questions asked, up to a year after purchase.

Also, while you enjoy the flexibility of deciding as you go, prioritize booking the most popular tours. For high-ticket items like Bacardi Rum Distillery Tour, San Juan Snorkeling, Snorkeling in Culebra, and Barefoot IV Catamaran, book in advance through Sightseeing Pass to secure your spot. Also, note that the tour may ask you for credit card information. You’ll only be charged if you fail to show up for the tour, so be sure to make it!