California Explorer Pass

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The California Explorer Pass is no longer available. It has been replaced by two passes at Go City. The Go San Diego Pass and the Go Los Angeles Pass.

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The California Explorer Pass is a flexible, multi-attraction pass that grants you admission to 3, 4, or 5 attractions out of a possible 13 attractions for the convenient total of one low price. The California Explorer Pass features a variety of the most popular attractions found throughout the great state of California, including some of the state’s finest zoos, parks, tours, and more. Favorite attractions available with the California Explorer Pass include the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Sea World San Diego. The California Explorer Pass also includes admission to such sites as the California Academy of Sciences, Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studio, and more. With the California Explorer Pass you’ll never have to pay anything at the door either.

Top Included California Attractions                            

LEGOLAND California OR Universal Studios
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Sea World San Diego
California Academy of Sciences
Warner Bros. Studio

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the California Explorer Pass Works

The California Explorer Pass is a digital product that grants you access to the attractions you choose to explore. Just go to the entrance of the attraction you want to visit, have your Explorer Pass scanned, and you’re off!

The California Explorer Pass gives you the power to select either 3 or 5 attractions of 16 available attractions. You purchase the denomination of the pass in advance, and can’t add or subtract attractions later.

The California Explorer Pass includes your choice of admission to 1 of its 2 premium attractions. These two premium attraction options are LEGOLAND California 2-Day Resort Hopper and Universal Studios Hollywood

The California Explorer Pass is intended to work with the exclusive Go City Card app. You can download the Go City Card app for free straight to your smartphone, or you can simply print out a paper copy of your Explorer Pass, too.

The California Explorer Pass is valid for 30 days after you activate it with your first attraction visit. You have one year from the date of purchase to use the pass.

What’s Good?

Because each and every Go City Card product is accessible digitally, you’ll never again have to worry about printing out your pass or waiting for it arrive in the mail. Instead, as long as you have your smartphone at the ready, you’re all set to go.

The California Explorer Pass comes with a complimentary digital guidebook. The digital guidebook is a really helpful tool to have as you explore the Golden State. It includes an assortment of useful information such as attraction locations, maps, hours, contact information, and more. This means you can save time during the planning stages of your trip, as you won’t need to hunt down logistical details from all over the Internet—you’ll already have all that information in one convenient spot.

All Go City Cards are dynamic—this means that the attraction list for your Go City Card is frequently changing, with different attractions being added and/or dropped regularly. Just check the Explorer Pass website in advance of your trip to see what attractions are available at the time of your visit.

What Could Get Better?

It can be frustrating for some customers to realize that the Explorer Pass’ list of attractions is ever-changing. This constant evolution means there can sometimes be uncertainty around which attractions are available at what times unless you really pay attention to the website.

Some customers don’t enjoy having to pick between the 2 available premium attractions, LEGOLAND California and Universal Studios Hollywood. It can be irritating to only have the ability to visit one of these popular spots

Also, the Explorer Pass as a general rule tends not to include admission to special exhibits within zoos, museums, or theme parks. However, if such special exhibits are actually available at a given attraction, you’ll find that information listed on the Go City Card website.

Finally, some customers simply don’t want another app on their phone. As of right now, you can only utilize your California Explorer Pass on a device if you have downloaded the Go City Card app. This problem can be solved, though, if you forgo the download and simply print out the Explorer Pass. You can do the same thing with the free guidebook.

Get Your Money’s Worth with a California Explorer Pass

The California Explorer Pass advertises savings of up to 34% on combined admission prices. This 34% savings figure comes out of comparing how much you pay for your California Explorer Pass to how much you would pay to visit each one of the attractions you could visit with the California Explorer Pass.

If you don’t have the time or energy to tally these figures yourself ahead of your visit, it’s a good general rule that, if you want to maximize your savings, simply use the Explorer Pass to visit the most expensive attractions offered, while paying out of pocket for those attractions whose list price is not as much.

If you want to access some real-life examples of other customers who have saved money using the California Explorer Pass, go to the “Savings Examples” tab on the Go City Card website. There you’ll see examples of the type of money saved by other visitors to the same attractions you might be wanting to experience.

If you wanted to explorer LA or San Diego more then consider on the of the many local Go City products like Go Los Angeles Card or Go San Diego Card. Go City also makes an Explorer Passes for Los Angeles

California Explorer Pass Insider Tips

The California Explorer Pass lasts for 30 days. This allows you, if your schedule permits, to spread out your usage. You won’t have to rush your visits, making the California Explorer Pass a nice fit for locals and/or those visitors in the midst of an extended trip to California.

Many of the attractions available with the California Explorer Pass are located in places where parking is an additional cost. Make certain to keep this in mind while planning your transportation methods in the area.

Certain attractions, such as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, have age restrictions. Thus, if you are traveling throughout California with young children, you’ll want to make certain that the attraction you desire to visit is actually available for your group/family.

Also, certain attractions available via the California Explorer Pass require reservations. You might even have to, in the course of booking these reservations, provide a credit card as a guarantee. Rest assured, though, you will not actually be charged anything unless you fail to show up at your reservation’s scheduled time. To track which attractions covered by the California Explorer Pass require reservations, visit the Go City Card California attractions website page; there you’ll find the information you need.

Where to Buy the California Explorer Pass

The California Explorer Pass is sold by many online vendors as well as many concierges in California but will pay full price. You can get a nice discount if you buy it at the official site and wait for a sale online.