The Miami Sightseeing Pass

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Viva Miami! There’s a lot to see in the vibrant city, and you won’t want to miss a thing. Miami has a ton to offer, but it isn’t one of the cheapest places in the world to visit. Sightseeing Pass helps you save money and stick to a budget. Plus, it includes a hop-on, hop-off bus to help you navigate and traverse the city.

With two pass options, you can tailor your experience to your traveling style and budget. Read on and get ready for Miami heat.

What’s Included On The Miami Sightseeing Pass

The Miami Sightseeing pass offers access to more than 30 attractions in the city. Plus, there’s a Big Bus tour option to view and get around Miami. There are two pass options to choose from. Here’s how they work:

Flex Pass

The Sightseeing Flex Pass lets you choose how many attractions you’d like to see. Choose from two, three, four, five, or six attractions and purchase your desired pass. Then, you can select as you go from more than 30 attractions. Your pass will be valid for 30 days, so you can spread it out as little or as much as you’d like.

Day Pass

With the Day Pass, you purchase pass for the number of days you’d like to use the pass. Choose from one, two, three or five-day passes. From there, you can see as many attractions as you’d like/can fit in during that time frame. The sights are unlimited! Your pass is valid until midnight on the last day.

Top Five Miami Attractions

The Miami Sightseeing Pass offers access to more than 30 attractions in Miami. You can take bus and bike tours, do aqua yoga, go on a safari, visit the zoo and more. Here are the top five favorites according to Sightseeing Pass tourists:

  1. Everglades Holiday Park, Airboat Tour and Alligator Presentation
  2. Jungle Island, General Admission and Escape Room
  3. Little Havana Adventure
  4. Miami Seaquarium
  5. Wynwood Art Walk Tour

Make The Most Of Your Miami Sightseeing Pass

The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to choose the best pass for your trip and budget. The Flex Pass is great for return visitors who want to enjoy a customized experience, and maybe only see a few sights. It’s also ideal for those traveling on business, who may not have a ton of recreational time.

Day Pass is great for active travelers and first-time visitors who want to see a lot of sights. The more you see, the more value you get out of your pass. This is also a great way to have a set budget, so you won’t spend more than allotted.

Miami is an expensive city, so the Sightseeing Pass will save you a ton on high-ticket attractions. The Big Bus tour on its own, for example, is $100—more than a one-day pass or three-attraction Flex Pass. The Seaquarium, Exquisito Chocolate Factory tour, Lion Country Safari, and Key West Day trip are other high-price attractions you can save big on with Sightseeing Pass.

Don’t “waste” your Flex attraction on more affordable things, like the Coral Springs Museum of Art ($6). Sightseeing Pass lists all of the original prices on its website, so you can plan accordingly.

Sightseeing Pass Pros And Cons

If you want to use the Big Bus tour, or see one expensive attraction, Sightseeing Pass is a no brainer. The two-attraction pass on its own is about $15 cheaper than the hop-on, hop-off bus on its own, and you can use that as one of your picks.

Go Miami offers similar pass options to Sightseeing Pass, with an all-inclusive option akin to the Day Pass. Select a one, two, three, or five-day pass for unlimited sights from similar offerings to Sightseeing Pass. The price range is similar, with five-day passes on both sights going for about $211.

However, Sightseeing Pass has many more options with its Flex Pass. Go City’s Miami Explorer pass lets you choose from three, four, or five-choice passes, where Flex offers two through six attractions. The price range is similar for both companies, so it really depends on the length of your trip and the specific amount of sights you’d like to see.

Go City does offer an additional “build your own” option, where you can purchase attractions individually for a 20% discount. This is ideal if you only want to see two attractions and would like to receive a discount. Who wouldn’t?

Sightseeing Pass Insider Tips

The great thing about Sightseeing Pass is you can plan as you go. However, if you want to see any popular tours, it’s smart to book in advance. For things like Key West Aqua Yoga, Airboat Tour, Parasailing, and Little Haiti Adventure, secure your place ahead of time through Sightseeing Pass.

When you book, check if there is a Fast Track option. Many Sightseeing Pass tours include skip-the-line benefits.